WISSOTA Hornet license policy changed

DASSEL, MN (FEB. 7) – WISSOTA Auto Racing has changed its licensing policy for drivers in the Hornet division effective immediately. Previously, drivers who had raced in any class at any time in the past were not allowed to hold a Hornet license.

The new policy allows any individual to purchase a Hornet license as long as that individual does not at the same time have a license to race in any other WISSOTA class. In other words, you cannot hold both a Hornet license and a license for any other WISSOTA class at the same time (regardless of which was purchased first).

“We felt this would be a more fair way to both protect the integrity of the Hornet class and at the same time, allow drivers who want to help grow it,” said WISSOTA president Nate Fischer. “We want it to be an entry-level class, extremely affordable and fun to be in, but we don’t want to discourage someone from having the opportunity to race just because at some time in their past, they tried to race some other class and that didn’t work out for some reason,” he added.

WISSOTA has updated the license form (PDF) available online to explain the updated Hornet licensing policy. Drivers can download, print and fill out that application and submit it to WISSOTA, or online licensing is also available under the “drivers” tab at www.wissota.org.

Questions can be directed to Callie Sullivan at the WISSOTA office; her number is (320) 275-9922 and her email is callie@wissota.org.

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