Garage Tech Extreme Partners with the WISSOTA Rook...
WISSOTA Statement Regarding Hoosier Racing Tire in...
Speedway Motors Partners with WISSOTA in 2022
Garage Tech Extreme Partners with the WISSOTA Rook...

Garage Tech Extreme Partners with the WISSOTA Rook...

5/9/2022 -
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (St. Cloud, MN 5/9/2022) Rod Lindquist, Executive Director of WISSOTA Auto Racing announces a new partnership with St. Cloud, Mi
WISSOTA Statement Regarding Hoosier Racing Tire in...

WISSOTA Statement Regarding Hoosier Racing Tire in...

4/14/2022 -
(April 14, 2022 - St. Cloud, Minnesota - Rod Lindquist, Executive Director, WISSOTA Promoters Association, Inc.) On Wednesday, April 6, 2022, I met wi
Speedway Motors Partners with WISSOTA in 2022

Speedway Motors Partners with WISSOTA in 2022

3/22/2022 -
(3/22/22 - St. Cloud, MN) We are excited to share with our promoters, drivers, and fans that we have extended our partnership with Speedway Motors. Sp

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Garage Tech Extreme Partners with the WISSOTA Rookie of the Year

Garage Tech Extreme Partners with the WISSOTA Rookie of the Year...

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (St. Cloud, MN 5/9/2022) Rod Lindquist, Executive Director of WISSOTA Auto Racing announces a new partnership with St. Cloud, Minnesota-based Garage Tech Extreme (GTX) Floor Coatings. GTX owner, Trevor Stewart, stated: “GTX is excited to be a part of...more
WISSOTA Statement Regarding Hoosier Racing Tire in 2022

WISSOTA Statement Regarding Hoosier Racing Tire in 2022

(April 14, 2022 - St. Cloud, Minnesota - Rod Lindquist, Executive Director, WISSOTA Promoters Association, Inc.) On Wednesday, April 6, 2022, I met with Scott Willis and Blake Follmer from Hoosier Tire North and, via conference call, Shanon Rush from Hoosier Corporate. ...more
Speedway Motors Partners with WISSOTA in 2022

Speedway Motors Partners with WISSOTA in 2022

(3/22/22 - St. Cloud, MN) We are excited to share with our promoters, drivers, and fans that we have extended our partnership with Speedway Motors. Speedway Motors has been an excellent partner with WISSOTA Auto Racing for 12 years and we appreciate their continued support...more

