Annual Meeting

The WISSOTA Annual Meeting

WISSOTA Auto Racing has released the dates for the 2016 annual meeting. The annual meeting will be held from Friday, November 11 through Saturday, November 12, 2016 at the Kelly Inn in St Cloud, MN.

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Will Be Provided To All Promoters/Voting Members At The Annual Meeting.
Following Are Discussion Points Regarding Car Rules.

Car Rules Updates & Discussions

Tech Committee: 2017 Rule Clarifications Regarding Safety Items & New Products

• Modifieds—allowed bead lock on R.F.—safety.

• All Classes—mandatory to wear fire retardant gloves–safety.

• Clarification all classes–Weight(s) must be mounted to frame only. Weight cannot move while race car is moving.–safety.

• Speedway’s 3 piece spindle with metric length steering arm (P/N 91034501) allowed on Super Stocks, Midwest Mods and Street Stocks—new product–cheaper.

• The following aftermarket stock replacement steel crank shafts are allowed for Super Stocks, Midwest Modifieds and Street stocks: EAGLE P/N 435034805700—SCAT P/N 4-350-3480-5700—Manley P/N 190310.—cheaper overall components.

• Clarification–NO bump stops or spring rubbers on any class except Late Models. Not previously allowed so not allowed.

• Clarification—No progressive springs on the 4 corners of any car except Late Models. Not previously allowed so not allowed.

• Clarification all classes—No computerized dashes allowed. Not previously allowed so not allowed.

Track Recommendations: Discussion Topics For Future Only. No Voting For Changes During Rule Freeze.

KRA Speedway
• Streets—Allow headers, weight jacks, after market firewall, open motors better intake, slow concept down.
• Midwest Mods—Open leaf spring allowing mono and half springs.
• Supers—Allow quick changes, allow J-bar as an option. Madison Speedway
• Allow quick changes for Super Stocks. Viking Speedway • Allow after market lower A-arms on Modifieds.

River Cities Speedway
• Late Models—Allow open motors with restrictor plates with WISSOTA motors.
• Allow siping and grooving of 70 for RR.

ABC Raceway
• Pure Stocks–Allow bead lock on RR & aluminum pulleys.
• Discuss tire compounds in all classes.

Proctor Speedway & Hibbing Raceway
• Pure Stocks–Allow bead lock on RR and allow aluminum pulleys.
• Allow grooving of tires for Late Models.
• Allow needling of tires in all classes.