Race Promoters & Clubs: Why Should You Join WISSOTA?

Many of you have heard of the WISSOTA Promoters Association but you may not know much about this non-profit, member-driven organization. WISSOTA, as it is more commonly known, is a sanctioning body for six divisions of race cars: Late Models, Modifieds, Super Stocks, Mod Fours, Street Stocks and Midwest Modifieds. All of these run under common sets of rules and procedures at approximately 50 race tracks. The member promoters and racing associations of WISSOTA have spent nearly 30 years creating and refining unique rules packages for six divisions of race cars known as WISSOTA Late Models, WISSOTA Modifieds, WISSOTA Super Stocks, WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds, WISSOTA Street Stocks and WISSOTA Mod Fours.
WISSOTA is, in its purest form, a spirit of cooperation and its members work together – as well as with the region’s competitors – to keep the industry strong and stable.

WISSOTA, a non-profit association founded on and guided by democratic principles and participation, has been in operation since the early 80s and counts as members approximately 50 tracks in Wisconsin, Minnesota, North and South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, and Ontario, Alberta and Manitoba in Canada. The organization has maintained steady regional participation since its inception, and the “WISSOTA region” is recognized nationwide as a model of consistency and cooperation within the racing industry.

Over the years, WISSOTA’s members have strived to incorporate rules and restrictions for the various divisions so that racing remains both competitive and affordable for the participants. Nearly 3,000 competitors raced at WISSOTA member tracks last year.

As you will see below, WISSOTA has many benefits to offer both drivers and promoters. Look this over and you will see why WISSOTA has grown to become an envied model of promoter cooperation and one of the largest dirt track sanctioning bodies in the United States. Join forces with WISSOTA’s other members and improve your track’s racing program.

Benefits To Promoters:

• Low Yearly Membership/Sanctioning Fee
• Low Weekly Sanctioning Fees
• Common Set Of Rules & Procedures
• Support For Track Tech Officials Available From Regional Tech Advisers
• Customized SpeedNet Software/Support For Event & Points Management
• Yearly Teching Seminars To Keep Your Tech Officials Informed
• WISSOTA Is A Name That Region’s Racers & Fans Recognize & Respect
• Track Point Fund That Pays Your Top 10 In Every WISSOTA Division
• National Point Fund Gives Your Drivers Opportunity At Major Cash Awards
• Track Dress-Up Kits Which Include WISSOTA & Sponsor Materials
• Promoter Membership Includes Subscription To All The Dirt! Racing News & Advertising Opportunities
• Traveling Series Available To Bring Late Model Division To Your Track
• Six Divisions Of Cars To Include In Your Programs
• Annual Meeting: A Vote On How The Organization Will Be Run
• Annual Meeting: A Vote On All Policy & Rule Changes
• Annual Meeting: You Vote For Board Members To Run Your Organization
• Annual Meeting: Your Chance To Meet & Interact With Other Tracks/Promoters

Interested Promoters: Email Executive Director Terry Voeltz For More Information!

Benefits To Drivers:

• Common Set Of Rules At Approximately 50 Tracks In Your Region
• More Opportunities To Race At More Tracks For More Purse Money
• Economical, Unique Set Of Rules For Each Racing Division
• Track Point Fund That Pays Top 10 In Every Division At Every Track
• National Point Fund That Provides Large Cash Awards At End Of Season
• Large Number Of Sanctioned, High Paying Season-Ending Special Events
• Traveling Series For Late Models, An Opportunity To Run High-Paying Shows
• Six Sanctioned Divisions Of Cars From Which To Choose
• Opportunity To Participate In Rules-Making & Revision Process Annually
• Contingency Awards From Generous WISSOTA Sponsors At End Of Season
• License Includes Driver Subscription To All The Dirt! Racing News