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The WISSOTA Promoters Association is very pleased to announce a new pilot program for the Late Model division which board members believe may provide a more affordable option for racers who wish to compete in WISSOTA's top division.

There is an ever-increasing cost factor in racing, particularly in the Late Model division, which many think is responsible for a reduction in the number of participants in the class.  This new pilot program being implemented by WISSOTA is an opportunity to see if an affordable engine alternative for Late Models already exists within WISSOTA's rules.

The new program will allow drivers to test the viability of using a legal WISSOTA Super Stock engine, equipped with a different intake and a four barrel carburetor; there will also be some adjustments on minimum weight and spoiler size in the pilot program.

WISSOTA Technical Director Bill Engelstad explained, "We tried a program a number of years ago which included a major manufacturer's crate engines. Our drivers did not respond and, after a year, we dropped the experiment. That type of program may work in some parts of the country, but we don't feel it's the best thing in our region," he said.

WISSOTA Executive Director Terry Voeltz echoed that thought. "Reducing the cost to racers is obviously a great goal to have as a sanctioning body. We tried the crate program and were not impressed by how it worked out for us. Drivers have come to us with various ideas to make the Late Model class more affordable and this one we thought had particular merit, so we're going to fully test it," he said.

"In WISSOTA, we want our region's engine builders to stay involved in the sport. We use them as resources regularly and we think they provide racers with vital technical information about their race cars. We also happen to believe they can assist our racers and our organization in providing solutions the increasing cost of racing," Voeltz said.

He added, "Essentially, this pilot program will simply be testing a different type of 'crate' engine than the ones built by auto makers like GM, Ford and Chrysler. The 'crate' engine being used will just be one of our current Super Stock engines."

Here's how the process is going to work in 2013:

There will be three or four drivers selected to participate in the program.  Results will be monitored closely and adjustments made accordingly if needed to make this new engine, weight and spoiler combination competitive in the WISSOTA Late Model division.

To begin the pilot program, drivers that are interested in participating are asked to contact Bill Engelstad and a committee will decide how many participants should be allowed to do the testing. The committee will also select the drivers from the list of those who wish to participate.

The following rules will be in place to begin the program. If adjustments are needed, they will be made as the program moves forward.

Late Model Pilot Program Car Rules:

• Cars must meet all WISSOTA Late Model rules with the exception of the following:

• Cars will be equipped with a legal Super Stock engine.

• An untouched aluminum intake manifold will be allowed with a maximum height limit of 7 ¼” from the bottom of the intake at the valve galley rail to the base of the carburetor.

• One four (4) barrel carburetor will be allowed (gas or alcohol).

• This car will be required to weigh a minimum of 2,200 lbs. with driver.

• A twelve inch (12”) spoiler will be allowed on the car.

If you have any questions or would be interested in participating in this pilot program, contact Bill Engelstad at bill@wissota.org or you may call him at (218) 929-7036.

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