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WISSOTA Super Stock

# Competitor Hometown
23 Mark Abeln Mark Abeln Groton, SD
69 John Adams John Adams St. Croix Falls, WI
57 Patrick Adler Patrick Adler Aberdeen, SD
3D Ryan Aho Ryan Aho Poplar Grove, IL
22 Clay Albrecht Clay Albrecht Cameron, WI
3 Aaron Amundson Aaron Amundson Belgrade, MT
8a Doug Amundson Doug Amundson Belgrade, MT
1 Josh Anderson Josh Anderson Lino Lakes, MN
81 Ashley Anderson Ashley Anderson Elk Mound, WI
50 Charles Anderson Charles Anderson Ironwood, MI
11R Rita Anderson Rita Anderson South Range, WI
01 Michael Anderson Michael Anderson Dallas, WI
36 Tyler Anglin Tyler Anglin Aberdeen, SD
67 Austin Arbogast Austin Arbogast Huron, SD
01 Trevor Arens Trevor Arens Hibbing, MN
28 Tony Arneson Tony Arneson Alexandria, MN
31 Fred Aschenbauer Fred Aschenbauer Deerwood, MN
74A Travis Atkinson Travis Atkinson South Haven, MN
67 Josh Bach Josh Bach Barron, WI
29x Brandon Bahr Brandon Bahr TENSTRIKE, MN
292 Kevin Bahr Kevin Bahr Bemidji, MN
9 Dominic Baker Dominic Baker Osakis, MN
9 Scott Baker Scott Baker Osakis, MN
23J Jared Bamberger Jared Bamberger CLAYTON, WI
62g Kenny Barber Kenny Barber Starbuck, MN
19 Trent Barnhardt Trent Barnhardt Bloomer, WI
LAW1 Steve Barry Steve Barry Sturgis, SD
42 Myron Basina Myron Basina Bayfield, WI
69ER Shane Basina Shane Basina Bayfield, WI
72 Kevin Baumgarner Kevin Baumgarner Deer River, MN
14X Charley Beck Charley Beck South Shore, SD
X41 Casey Beck Casey Beck South Shore, SD
70X Kurt Becken Kurt Becken Big Lake, MN
21c Patrick Beeksma Patrick Beeksma Ironwood, MI
87 Mike Bellefeuille Mike Bellefeuille Duluth, MN
29s Steve Berg Steve Berg Billings, MT
59 Eric Berg Eric Berg Braham, MN
13 Rip Berg Rip Berg Deer Lodge, MT
16e Anthony Berger Anthony Berger Laurel, MT
33 Cooper Berlin Cooper Berlin Rice Lake, WI
777 Wayne Bignell Wayne Bignell Elkmound, WI
10 Rich Bishop Rich Bishop Ladysmith, WI
10 Michael Blevins Sr Michael Blevins Sr Hibbing, MN
15R Wheeler Blood Wheeler Blood Mora, MN
26R Mark Blood Mark Blood Mora, MN
B23 Wade Blumke Wade Blumke Pequot Lakes, MN
70 Joe Bonney Joe Bonney Maquoketa, IA
B37 Tim Borgeson Tim Borgeson New Richmond, WI
4K Larry Both Larry Both Thunder Bay, ON
34 Jeff Brauer Jeff Brauer Eyota, MN
34Jr Braden Brauer Braden Brauer Eyota, MN
14 Shane Brick Shane Brick Aberdeen, SD
00 Beau Brown Beau Brown Deer Lodge, MT
12T Trent Brutger Trent Brutger Watkins, MN
333 Colton Budreau Colton Budreau Zimmerman, MN
214 Tucker Budreau Tucker Budreau Zimmerman, MN
30 Kevin Burdick Kevin Burdick Proctor, MN
8cb Tommy Bush Tommy Bush Great Falls, MT
32 Butch Butcher Butch Butcher Carlton, MN
18B Dean Butler Dean Butler Wheeler, WI
14B Adam Butterfield Adam Butterfield South Shore, SD
2c Dave Cain Dave Cain Corcoran, MN
22 Brian Callisto Brian Callisto Belgrade, MT
12 Jim Campbell Jim Campbell Two Harbors, MN
99C Cody Campeau Cody Campeau New Richmond, WI
28 Josh Cappo Josh Cappo Almena, WI
32F Brian Carl Brian Carl Duluth, MN
57 Dalton Carlson Dalton Carlson Cohasset, MN
57 Tim Carlson Tim Carlson Cohasset, MN
57 Austin Carlson Austin Carlson Cohasset, MN
65 Jeff Carter Jeff Carter Hamilton, MT
99 Travis Cartney Travis Cartney Watertown, SD
1 Cory Casari Cory Casari Montreal, WI
14 Jeremy Castro Jeremy Castro Laurel, MT
12 Brett Caudill Brett Caudill Bozeman, MT
12 Eric Cease Eric Cease Frederick, SD
29 Andrew Chamberlin Andrew Chamberlin Deerwood, MN
29 Ken Chamberlin Ken Chamberlin Crosby, MN
65 Luis Chavez Luis Chavez Aberdeen, SD
33c Cole Chernosky Cole Chernosky Thunder Bay, ON
99% Russ Chester Russ Chester Chetek, WI
127 Neil Chevalier Neil Chevalier Princeton, MN
3c Tracy Christensen Tracy Christensen Aberdeen, SD
16c Mike Christensen Mike Christensen Hutchinson, MN
17D Lucas Christiansen Lucas Christiansen Hugo, MN
17 Donald Cimfl Jr Donald Cimfl Jr Weyerhaeuser, WI
45c Andy Cimfl Andy Cimfl Rice Lake, WI
245 James Cimfl James Cimfl Turtle Lake, WI
845 Cody Cimfl Cody Cimfl Chetek, WI
33 Dave Clawson Dave Clawson Deer Lodge, MT
26 Ty Clemens Ty Clemens Belgrade, MT
25 Bill Clemens Bill Clemens Chatfield, MN
71 Brandon Clemens Brandon Clemens Bloomington, MN
4a Allan Cleveland Allan Cleveland Breckenridge, MN
4a Allison Cleveland Allison Cleveland Breckenridge, MN
