Engine Quest Joins WISSOTA

WISSOTA AUTO RACING is pleased to announced a new marketing partnership and sponsorship program with Engine Quest.

Engine Quest of Las Vegas, NV is the engine parts division of A&A Midwest and is a leading supplier of new, reclaimed and remanufactured engine parts. It has warehouse locations in Las Vegas, NV and Chicago, IL where A&A Midwest headquarters are located. “We specialize in stock and performance cylinder heads as well as head bolts, timing covers, harmonic balancers and much more,” said sales director Eric Haugland.

Drivers in WISSOTA’S Midwest Modified division can utilize Engine Quest cylinder heads on their engines beginning in 2013 as a replacement to stock GM cylinder heads which have become increasingly hard for drivers and engine builders to locate in recent years.  Engine Quest cylinder heads may also be utilized on the 9.5 to 1 engine option in the Street Stock division beginning in 2013.

“We are very excited to be a part of WISSOTA”, said Haugland. “With one of our warehouse locations in Chicago, it’s nice to be a part of an organization such as WISSOTA that is close to home”. 

“Becoming a part of WISSOTA has been a huge asset to our organization and we have been blown away by the amount of volume we have received from WISSOTA’s competitors. I am just amazed by the passion WISSOTA drivers have when it comes to the durability and performance of their engines,” said Haugland.

“Our partnership with Engine Quest should prove to be a long term relationship with benefits to all involved,” says Terry Voeltz, Executive Director and Marketing Director of WISSOTA.  “Our technical director spent a lot of time testing various products and we spent quite a bit of time getting to know these folks from Engine Quest.  The results are that we believe we have found a consistent, quality and affordable product like we were looking for, and as a bonus it is produced by good, down to earth people, interested in a long term relationship with WISSOTA.  We look forward to a great relationship with everyone at Engine Quest well into the future.”

“We urge WISSOTA’s drivers to ask for EQ by name when they start working with their engine builder to freshen or build their next race engine,” added Haugland.

Engine Quest also has products for applications outside the dirt track realm.  EQ produces performance and restoration engine parts that engine builders need for domestic and import applications.  “The cornerstones of our business model are innovation value, quality and environmental responsibility.  We always look to exceed customers’ expectations, with the highest quality products and services, at competitive prices,”  said Bill Stolberg, president and COO of A&A Midwest.

If you are having troubles finding a certain engine part, new or rebuilt, please call or visit Engine Quest online ( http://www.aamidwest.com/enginequest/ ). New products are always becoming available because of the request from their customers and would be more than happy to assist you in any way they can.

A&A Midwest has been family owned and operated since 1949 and Engine Quest will be celebrating its 25th year anniversary this year as A&A Midwest division of engine parts.

“The ownership and staff at A&A Midwest and Engine Quest wish all the drivers, promoters, pit crews and others involved in WISSOTA racing a safe, fun 2013 season,” noted Stolberg.

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