Orv’s Pot of Gold

September 12-16, 2017 • Dakota State Fair Speedway • Huron, SD

Orv’s Pot Of Gold • $10,000 To A Lucky Driver!

Orv’s Pot Of Gold is a promotion at the WISSOTA 100 which has provided one lucky driver with a $10,000 cash prize in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016. Another driver will get $10,000 again in 2017!


HURON, SD – The generosity of Orville Chenoweth, promoter of Huron’s Dakota State Fair Speedway, and the community of Huron, is helping to make “Orv’s Pot of Gold” part of the 2017 WISSOTA 100 once again.

For the sixth year in a row, a driver who runs consistently throughout the season and races his or her way into the top 30 in national points will be eligible for the whopping $10,000 Pot of Gold at the 2016 WISSOTA 100. The prize will be given to a lucky driver on Saturday of the 100 (September 16).

This means there will only be 180 potential entries, and every driver in the top 30 will have an equal opportunity to win the $10,000. A driver simply needs to register every day while racing at the WISSOTA 100 to get his or her name in the drawing.

“To win, the driver must be present at the facility on Saturday of the 100 and come to the front of the grandstand to claim the prize if his or her name is drawn as the winner,” explained Chenoweth.

The 2012 winner, Lorin Johnson, said “shock and awe” was the best way to explain his initial reaction when he heard his name called.

The 2013 winner, Jim Erdmann, was nearly speechless but all smiles when he accepted the $10,000 award.

The 2014 winner, Curt Myers, sent some gold coins home with the little boy who drew him as the $10,000 winner.

In 2015, Wyoming driver Shawn Reed grabbed the 10 grand and Kevin “Buzzy” Adams took the Pot Of Gold money back to Wisconsin in 2016.

Drivers do not have to qualify for the WISSOTA 100 feature finale to be eligible for the $10,000 Pot of Gold; he or she just needs to be in the top 30 in national points and have registered at DSFS every day during the WISSOTA 100.

Drivers from all six WISSOTA divisions will be eligible. That means it could be a Late Model, Modified, Super Stock, Midwest Mod, Street Stock or Mod Four driver who takes home the extra 10 grand after racing at the 2017 WISSOTA 100.

It’s a guarantee that the driver who wins the $10,000 this year will enjoy the game-changing experience for their race program like Johnson, Erdmann, Myers, Reed and Adams.

The brainchild of Chenoweth, and also aided by the Huron Chamber & Visitor’s Bureau, Dakota State Fair Speedway and WISSOTA  Auto Racing, the Pot of Gold highlights the investment Chenoweth is committed to making in dirt track racing.

“It really shows Orv’s understanding of the racers; anytime he has a chance to give back to them he’s all about that,” reflected Johnson. “He’s part of a racing family so he sees the big picture.”

The Speedway Motors WISSOTA 100, which has been hosted by WISSOTA at Dakota State Fair Speedway annually since 2009, is the marquee event for the more than 2,500 racers that compete at WISSOTA-sanctioned tracks in the upper Midwest.

For more information about Orv’s Pot of Gold, visit www.dakotapromotions.com.