3 Mark Cline Mark Cline Bozeman, MT
12 Joel Collins Joel Collins Princeton, MN
07 Dustin Collins Dustin Collins Great Falls, MT
49 Tim Compson Tim Compson Valley City, ND
79 Jason Cook Jason Cook Brandon, MN
26 Kyle Copp Kyle Copp Brule, WI
007 Luke Cote Luke Cote Great Falls, MT
88 Josh Craighton Josh Craighton Plum City, WI
77J Jim Critser Jim Critser Cyrus, MN
12c Morgan Crotteau Morgan Crotteau Rice Lake, WI
29* Jeff Crouse Jeff Crouse Alexandria, MN
29 Jon Crouse Jon Crouse Alexandria, MN
15 Jonathan Dachel Jonathan Dachel Elk Mound, WI
3D Wayne Dale Wayne Dale Biwabik, MN
4 Andy Davey Andy Davey Hibbing, MN
20 Cory Davis Cory Davis Turtle Lake, WI
20 Andrew Davis Andrew Davis Rice Lake, WI
48 Shane Davis Shane Davis Deer Lodge, MT
26D Chad Dawson Chad Dawson Isanti, MN
26d Hunter Dawson Hunter Dawson Isanti, MN
17 Wayne Dean Wayne Dean Strum, WI
1 Rock Degele Rock Degele Glasgow, MT
44 Kipp DeGroot Kipp DeGroot Platte, SD
27 Matt Deragon Matt Deragon Ashland, WI
1st Alex Devries Alex Devries Bozeman, MT
22 Matthew Dibb Matthew Dibb Milaca, MN
12 David Dosh David Dosh Brainerd, MN
14D Austin Doucette Austin Doucette Brainerd, MN
55 Ernest Duckwitz Jr Ernest Duckwitz Jr Fergus Falls, MN
0 Brandon Duellman Brandon Duellman Winona, MN
23KR Les Duellman Les Duellman Winona, MN
89 Dave Duff Dave Duff Redfield, SD
28 Kelly Duffy Kelly Duffy Winner, SD
80 Brett Dulas Brett Dulas Waseca, MN
35 Dennis Dunbar Dennis Dunbar Winona, MN
13C Chad Eachen Chad Eachen Watertown, SD
7e Neil Eckhart Neil Eckhart Rochester, MN
22E Kevin Eder Kevin Eder Ashland, WI
Z28 Josh Edwards Josh Edwards Belgrade, MT
25 Emmalyn Edwards-Bush Emmalyn Edwards-Bush Great Falls, MT
9E Don Eischens Don Eischens Richmond, MN
10 Jeff Eisner Jr Jeff Eisner Jr Merrill, WI
316 Nick Ekstrand Nick Ekstrand Rapid City, SD
4x David Elliott David Elliott Minocqua, WI
19 Kyle Elsen Kyle Elsen Bath, SD
17 Daniel Elsen Daniel Elsen Hecla, SD
3E Corey Elward Corey Elward Mitchell, SD
33c Cody Emmans Cody Emmans Ham Lake, MN
145 John Erickson John Erickson Rice Lake, WI
4e Tanner Erickson Tanner Erickson Princeton, MN
41X Johnny Erickson Johnny Erickson Virgina, MN
F27 Tony Falkner Tony Falkner Menomonie, WI
11 Sam Fankhauser Sam Fankhauser Rice Lake, WI
40F John Farrington John Farrington Akeley, MN
89F Bonnie Farrington Bonnie Farrington Akeley, MN
21 Ryan Fasching Ryan Fasching Billings, MT
30 Paul Fasching Paul Fasching Billinbgs, MT
13x Dustin Feltman Dustin Feltman Dawson, MN
43 Lyle Ferguson Lyle Ferguson Kyle, SD
99 Shawn Fernkes Shawn Fernkes Pennock, MN
6F Matt Fester Matt Fester Grove City, MN
12 Brian Fetting Brian Fetting Fountain City, WI
13 Josh Fischer Josh Fischer Aberdeen, SD
71X Jamey Fisher Jamey Fisher Chetek, WI
69 Tom Flannigan Tom Flannigan Brainerd, MN
47 Devin Dustin Flannigan Devin Dustin Flannigan Brainerd, MN
69 Tom Flannigan JR Tom Flannigan JR Lincoln, NE
15f Jeff Flaten Jeff Flaten Hancock, MN
15 Ryan Flaten Ryan Flaten Madison, MN
15t Tara Flaten Tara Flaten Hancock, MN
29F Dave Flynn Dave Flynn Superior, WI
3d Dustin Follett Dustin Follett Cloquet, MN
F5 Chad Fouquette Chad Fouquette St. Cloud, MN
F15 Devin Fouquette Devin Fouquette St. Cloud, MN
9er Troy Fransway Troy Fransway Eau Claire, WI
2f Jeffrey Frey Jeffrey Frey Ogilvie, MN
14 Jayden Friauf Jayden Friauf Litchfield, MN
F2 Rick Friendt Rick Friendt Oakdale, MN
63 Jake Froemke Jake Froemke International Falls, MN
WIN1 Jon Frolik Jon Frolik Ramsey, MN
17 Colton Fryer Colton Fryer Aberdeen, SD
25 Eric Fuchs Eric Fuchs Long Prairie, MN
51 Eldred Fuchs Jr Eldred Fuchs Jr Long Prairie, MN
31 Jim Fuchs Jim Fuchs Melrose, MN
42 Chris Fuller Chris Fuller Hamilton, MT
14 Bob Galovich III Bob Galovich III Superior, WI
18 Taylor Garberich Taylor Garberich Maynard, MN
2XL Jason Garner Jason Garner Iron River, WI
37 John Garrity John Garrity Thunder Bay, ON
31g Russ Gause Russ Gause Hamilton, MT
9 Tom Gebauer Tom Gebauer White Bear Lake, MN
47j Jeremiah Gebhardt Jeremiah Gebhardt Andover, MN
75 Scott Geiger Scott Geiger Dorchester, WI
57g R.C. Geiss R.C. Geiss Huntley, MT
0 Joe Gentile Joe Gentile Hibbing, MN
57 Jason George Jason George Billings, MT
20 Thomas Gill Thomas Gill Rice, MN
58 Kevin Gilmore Kevin Gilmore Piedmont, SD
