How It Started & Why It Works

The WISSOTA Promoters Association was founded in 1981 by eight track promoters in wissota2015-300x155Wisconsin and Minnesota, with intent to offer uniform rules for the promoters and drivers involved in the Late Model division. Soon, the group decided to do the same for the growing Modified division.

In 1984 a voluntary steering committee was formed to oversee the business aspects that developed and to guide the future of WISSOTA’s racing divisions. That steering committee evolved into a board of directors, and the non-profit racing organization became incorporated in 1986.

Promoters who join the organization become, in essence, part owners of the racing organization and are expected to contribute to its overall success. Each November, the WISSOTA annual meeting is held; the member promoters gather annually in this forum to discuss the future of the organization. Member promoters are given the opportunity to vote on all organizational policies and procedures as well as rules for competition in the various racing divisions. WISSOTA’s member promoters and racing associations have spent approximately 30 years of hard work at the annual meetings crafting unique rules for each of the divisions, which are known as WISSOTA Late Models, WISSOTA Modifieds, WISSOTA Super Stocks, WISSOTA Street Stocks and WISSOTA Mod Fours.

All such matters are handled in a democratic fashion, where each promoter or racing association representative has the opportunity to express his/her opinions and vote on each item.

Each year, several members or others involved in the racing industry are elected or re-elected to the WISSOTA Board of Directors at the organization’s annual meeting. Currently, a seven-member board oversees the day-to-day business of the racing organization. Each board member is an elected official charged with representing the overall membership in all matters of the organization.

WISSOTA’s currrent membership includes approximately 55 race tracks in the region of Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, South polydome-300x179Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Ontario, Alberta and Manitoba. These member tracks present weekly programs that feature one or more WISSOTA division as well as the region’s most-recognized, highest paying and long-standing special events.

The “WISSOTA region” is recognized nationally as a healthy, stable racing region by industry leaders and, as a non-profit organization, all of WISSOTA’s income after operating expenses is paid out to the drivers at the conclusion of each racing season through track and national point funds.

As an organization, WISSOTA was recognized for its annual WISSOTA 100 and Western 100 races in February 2006 at the RPM Workshops in Lake Mary, FL. WISSOTA received the National Speed Sport News Award for Outstanding Annual Short Track Racing Event. The award came on the heels of the 20th annual WISSOTA 100 and the 13th annual Western 100.

Last year, nearly 2,700 drivers were licensed for competition at member tracks.