Drivers license fees in WISSOTA classes

License fees change in all classes of WISSOTA

The following fees will now be charged for a WISSOTA license in your respective class:

            Late Models – $130.00

            Modifieds – $110.00

            Super Stocks – $100.00

            Midwest Mods – $90.00

            Street Stocks – $90.00

            Mod Fours – $90.00

The increase in fees is the result of being successful in putting together a great value for an insurance program where all licensed drivers will now have a $100,000 participant accident insurance policy included as part of their license fee.  This insurance is over and above the insurance carried by the individual tracks.  We believe it’s the responsible thing for us as an organization to do. We are always looking for ways to take care of our members and drivers. Other non drivers such as pit crew members, officials, staff and promoters may still purchase coverage as they have in the past at the same cost previously offered of $22.00 ($27.00 for Canadians) per person.

It is highly recommended that pit crew members, officials, staff and promoters take advantage of this great value for added protection in the event of an accident.

“While no one ever likes to increase fees of any nature, this is a great value for our drivers and participants as well as showing great responsibility on the part of WISSOTA for implementing the program.  Even with this increase, our license fees remain lower or within the range of most sanctioning bodies.  This is something that has been asked for and worked on for several years now and finally we were able to put an agreement together.  If one person ever needs to use this benefit, then it is certainly worth the effort that it took to put the program in place,” said Wissota Executive Director Terry Voeltz.

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