55 Jason Goedker Jason Goedker Foley, MN
26 Jake Goetze Jake Goetze Brainerd, MN
5 Tim Gonska Tim Gonska Brainerd, MN
17G Chris Gonska Chris Gonska Eureka, SD
17 Matt Goth Matt Goth Huron, SD
57 Randy Graham Randy Graham Trego, WI
2G Nathan Grehl Nathan Grehl Hitchcock, SD
45 Jordan Grimm Jordan Grimm Mahtowa, MN
36g's Garrett Gross Garrett Gross Aberdeen, SD
24 Andy Grymala Andy Grymala Superior, WI
29g Bobby Gullickson Bobby Gullickson Kasson, MN
21 Jim Gullikson Jim Gullikson Nowthen, MN
31x Dan Gullikson Dan Gullikson Roberts, WI
56 Chad Gullixson Chad Gullixson Hammond, WI
28 David Gustafson David Gustafson Pine Island, MN
155 Nick Guthmiller Nick Guthmiller Aberdeen, SD
94 Kevin Hager Kevin Hager Kellogg, MN
26 Rick Hallquist Rick Hallquist Eau Claire, WI
32H Matthew Hammitt Matthew Hammitt Cloquet, MN
19A Annika Hammitt Annika Hammitt Cloquet, MN
32J Jon Hammitt Jon Hammitt Cloquet, MN
9wg Jonn Hanneman Jonn Hanneman Madison, SD
14 Fred Hansen Fred Hansen Great Falls, MT
4 Casey Hanson Casey Hanson Badger, SD
28 Francis Hanson Francis Hanson Almena, WI
5c Cole Hanson Cole Hanson Thorp, WI
X Wayne Harris Wayne Harris Bloomer, WI
8 Jim Harris Jim Harris Colfax, WI
21 Tiffani Hauta-Sanders Tiffani Hauta-Sanders Hibbing, MN
5 Jason Havel Jason Havel Rice Lake, WI
24 Darrel Hazelton Darrel Hazelton Chippewa Falls, WI
27 Justin Hedtke Justin Hedtke Atwater, MN
5* Andrew Hedtke Andrew Hedtke Grove City, MN
4 Jay Hedtke Jay Hedtke Grove City, MN
19 Brayden Hedtke Brayden Hedtke Atwater, MN
13 Patrick Heikkinen Patrick Heikkinen Eveleth, MN
2H Bryan Hellerman Bryan Hellerman Parkers Prairie, MN
10 Kyle Helling Kyle Helling Rice Lake, WI
14 Ricky Helms Ricky Helms Hibbing, MN
11A Jordan Henkemeyer Jordan Henkemeyer Sauk Rapids, MN
18 Mike Hesselink Mike Hesselink Deer Park, WI
8H William Hietalati William Hietalati McGregor, MN
4 Blake Higginbotham Blake Higginbotham Bagley, MN
57H Nathan Higginbotham Nathan Higginbotham Bagley, MN
22jr Ben Hillman Ben Hillman Menomonie, WI
32H Mike Hince Mike Hince Medford, WI
00 Jason Hobbs Jason Hobbs Ham Lake, MN
2HH Oren Hoeper Oren Hoeper Dalton, MN
55H A.J. Hoff A.J. Hoff Mantorville, MN
21 Russell Hoffer Russell Hoffer Winner, SD
81 Damon Hoftiezer Damon Hoftiezer Fort Pierre, SD
28B Stefan Hogue Stefan Hogue Rice Lake, WI
22 Robert Holmstrom Jr Robert Holmstrom Jr Cameron, WI
06 Jay Holub Jay Holub Lisbon, ND
50 Roger Host Roger Host Watkins, MN
7R Nathan House Nathan House Princeton, MN
219 Ryan House Ryan House Neebing, ON
0 Dakota Hubbard Dakota Hubbard Milaca, MN
58 Nick Hunter Nick Hunter Deer Lodge, MT
69 Rodney Hunter Rodney Hunter Deer Lodge, MT
99 Shawn Huse Shawn Huse Mason, TX
55 Gary Husmann Gary Husmann Litchfield, MN
24 Darwin Iedema Darwin Iedema Geddes, SD
45 Brad Ingram Brad Ingram Chetek, WI
93 Clay Irwin Clay Irwin Great Falls, MT
86 Jeremy Ivie Jeremy Ivie Great Falls, MT
22 Ryan Jacobsen Ryan Jacobsen LeRoy, MN
8J Kody Jacobson Kody Jacobson Wood Lake, MN
02 Kyle Jacobson Kyle Jacobson Sauk Rapids, MN
32J Nicholas Jacobson Nicholas Jacobson Bemidji, MN
02 Mike Jacobson Mike Jacobson Sauk Rapids, MN
44 Devon Jadwin Devon Jadwin Three Forks, MT
81 Tanner James Tanner James Mt. Vernon, SD
11B Joey Jensen Joey Jensen Forest Lake, MN
1J Matt Jeratowski Matt Jeratowski Madison, SD
33 Tim Jodsaas Tim Jodsaas Alexandria, MN
18 Willie Johnsen Jr. Willie Johnsen Jr. Superior, WI
1jr Tim Johnson Tim Johnson Brainerd, MN
19 Tracy Johnson Tracy Johnson Lake Preston, SD
89 Brett Johnson Brett Johnson Milaca, MN
44x Ben Johnson Ben Johnson New London, MN
8 Chad Johnson Chad Johnson Colfax, WI
5 Taylor Johnson Taylor Johnson Belgrade, MT
31A C.J. Johnson C.J. Johnson Harrisburg, SD
20 Chris Johnson Chris Johnson Superior, WI
14 Brad Johnson Brad Johnson Wilson, WI
17J Matt Johnson Matt Johnson Aberdeen, SD
L1 Andrew Johnson Andrew Johnson Brainerd, MN
16 Cory Jorgensen Cory Jorgensen Duluth, MN
9j Zach Jung Zach Jung Aberdeen, SD
93 Patrick Jungerberg Patrick Jungerberg Barron, WI
3 Thomas Karaba Thomas Karaba Superior, WI
92 Tom Karis Tom Karis Menomonie, WI
12K Duane (D.J.) Keeler Duane (D.J.) Keeler Superior, WI
3 Keith Keena Keith Keena Bemidji, MN
51 Rick Kelder Rick Kelder Nome, ND
