Richmond Gear Becomes the Official Ring and Pinion Gear of WISSOTA Auto Racing

ABERDEEN, SD – Richmond Gear, the leading supplier of ring and pinion gears and related drivetrain parts in the country, has reached an agreement with WISSOTA Auto Racing to become the official ring and pinion gear of the WISSOTA racing series for the 2013 season.

“Richmond Gear is very excited to be working with WISSOTA to help promote this Midwestern brand of hard charging, grass roots racing,” said Mark Chudacoff, CEO and President of Richmond Gear. “We have been working with WISSOTA for some time to put this deal together, and we are glad to see it finally come to fruition.”

Said Terry Voeltz, executive director of WISSOTA, "Bob Linville, the head of the performance division of Midwest Trucks, which produces the Richmond Gear brand, was instrumental in building a relationship with WISSOTA which will help WISSOTA sustain its generous annual national and track point funds. I have visited with Bob at the PRI and IMIS shows for years and in December last year, we were finally both ready to put a good plan in place to put a major spotlight on Richmond Gear."

"This is going to be a positive agreement for the drivers of WISSOTA, many of whom will benefit through the national and track point funds in 2013," Voeltz added. "Every racer in WISSOTA needs quality gears for their race cars, and they will find none with better performance and durability than Richmond."

"We know many of our racers already use Richmond Gears, and this branding exposure for Richmond should bring additional customers among our ranks," noted Voeltz. "It only makes sense to use the best brands in today's high performance race cars."

Richmond Gear has been developing and producing high quality differential ring and pinions for over 50 years, and with its trademarked “Double Diamond” logo, has a history of unmatched quality and value. Along with the Richmond ring and pinions, the company also offer a full line of traction control products including spools, automatic lockers, limited slips and torque sensing devices sold under the Powertrax  brand, which includes the Lock Right, No-Slip and Grip line of products, said Chudacoff.

"We are also re-engineering our transmission line of 2-speed , 4-speed T-10, 5 speed street and overdrive, and 6 speed overdrive units to meet today’s demand for high torque, high quality, and low noise applications," said Chudacoff.

Whether you’re a racer or a high performance enthusiast with something really special in your garage at home, Richmond Gear has exactly what you need for the street,  strip or on the track.

Richmond Gear is also planning to launch a full line of quick change axle parts, including primary ring and pinions, spur gears, and dual splined axle shafts which will be excellent for the circle track market.

Richmond Gear is headquartered in Chicago, IL and also has distribution warehouses in Los Angeles, CA, Dallas, TX and Atlanta, GA.

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