Havel, Crapser Repeat at Red Cedar Speedway

Menomonie WI, – Jason Havel and Cory Crapser, both with late race passes, became the first repeat winners in racing action Friday night at the Red Cedar Speedway. While those two drivers were able to duplicate opening night wins, four
new winners also emerged in Keith Tourville, Ben Hillman, Kevin Adams and Jimmy Mars.

Jeremy Dahl led the majority of the Pure Stock feature and it seemed that there would be no way that he could be kept out of victory lane. He started on the outside pole and quickly established the lead, which he continued to maintain by a few car lengths over Scottie Schoettle. Team mates Randy Burton and Jesse Bryan battled for third while Havel traded the fourth spot back and forth with Bill Skoug.

A spin with only five laps left bunched the field, and when the green came out,
Havel suddenly took off like he found another gear that no one else did. He went flying by Bryan and Burton, then passed Schoettle and closed on Dahl. With an opening on the inside down the back chute, Havel powered past Jeremy and took over
the lead. Just as the field took the white flag, there was a grinding collision on the front chute as Gunnar Zurek lost control and was hit very hard by Dave Nogle. Zurek needed a little assistance getting from his car and the race was scored
complete to the white flag with Havel the winner over Dahl, Schoettle, Burton and Skoug.

The Street Stock feature saw Ron Hanestad jump into the initial lead but before one lap could be completed, the leaders were nearly four wide down the front chute as Mike Knudtson, Adam Soltis and Keith Tourville all fought for the top spot. After a little jockeying, Tourville was able to find an opening and he drove into the lead.

Sam Fankhauser came charging up from the third row to close on Tourville, and they fought for the lead for several laps with Tourville able to fend off all Sammy’s charges.

Tourville picked up the pace and was able to put a few car lengths on Fankhauser, who himself was being challenged by Knudtson for second. The order stayed the same as the laps ran down, and Tourville drove home for the win. Fankhauser continued to chase him with Knudtson a close third while Soltis and Hanestad rounded out the top five.

Travis Anderson was less than a lap away from winning his first feature of the year until Crapser made his last lap pass after charging up from well back in the pack for the win. The win was a challenge for Cory, as he started ninth on the grid and had to work his way forward, survive two near incidents and yet came home for the win.

Anderson led from the get, go with Jake Smeltzer and Josh Smith giving him plenty of heat with both making attempts to take over the lead. The beginning of the contest was trying , as there were five yellow flags in the first three laps, including an incident on the back chute where Crapser got turned around and did a wild spin in front of trailing pack of cars.

He was restored to his spot, undamaged, and the race continued. Anderson continued to lead when the drivers finally settled down and started to race, with Smeltzer continuing to challenge as Crapser moved up to fight Smith for third. However, Smith lost control in turn three, Crapser had to hit the brakes to avoid him, but when Smith slid off the track the race continued with Crapser losing time and distance to the leader.

Anderson continued to lead but Crapser really got on the loud pedal, as he reeled in the challengers and raced his way back up to second. As the white flag waved, Anderson got just high enough in turn one that Crapser had room on the bottom and he shot past Travis to take over the lead. Anderson tried to fight back in the last corner but he came up short as Crapser drove on for the win. Smeltzer finished third, with Mike Truscott’s opening race here landing him a fourth place finish in front of Clark Swartz.

Ben Hillman got up on the cushion and flew to the Super Stock feature win. Brad Johnson took the early lead but Hillman soon closed in and was able to slide past into the lead. Once in front, he powered away from the field to nearly a straightaway lead while Johnson fought to hold off Jason Forehand , Tom Karis and Shane Kisling for second.

A late yellow set up a three lap dash to the checkered but Hillman once again pulled away from the field. Forehand used the low side to move into second but he was no match for Hillman, who drove away for the win. Johnson had a good run as he fought off Kisling for third with Karis completing the top five.

Jesse Glenz and Cory Williams battled in the early laps for the Modified lead with Glenz taking the spot and putting a few car lengths on the field. Kevin Adams moved into third and gradually pulled in beside Williams, but Cory put up a tough fight as they raced hard for position and closed on Glenz.

Jesse had been showing some signs of smoke coming from his car coming off the corners and just as the leaders got three wide, he blew a tire and shot to the top of the track. Adams took advantage to shoot between the other two cars and powered into the lead. Eventually Glenz rolled to a halt and the yellow flag waved.

Adams then moved away from the field as Curt Myers moved in to challenge Williams for third. They jockeyed back and forth for the spot until Myers finally took it away just at the end of the race. Adams cruised the rest of the way for the win while Williams held off a last lap charge from Craig Thatcher for third. Mike Anderson drove from deep in the pack to complete the top five.

A.J. Diemel battled with Chad Mahder for the early lead in the Late Model feature before Mahder secured the top spot. Jimmy Mars wasted little time moving in as he drove around Diemel for second and then closed on Mahder. With Mahder running the cushion, Mars made a move on the low side of turn three, got tremendous bite and shot past Mahder down the front chute to take over the lead.

Once in front, he settled in to his groove and gradually pulled away from the field as the race ran non stop. Diemel continued to pressure Mahder for second as Jake Redetzke made a steady charge from farther back in the pack.

Mars continued to motor on and he took the checkered flag with lots of open track behind him. Mahder held off Diemel for second with Redetzke getting past Scott Gilberts in the late going for fourth.

Racing action will continue next Friday night, May 4th with all six classes back in action. Race time is 7 p.m.

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