62K Brandon Kellen Brandon Kellen St. Cloud, MN
16B Adam Kelly Adam Kelly Hugo, MN
8 Roger Kenaston Roger Kenaston Miller, SD
99 Phil Kendrick Phil Kendrick Winona, MN
8 Keith Kern Keith Kern Superior, WI
22 Tyler Kintner Tyler Kintner Hibbing, MN
24 Robert Kintner Robert Kintner Mountain Iron, MN
6 Shane Kisling Shane Kisling Butternut, WI
5 Richard Klick Richard Klick Superior, WI
21jr Jeff Klopstein Jeff Klopstein Tomahawk, WI
66 Jacob Knapper Jacob Knapper Montevideo, MN
78K Dexton Koch Dexton Koch Becker, MN
5 Brad Kopecky Brad Kopecky Miller, SD
22 Jack Koranda Jack Koranda Bluffton, MN
76 Keith Koski Keith Koski Hibbing, MN
1 Matt Koski Matt Koski New Richmond, WI
1 Lukas Koski Lukas Koski New Richmond, WI
20 Doug Koski Doug Koski Chisholm, MN
76 Kody Koski Kody Koski New Richmond, WI
17 Ryan Kostreba Ryan Kostreba Elk River, MN
14 Russell Kostreba Russell Kostreba Zimmerman, MN
X4 Jordan Kott Jordan Kott Platte, SD
68 Seth Kramer Seth Kramer Brainerd, MN
23e Terry Kroening Terry Kroening Colby, WI
36 Tyler Kroening Tyler Kroening Bemidji, MN
11H Harley Kroening Harley Kroening Bemidji, MN
7 Gary Kroening Gary Kroening Bemidji, MN
9 Dylan Kromschroeder Dylan Kromschroeder Cambridge, MN
94K Kurt Kromschroeder Kurt Kromschroeder Cambridge, MN
97 Kelan Kropp Kelan Kropp Great Falls, MT
11K Davey Kruchten Davey Kruchten Burtrum, MN
2k Russ Krueger Russ Krueger Sayner, WI
80 Greg Kuklinski Greg Kuklinski Ironwood, MI
12 Cody Kummer Cody Kummer Medford, WI
26 Jordan Kurtti Jordan Kurtti Bruce Crossing, MI
9x Marv Kyle Marv Kyle darby, MT
19 Tristan LaBarge Tristan LaBarge Kelly Lake, MN
8E8 Andy LaBarge Andy LaBarge Hibbing, MN
77 Andy Ladd Andy Ladd Cumberland, WI
85 Patrick LaMere Patrick LaMere Great Falls, MT
185 Braidyn LaMere Braidyn LaMere Great Falls, MT
186 Patrick J LaMere Patrick J LaMere Great Falls, MT
89 Tyler Lamm Tyler Lamm Elk Mound, WI
29 Gordie Lancaster Gordie Lancaster Turtle River, MN
2X Dalton Landwehr Dalton Landwehr St. Cloud, MN
75 Brandon Langer Brandon Langer Alice, ND
37 Dean Larson Dean Larson Pennock, MN
8 Matthew Larson Matthew Larson Lake Elmo, MN
11C Chad Lawler Chad Lawler Aberdeen, SD
77 Scott Lawrence Scott Lawrence Superior, WI
07 Paul Lease Paul Lease Deer Lodge, MT
81 Brian Lee Brian Lee Howard Lake, MN
7d Delwain Lehr Delwain Lehr Bath, SD
3L Andrew Lehr Andrew Lehr Roscoe, SD
9 Chris Lemirande Chris Lemirande Belgrade, MT
22 Jamie Lenarz Jamie Lenarz Sauk Rapids, MN
11 Dana Lerum Dana Lerum Pony, MT
14x Leslie Leu Leslie Leu Medford, WI
14L Dylan Leu Dylan Leu Medford, WI
14Jr Lonnie Leu Jr Lonnie Leu Jr Medford, WI
T26 Nic Lewis Nic Lewis Bemidji, MN
24 Jeff Lien Jeff Lien Mora, MN
24 Jase Lien Jase Lien Mora, MN
3 Brandon Linquist Brandon Linquist Waite Park, MN
2 Don Livingston Don Livingston Washburn, WI
7x Blake Lobacz Blake Lobacz Pittsville, WI
12 Scott Lonneman Scott Lonneman Benson, MN
18L Dan Lonsky Dan Lonsky Rush City, MN
17 Mike Loomis Mike Loomis Columbus, MN
24R Robert Lore Robert Lore Embarrass , MN
7 Vance Lorenz Vance Lorenz Billings, MT
9 Jace Lorenz Jace Lorenz Billings, MT
31 Ryan Lubbers Ryan Lubbers Long Prairie, MN
15L Tal Lucken Tal Lucken Bemidji, MN
54 Larry Lund Larry Lund Brandon, MN
27 William Lund William Lund Brandon, MN
72 Bruce Lutz Bruce Lutz Minnesota City, MN
44 Chris Lynch Chris Lynch Alexandria, MN
24m Michael MacAdams Michael MacAdams Deer River, MN
7 Andrew Mackey Andrew Mackey Duluth, MN
330 Michael Maclean Michael Maclean Gorham, ON
34 Taylor Madrinich Taylor Madrinich Duluth, MN
55SR Ron Mahder Ron Mahder Elk Mound, WI
9 Ronnie Malecki Ronnie Malecki Duluth, WI
8 Shawn Malsam Shawn Malsam Aberdeen, SD
17gm Alan Malsam Alan Malsam Mobridge, SD
97 Logan Manzanares Logan Manzanares Bozeman, MT
18 Jason Martin Jason Martin Billings, MT
24m Cody Martin Cody Martin Mitchell, SD
26m Steve Martin Steve Martin Farmington, MN
26M Thomas Martin Thomas Martin Farmington, MN
9 Doug Martin Doug Martin Belgrade, MT
24 Eric Martini Eric Martini Avon, MN
81a Aaron Mashlan Aaron Mashlan Ashland, WI
2 Dave Mass Dave Mass East Bethel, MN
3 Walter Mass Walter Mass Wheaton, MN
26M Garrett Masurka Garrett Masurka Bemidji, MN
21 Dean Mattila Dean Mattila Iron, MN
43 Kyle Matuska Kyle Matuska Stacy, MN
