Sponsor Decal Location/Download

WISSOTA & Sponsor Decal Locations


3.2.1 Drivers must support any and all official WISSOTA sponsors by displaying both WISSOTA patches and sponsor patches on the front of the uniform, somewhere below shoulders and above the belt line, or on the front/side of arm above the elbow. In 2017, the required patches include WISSOTA and Hoosier.

3.2.2 Mandatory decal locations. The WISSOTA (on top) & Hoosier Tire decals must be located on the upper corner on the front fender, directly behind the wheel opening on all Hornets, Pure Stocks, Street Stocks, Super Stocks and Late Models. The same decals must be located in the upper left corner of the left door and the upper right corner of the right door on all Mod Fours, Midwest Mods and Modifieds. All other required decals must be placed on the outside of the body panels or the sail panels, in the upright position using the correct colors and sizes. Required decals are not allowed on the side of nose piece, or the frame rails, roll bars, ground effects, wheels or tires. All decals may be incorporated into a graphic wrap provided you use the correct color and size.

3.2.3 Failure to display the required patches or decals, as set forth above, will result in loss of all points (both track and national) where the infraction occurred and forfeiture of all money and awards for that event.


Below is the 2017 WISSOTA Decal Download file for all required decals (subject to change).