Allstar Performances continues its partnership with WISSOTA


Allstar Performance Press Release

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WISSOTA Auto Racing is pleased to announce its continued partnership and sponsorship program with Allstar Performance. "Allstar has been a part of the WISSOTA program for many years and has been a generous sponsor during that time," said WISSOTA executive director Terry Voeltz. "Allstar has given thousands and thousands of dollars to WISSOTA racers during the time we've worked together. Our racers recognize quality parts when they see them, and they also recognize great value; Allstar offers both of those in every part they manufacture and sell."

Allstar Performance advertising manager John Berglund explained, “Allstar Performance’s marketing partnership with WISSOTA has been successful for several reasons. The series leadership, including executive director Terry Voeltz, has done a great job in helping market the Allstar brand throughout WISSOTA country."

The talented staff at Allstar Performance, based in Watervliet, MI, knows it takes hard work and dedication to make it to the winner's circle. As true racers and hot rodders, the team at Allstar Performance uses that same formula for success in designing and manufacturing quality components for your race car or hot rod.

Allstar offers a full line of engine performance parts, suspensions, components, roll bars and padding, tools, and more. Each product is created with budget in mind, making Allstar Performance one of the most popular brands for grassroots and sportsman racing across the country, including a top brand within the WISSOTA region year after year.

 “We are huge believers in supporting our dealer network in the region and WISSOTA does a good job making sure that their racers are aware of which dealers carry the Allstar products. The series website and All The Dirt Racing News are great tools for the racers and are a big help in making competitors aware of current happenings within WISSOTA,” said Berglund.

The key to success in any car building project, whether race car, street rod, or street machine, is access to high quality, reasonably priced parts that will get the job done right – the first time. Through constant research and development, Allstar Performance identifies the need for a specific part then uses its team of talented craftsmen to develop and manufacture each item. "Each and every Allstar part came about as a direct result of our dedication to continuous research and development," noted Berglund.

“The yearly WISSOTA Expo is also an excellent way to make racers and teams aware of new parts and equipment we have to offer,” Berglund added. Once a need for a particular part is established, the parts are designed and manufactured by talented craftsmen, many of whom are racers and hot rodders themselves. Remember, many Allstar Performance parts are one-of-a-kind; you won't find them anywhere else at any price!

For more information about Allstar Performance products and the benefit of using their products and services please visit the company's website at Or feel free to call Allstar at 1-269-463-8000. “Overall, WISSOTA has an impressive group of tracks along with great racers and teams. The enthusiasm in the region ensures that racing there will remain popular for years to come,” Berglund concluded.

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