66m Bradley Maynard Bradley Maynard Thunder Bay, ON
51JR Shawn McFadden Shawn McFadden Ashland, WI
5M Jeff Mcfarland Jeff Mcfarland International Falls, MN
88 Tim McKenzie Tim McKenzie Sauk Rapids, MN
27 Scott McKinnon Scott McKinnon Thunder Bay, ON
27 Ross McKinnon Ross McKinnon Kaministiquia, ON
150 Austin McWilliam Austin McWilliam Thunder Bay, ON
08 Darin Meierotto Darin Meierotto Superior, WI
32M Jeremy Meirhofer Jeremy Meirhofer Belgrade, MT
26 Matt Melhouse Matt Melhouse Cannon Falls, MN
32 Dominique Menzia Dominique Menzia Aberdeen, SD
1 Doug Merrill Doug Merrill Luck, WI
24 Chuck Metzger Chuck Metzger Sarona, WI
11x Brian Mikkonen Brian Mikkonen Iron River, WI
29M Michael Miller Michael Miller Barron, WI
77 Carson Miller Carson Miller Carlos, MN
02 Clare Miller Clare Miller Enderlin, ND
21 David Miller David Miller Chatfield, MN
13m Matt Miller Matt Miller Glenwood, MN
76 John Miller John Miller Enderlin, ND
RedR Dylan Miller Dylan Miller Hibbing, MN
10 Joseph Miller Joseph Miller New Richmond, WI
10 Joe Miller Joe Miller New Richmond, WI
27x Andy Miskowic Andy Miskowic Princeton, MN
27M Bodhy Monserud Bodhy Monserud Ramsey, MN
17 Harland Morehart Harland Morehart Rochester, MN
44 Bowdry Morris Bowdry Morris Miller, SD
777 A.J. Morrissette A.J. Morrissette Menomonie, WI
63 Brandon Moser Brandon Moser Aberdeen, SD
1x Don Muzzy Don Muzzy Ironwood, MI
1m Curt Myers Curt Myers Cameron, WI
27M Brett Myers Brett Myers Eau Claire, WI
1 Kip Myers Kip Myers Ethan, SD
27 Tyler Myers Tyler Myers Harrisburg, SD
5F Fritz Myers Fritz Myers Hackensack, MN
69 Marc Nault Marc Nault Fleming Island, FL
7N Brad Nelson Brad Nelson Brainerd, MN
06j Jeremy Nelson Jeremy Nelson Zimmerman, MN
46 Dustin Nelson Dustin Nelson Ogilvie, MN
3 Dru Nelson Dru Nelson Brainerd, MN
71 Trevor Nelson Trevor Nelson Warner, SD
71SR Gregg Nelson Gregg Nelson Warner, SD
25 Dylan Nelson Dylan Nelson Merrifield, MN
66S Warren Nelson Warren Nelson Corvallis, MT
7N Richard Nelson Richard Nelson Brainerd, MN
111 Jay Nelson Jay Nelson Joplin, MT
08 Dean Nething Dean Nething Wood Lake, MN
19 Evan Neumann Evan Neumann Cambridge, MN
6 Jamie Neumiller Jamie Neumiller Rapid City, SD
6 Steve Neumiller Steve Neumiller Rapid City, SD
11x Curtis Newberg Curtis Newberg Willmar, MN
67 Mike Nichols Mike Nichols Watertown, SD
33 Austin Niemeyer Austin Niemeyer Brainerd, MN
40N Mike Nims Mike Nims Lisbon, ND
22 Dan Nissalke Dan Nissalke Winona, MN
20 Jeremy North Jeremy North Huron, SD
11 Justin Oakes Justin Oakes Houston, TX
296 Devin Odegard Devin Odegard Zimmerman, MN
77j Jason Oftedahl Jason Oftedahl Inver Grove Heights, MN
1E Eric Olson Eric Olson Ladysmith, WI
33s Steven Olson Steven Olson Soudan, MN
S43 Shaun Olson Shaun Olson Albert Lea, MN
210 Aaron Olson Aaron Olson Kelly Lake, MN
2 Matthew Olson Matthew Olson Albert Lea, MN
13 Kyle Oman Kyle Oman Chisholm, MN
21f Nick Oreskovich Nick Oreskovich Mason, WI
37 Jay Oricchio Jay Oricchio Ellsworth, WI
97 Cody Overton Cody Overton Evans, GA
95 Trista Pankratz Trista Pankratz Brainerd, MN
41 Tommy Patton Tommy Patton Clearwater, MN
163 Bryan Paulson Bryan Paulson Havre, MT
77 Larry Paulson Larry Paulson Milaca, MN
7 Josh Paulson Josh Paulson Big Lake, MN
82 Frank Pearson Frank Pearson Great Falls, MT
33 Joel Peterson Joel Peterson Owen, WI
7 Rick Peterson Rick Peterson Eau Claire, WI
6 Dan Peterson Dan Peterson Foxboro, WI
0G Cody Pfeiffer Cody Pfeiffer Helena, MT
52 Joe Pirkola Joe Pirkola Vadnais Heights, MN
06 Scott Pittman Scott Pittman Turtle Lake, WI
316 Shawn Polonoski Shawn Polonoski Thunder Bay, ON
32 Pacer Popham Pacer Popham Great Falls, MT
13 Curt Popham Curt Popham Great Falls, MT
32 PJ Popham PJ Popham Great Falls, MT
24 Jonathan Popp Jonathan Popp Iron River, WI
90 Adam Pratt Adam Pratt Bloomer, WI
41 Joey Price Joey Price Great Falls, MT
51 Billy Prouty Billy Prouty Alexandria, SD
28 Jeff Provinzino Jeff Provinzino Hibbing, MN
21X Dustin Puffe Dustin Puffe Laporte, MN
00 Jason Quarders Jason Quarders Prairie Farm, WI
11 Tucker Quinn Tucker Quinn Ladysmith, WI
17 Rick Randall Rick Randall Wakefield, MI
7s Shane Rasmussen Shane Rasmussen Shepherd, MT
52 Joey Ray Joey Ray Great Falls, MT
59 Jamie Reberg Jamie Reberg Gilbert, MN
59W Wyatt Reberg Wyatt Reberg Gilbert, MN
