Out-Pace racing products joins WISSOTA


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Out-Pace racing products joins WISSOTA

WISSOTA Auto Racing is pleased to announce a new partnership and sponsorship program with Out-Pace Racing Products.

Out-Pace Racing Products, LLC is based in Freeport, IL and has been involved in racing and building chassis components for racing for over 18 years. They have developed a solution for the problem of sticky and seized rod ends that racers have been dealing with for years. Their innovative system reduces the time it takes to maintain your rod end components, along with a host of other benefits.

“We are pleased to finally be a part of WISSOTA. We've been working with them for years and it feels great to get something rolling,” said Jim Rodgers, who owns the business along with his brother, Jon.

WISSOTA executive director Terry Voeltz echoed that sentiment. "We have known Jim and Jon for years and we also know that many of WISSOTA's racers use Out-Pace products. It really makes sense for Out-Pace and WISSOTA to work together and we are pleased that Out-Pace will be awarding our racers with some great awards at the end of the season," he said.

Using Out-Pace components can save money in many ways:

           Increases rod end life, which saves in replacement costs.

                       Reduces the time it takes to maintain rod ends, which will give you more time to work on setups.

                       Keeps your car free and more consistent.

                       Keeps rod ends from seizing up, which affects the handling characteristics of your car.

“We have done extensive testing and have numerous testimonials from professional racers that swear by Out-Pace Racing Products,” Jim Rodgers added.

The time it takes to clean and re-grease rod ends has been reduced from hours to minutes by the Out-Pace system. The Out-Pace system works by greasing the rod end from the inside out. Grease is forced through an orifice that runs through the rod end and around the spherical ball. The grease then flushes any dirt or contaminants out of the rod end that may have worked their way inside the assembly. Just that easily, the rod end has been flushed of any dirt, and new grease is in place for lubrication. There is no more need to remove the rod ends, clean with solvent, reassemble, lubricate and remount on the car. This entire procedure has been reduced to seconds with high quality, American-made Out-Pace products.

“Racers have increased their rod end life by three and four times the usual life, using regular maintenance practices,” Jim Rodgers commented about competitors who have switched to Out-Pace from other brands.

For more information about Out-Pace products and the benefit of using Out-Pace system please visit the company's website at www.out-pace.com. Or feel free to call Out-Pace at (815) 275-0221. “We will be more than happy to assist anybody with questions, concerns, or just inform them about our products. We are here to help our racers and want to wish everyone the best of luck in the upcoming 2013 racing season,” said Jim Rodgers.

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