Granite City Speedway – Gold Cup Night 3

Sauk Rapids, MN – There was no better place to be on Sunday afternoon than at the Granite City Speedway for the Gold
Cup Triple Header’s final race night. The skies were clear and sunny as drivers took the clay for another exciting night of WISSOTA Amsoil Dirt Track Racing Series action.

Dave Read, Dave Cain, Josh Abramson and Dan Larsen took their first wins of the weekend, Dave Mass took his second, however it was Jason VandeKamp who came away the big winner with his third straight win of the weekend in his FYE Motorsports Midwest Modified.

The WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds were the first feature on the agenda with Jason VandeKamp grabbing the lead. Danny Vang took second and raced to VandeKamp’s side. VandeKamp pulled away from Vang as Tim Johnson and Eric Martini joined Vang. Martini and Vang battled for second with Johnson on their bumpers. Five laps passed and Vang and Martini still drove door to door, however Martini grabbed the point and Johnson took third. Johnson then grabbed the higher groove and stole second as VandeKamp began to lap.

The lead drivers weaved between slower cars, and Johnson slowly closed in on the #16. With 15 laps complete, Johnson was riding VandeKamp’s bumper. Johnson worked on VandeKamp as Martini quickly caught them. VandeKamp however had a goal in mind and he took the checkers, the win, and a full sweep of the Gold Cup weekend. VandeKamp’s motor was later protested and ruled legal allowing him to keep the win and his prestigious title. Johnson, Martini, Vang and Justin Oestreich were the top five finishers.

Allen Gessell, Jr. and Dave Read claimed the first row of the WISSOTA Street Stock feature and they battled as the green flew. Kurt Becken slid into third while Justin Pogones, Sam Fankhauser and Christina Studanski battled three wide for fourth. Pogones took fourth and drove to Becken’s fender for third while Gessell, Jr. and Read still drove door to door. Pogones and Becken went into turn one as contact was made and the #01 spun around. The caution waved and both Pogones and Taylor Willms left the track on tow trucks.

Gessell, Jr. was in first on the last scored lap and took his place up front on the restart. Read kept close and worked Gessell, Jr. for first as Fankhauser moved in on Read.

Another caution slowed the drivers as Gessell, Jr. exited the track with rear end issues. Read was first on the restart and teammate Studanski took second. Mike Blowers was charging through the field and took fourth, then third and quickly caught Studanski. Blowers and Studanski ran side by side, but Blowers made the pass. Blowers looked ahead at Read, but the race came to a
close before he could catch him. Read took the win and the Wollak Construction sponsored #21R rolled into victory lane.

Josh Abrahamson and Kyle Thell raced panel to panel as the green flew for the WISSOTA Mod Four drivers. Abrahamson took the lead, Thell grabbed second with Luke Johnson and Aaron Wetterlin in a fight for third. Johnson took third with Brandon Linquist and Dustin Zieske behind him as top drivers while Abrahamson continued to dominate. Abrahamson was checked out and took the win with Thell, Johnson, Linquist and Zieske remaining the top five.

The Hornets and Hobby Stocks raced together again on Sunday night and Brandon Mehrwerth was in first. Matthew Dibb took second and drove next to Mehrwerth but Mehrwerth pulled away. Dan Larsen then came through the field and passed Dibb and then Mehrwerth for first. Mehrwerth fell back in the pack while Dannie Burkholder and Jared Zimpel challenged Dibb. Dibb held second as Larsen cruised away. Zimpel got a good run at the end and took second from Dibb while Larsen took the win in his #7k. Zimpel, Dibb, Tim Lavoi and Megan Liams took the top five points.

After some track prep, the WISSOTA Super Stocks took the track with Dan Gullikson in first. Dave Mass took the low groove and moved next to Gullikson but Gullikson kept the lead. Mass remained close to Gullikson as they pulled away from others. Mass was not slowing down as he moved to the outside of Gullikson and made the pass. Tim Johnson and Shane Sabraski began a side by side battle for third as Mass prepared to lap cars. Mass weaved through traffic and drove further away from Gullikson while Sabraski and Johnson continued the fight for third. As they caught slower cars, Sabraski began to lap first and Johnson fell to fourth. As soon as Johnson was cleared of traffic, he moved back to Sabraski’s side. Sabraski broke free from Johnson as the checkers were raised. Mass took the win and made his second trip into victory lane for the weekend with Gullikson, Sabraski, Johnson and James Trantina as the top five finishers.

The WISSOTA Modifieds rolled on the track for their event with Clayton Wagamon and Matt Gilbertson in first. Gilbertson shot into the lead as the green flew and Wagamon battled with Jeremy Nelson (06) and Dave Cain. Nelson took second, Cain took third and Dave Mass took fourth. The drivers formed a single file line as they ran the tracks high side, but Cain decided to change it up. Cain shot to the low side and moved next to Nelson, but didn’t have the traction as Nelson drove away. Cain didn’t give in and tried it again grabbing the middle lane. Cain made the car stick and took second. Cain began utilizing more of the track surface as he caught Gilbertson. Cain kept working the lower half of the track and took the lead.

Eric Martini also hugged the tires and kept his car low as he took fifth. Martini and others went four wide into turn one and Martini soon spun around. The yellow flew and Martini exited the track. Cain kept his lead through back to back cautions with only one lap remaining. Wagamon and Shane Sabraski joined Gilbertson for second as Cain flew across the finish line and took the win in his Cain Farms #2c. Gilbertson kept second with Wagamon, Dale Mathison and Sabraski as the top five drivers.

The 2nd Annual Gold Cup Triple Header was officially in the books with three nights of complete shows featuring the top drivers in the WISSOTA Nation.

Granite City Speedway will host two more race events to wrap up the National Points Weekend on Friday October 11 and Sunday the 13. Races will start at 7pm on Friday with gates opening at 4, and Sunday has a start time of 3:30 with gates at 1 pm. See you at the GC Speedway!

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