207 Jesse Redetzke Jesse Redetzke Eau Claire, WI
3M Ross Reed Ross Reed Cushing, MN
65 Ron Reed Ron Reed Solway, MN
1 Karter Reents Karter Reents Glenwood, MN
57 John Remington John Remington Scandia, MN
S43 William Retzloff William Retzloff Chetek, WI
3R Danny Richards Danny Richards Mondovi, WI
7R Tommy Richards Tommy Richards Mondovi, WI
72 Noah Richter Noah Richter St. Croix Falls, WI
14 Kori Richter Kori Richter Rice Lake, WI
69 Jeremy Rieker Jeremy Rieker Billings, MT
69X Justin Rieker Justin Rieker Billings, MT
51 Eric Riley Eric Riley Morris, MN
56 Michael Rindfleisch Michael Rindfleisch Pennock, MN
18r Corey Roberts Corey Roberts Aberdeen, SD
79M Josh Roggatz Josh Roggatz Montevideo, MN
29X Chris Roller Chris Roller Laporte, MN
28* Bailey Rosch Bailey Rosch Alexandria, MN
20R Gary Rotenberger Gary Rotenberger Aberdeen, SD
63RX Gene Roth Gene Roth Grand Rapids, MN
66 Michael Roth Michael Roth Deerwood, MN
50R Ben Rothstein Ben Rothstein Foreston, MN
27 Matthew Roux Matthew Roux Rice Lake, WI
7A Shane Sabraski Shane Sabraski Rice, MN
14 Al Sadek Jr Al Sadek Jr Bemidji, MN
11 Kevin Salin Kevin Salin Iron, MN
29 Pat Salway Pat Salway Billings, MT
42 Schatney Sanders Schatney Sanders Blooming Prairie, MN
42 Edward Sanders Edward Sanders Lake City, MN
77 Josh Saunders Josh Saunders Spooner, WI
21 Trevor Saurer Trevor Saurer Dalton, MN
225 Chris Schacher Chris Schacher Rapid City, SD
27 Tony Schaefer Tony Schaefer Brainerd, MN
55s Ryan Schaufler Ryan Schaufler Hutchinson, MN
53 Jason Schill Jason Schill Centuria, WI
43 Lance Schilling Lance Schilling Laporte, MN
7 Nick Schipke Nick Schipke Aberdeen, SD
33 Stewart Schipke Stewart Schipke Aberdeen, SD
18 Kevin Schmidt Kevin Schmidt Becker, MN
10XB Brad Schmidt Brad Schmidt Elk River, MN
15 Taylor Schmidt Taylor Schmidt Bath, SD
10S Josh Schmidt Josh Schmidt Becker, MN
12 Al Schmidt Al Schmidt Watertown, SD
12s Trajan Schmidt Trajan Schmidt Watertown, SD
47 Donna Schmidt Donna Schmidt Annndale, MN
22S Josh Schmit Josh Schmit Princeton, MN
2 Robin Schmitt Robin Schmitt Redfield, SD
49 Robert Schmitt Robert Schmitt Redfield, SD
40 Shawn Schnabel Shawn Schnabel Aberdeen, SD
40 Brad Schnabel Brad Schnabel Aberdeen, SD
11 Denny Schouveller Denny Schouveller Hugo, MN
24 Shawn Schroeder Shawn Schroeder Butte, MT
511 Zach Schultz Zach Schultz Grove City, MN
7S Eric Schultz Eric Schultz Downing, WI
06 Luke Schultz Luke Schultz Cameron, WI
6s Bob Schumacher Bob Schumacher Zeeland, ND
19 Kevin Scott Kevin Scott Belgrade, MT
71x Travis Scott Travis Scott Glenwood, MN
71x Brendon Scott Brendon Scott Osakis, MN
10 Cole Searing Cole Searing Huron, SD
69 Chris Seidel Chris Seidel Brainerd, MN
30 Dan Severson Dan Severson Crosby, MN
7S Dave Shackelton Dave Shackelton Menomonie, WI
42s Don Shaw Don Shaw Ham Lake, MN
11E Dylan Shelton Dylan Shelton Wrenshall, MN
14 Adam Shinn Adam Shinn Duluth, MN
4c Travis Shumate Travis Shumate Great Falls, MT
21 Mike Siewert Mike Siewert Rice Lake, WI
01x Marcus Simonson Marcus Simonson Luck, WI
70jr David Simpson David Simpson Thunder Bay, ON
22 Mike Sirois Mike Sirois Duluth, MN
3d Sam Skalsky Sam Skalsky Hibbing, MN
19 Curt Small Curt Small Piedmont, SD
61 Tom Smart Tom Smart Kakabeka Falls, ON
12 Megan Smith Megan Smith Annandale, MN
86 Don Smith Don Smith Cohasset, MN
32* Bodie Smith Bodie Smith Bozeman, MT
86 Jesse Smolik Jesse Smolik Staples, MN
29s Joel Snyder Joel Snyder Cambridge, MN
99 Mike Sobolik Mike Sobolik Aberdeen, SD
9 Adam Soltis Adam Soltis Ladysmith, WI
48 Dave Solum Dave Solum Dakota, MN
20 Matt Sorenson Matt Sorenson Duluth, MN
22T Terran Spacek Terran Spacek Phillips, WI
22 Randy Spacek Randy Spacek Phillips, WI
81X Matt Sparby Matt Sparby Bemidji, MN
66 Bill Speak Bill Speak Thunder Bay, ON
08 Norm Staal Norm Staal Kakabeka Falls, ON
81 Mike Stadel Mike Stadel Rapid City, SD
24s Mike Stearns Mike Stearns Aberdeen, SD
2 Bart Steffen Bart Steffen Eau Claire, WI
67 Casey Steffenson Casey Steffenson Great Falls, MT
14 Chevy Steffenson Chevy Steffenson Great Falls, MT
27 Mark Stender Mark Stender Holcombe, WI
33x Jon Stepan Jon Stepan Brandon, MN
28s Spencer Stock Spencer Stock Racine, MN
69 John Stokes John Stokes Great Falls, MT
4x Steve Stuart Steve Stuart Ashland, WI
3 Ryan Studanski Ryan Studanski Rice, MN
55s Derrike Suckow Derrike Suckow Glenwood City, WI
2s Jacob Swalboski Jacob Swalboski Princeton, MN
09 Jaimie Swanson Jaimie Swanson Florence, SD
71 Justin Tammen Justin Tammen Clara City, MN
71X Cory Tammen Cory Tammen Wolverton, MN
22j Dakota Tanner Dakota Tanner New London, MN
67 Jeff Tardy Jeff Tardy Hibbing, MN
18 Steve Tesch Steve Tesch Phillips, WI
15t Erick Thiesse Erick Thiesse Brainerd, MN
52 Jason Thoennes Jason Thoennes Garfield, MN
T40 Danny Thomas Danny Thomas Knapp, WI
T17 Steve Thomas Steve Thomas Menomonie, WI
03 Dave Thomas Dave Thomas Aberdeen, SD
70 Bob Thompson Bob Thompson Cameron, WI
5 Reid Tiegs Reid Tiegs Dallas, WI
22AT Austin Tilton Austin Tilton Turtle Lake, WI
47 Brandon Tingle Brandon Tingle Vernon, SD
74 Daniel Tingle Daniel Tingle Mt. Vernon, SD
2c Jordan Tocci Jordan Tocci Three Forks, MT
32 Jon Tollakson Jon Tollakson Montevideo, MN
21T Dale Tomes Dale Tomes Dell Rapids, SD
19X James Trantina III James Trantina III St. Joseph, MN
40 Nick Traynor Nick Traynor Barron, WI
3T Jon Tribble Jon Tribble Three Forks, MT
70 Charles Tvedt Charles Tvedt Danvers, MN
98 Jeremy Tyson Jeremy Tyson Alexandria, MN
3 Casey Underdahl Casey Underdahl Woodbury, MN
64 Jim Urseth Jim Urseth Lake Shore, MN
41 Mikey Vajdl Mikey Vajdl Chisholm, MN
41x Brian Vajdl Brian Vajdl Chisholm, MN
00 Jacob Vandervorst Jacob Vandervorst Claremont, SD
404 Bobby Vanek Bobby Vanek Cascade, MT
84 Hunter VanGilder Hunter VanGilder Rice Lake, WI
Y5 Doug VanLiere Doug VanLiere Madison, SD
8T Doug VanMill Doug VanMill Bagley, MN
17 Casey Vargason Casey Vargason Edinburg, ND
41jr Colten Vernon Colten Vernon Ashland, WI
16 Derek Vesel Derek Vesel Hibbing, MN
43 Bruce Von Holdt Bruce Von Holdt Bemidji, MN
08 Levi Voss Levi Voss Ogilvie, MN
PBC Trevor Voss Trevor Voss Laporte, MN
05 Doug Voss Doug Voss Laporte, MN
05V Gavin Voss Gavin Voss Laporte, MN
48* Scott Wade Scott Wade Aberdeen, SD
X Shawn Wageman Shawn Wageman Breezy Point, MN
93 C.J. Wagner C.J. Wagner Chetek, WI
88 Simon Wahlstrom Simon Wahlstrom Mikana, WI
9c Chris Walker Chris Walker Spearfish, SD
3 Scott Wanner Scott Wanner Hamilton, MT
24w Chris Wark Chris Wark Zimmerman, MN
26 Mike Weber Mike Weber Osceola, WI
17 Jeremy Weber Jeremy Weber Cheyenne, WY
11 Justin Weinberger Justin Weinberger Butternut, WI
17 Emory Wells Emory Wells Belgrade, MT
7 Carmi Wells Jr Carmi Wells Jr Bozeman, MT
1 Carmi Wells Sr Carmi Wells Sr Whitehall, MT
05 Chris West Chris West Burnsville, MN
4W Ed Wheeler Ed Wheeler Princeton, MN
10W Blake Whitlock Blake Whitlock Watertown, SD
92 Aaron Wilson Aaron Wilson Eau Claire, WI
56 Boe Winburn Boe Winburn Houghton, SD
31 Chris Winter Chris Winter Hoffman, MN
17w Ryan Wiome Ryan Wiome Center City, MN
29 Mike Wlodkowski Mike Wlodkowski Belgrade, MT
71 Zach Wohlers Zach Wohlers Cohasset, MN
50 Ben Wolden Ben Wolden Fergus Falls, MN
88A Alex Wolff Alex Wolff New London, MN
980 Kaden Woodie Kaden Woodie Milaca, MN
Xjr Austin Workman Austin Workman Chetek, WI
9X Nick Wranek Nick Wranek Harrisburg, SD
10 Raven Yaskulski Raven Yaskulski Great Falls, MT
31X Rocky Yeats Rocky Yeats Evansville, MN
44 Jon Yilek Jon Yilek Akeley, MN
04 Caleb Yost Caleb Yost Miller, SD
410 Jesse Young Jesse Young stone lake, WI
410 Codii Young Codii Young Hayward, WI
54 Dan Yrjanson Dan Yrjanson Carlton, MN
1S Seth Zais Seth Zais Eau Claire, WI
8 Andrew Zastrow Andrew Zastrow Gann Valley, SD
7 Derek Zastrow Derek Zastrow GannValley, SD
7s Sam Zender Sam Zender Fergus Falls, MN
24 Dustin Zieske Dustin Zieske Lynd, MN
69 Jared Zimpel Jared Zimpel Braham, MN
5 Josh Zimpel Josh Zimpel Braham, MN
22x Vincent Zirbes Vincent Zirbes Bowlus, MN
3Z Eric Zitelman Eric Zitelman Taylors Falls, WI
299 A.J. Zvorak A.J. Zvorak Blooming Prairie, MN
6s zzzzRobert zzzSchumacher zzzzRobert zzzSchumacher Zeeland, ND

All Classes

2022 Wissota National Standings

Cole Schill

Hawley, MN



WISSOTA Late Model


Jack Rivord

Superior, WI



WISSOTA Modifieds


Dexton Koch

Becker, MN



WISSOTA Super Stock


Jake Smith

St. Joseph, MN



WISSOTA Midwest Mods


Braden Brauer

Eyota, MN



WISSOTA Street Stock


Dustin Holtquist

St. Cloud, MN





Cory Jorgensen

Duluth, MN



WISSOTA Pure Stock


Carter Matthews

Clearbrook, MN