Garage Tech Extreme Partners with the WISSOTA Rook...
WISSOTA Statement Regarding Hoosier Racing Tire in...
Speedway Motors Partners with WISSOTA in 2022
Garage Tech Extreme Partners with the WISSOTA Rook...

Garage Tech Extreme Partners with the WISSOTA Rook...

5/9/2022 -
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (St. Cloud, MN 5/9/2022) Rod Lindquist, Executive Director of WISSOTA Auto Racing announces a new partnership with St. Cloud, Mi
WISSOTA Statement Regarding Hoosier Racing Tire in...

WISSOTA Statement Regarding Hoosier Racing Tire in...

4/14/2022 -
(April 14, 2022 - St. Cloud, Minnesota - Rod Lindquist, Executive Director, WISSOTA Promoters Association, Inc.) On Wednesday, April 6, 2022, I met wi
Speedway Motors Partners with WISSOTA in 2022

Speedway Motors Partners with WISSOTA in 2022

3/22/2022 -
(3/22/22 - St. Cloud, MN) We are excited to share with our promoters, drivers, and fans that we have extended our partnership with Speedway Motors. Sp

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Garage Tech Extreme Partners with the WISSOTA Rookie of the Year

Garage Tech Extreme Partners with the WISSOTA Rookie of the Year...

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (St. Cloud, MN 5/9/2022) Rod Lindquist, Executive Director of WISSOTA Auto Racing announces a new partnership with St. Cloud, Minnesota-based Garage Tech Extreme (GTX) Floor Coatings. GTX owner, Trevor Stewart, stated: “GTX is excited to be a part of...more
WISSOTA Statement Regarding Hoosier Racing Tire in 2022

WISSOTA Statement Regarding Hoosier Racing Tire in 2022

(April 14, 2022 - St. Cloud, Minnesota - Rod Lindquist, Executive Director, WISSOTA Promoters Association, Inc.) On Wednesday, April 6, 2022, I met with Scott Willis and Blake Follmer from Hoosier Tire North and, via conference call, Shanon Rush from Hoosier Corporate. ...more
Speedway Motors Partners with WISSOTA in 2022

Speedway Motors Partners with WISSOTA in 2022

(3/22/22 - St. Cloud, MN) We are excited to share with our promoters, drivers, and fans that we have extended our partnership with Speedway Motors. Speedway Motors has been an excellent partner with WISSOTA Auto Racing for 12 years and we appreciate their continued support...more

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Structural Buildings Challenge Series
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# Competitor Hometown
17A Jacob Aarhus Jacob Aarhus Canby, MN
27a Jacob Aasgaard Jacob Aasgaard Raymond, MN
45 Michael Acciari Michael Acciari Milaca, MN
85 Emily Acciari Emily Acciari Milaca, MN
0 Brian Adams Brian Adams Montgomery, MN
104 Jonathan Aderman Jonathan Aderman St Cloud, MN
37 John Aderman John Aderman Pease, MN
37A Alex Aderman Alex Aderman Pease, MN
27 Sheldon Albertson Sheldon Albertson Ogilvie, MN
16 Brady Albertson Brady Albertson Sauk Rapids, MN
87 Malachi Albrecht Malachi Albrecht FOSSTON, MN
89 Brett Alexander Brett Alexander Brookings, SD
10A Riley Ament Riley Ament Mahtowa, MN
00 Derek Ament Derek Ament Barnum, MN
007 Wally Ament Wally Ament Carlton, MN
15 Megan Ammerman Megan Ammerman Mora, MN
23JR Marcus Ammerman Jr. Marcus Ammerman Jr. Mora, MN
11a Jamie Ammerman Jamie Ammerman Mora, MN
24 Marcus Ammerman Marcus Ammerman Mora, MN
11 Ryan Anderley Ryan Anderley Buffalo, MN
22X Jeremiah Anderson Jeremiah Anderson La Crosse, WI
92 Justin Anderson Justin Anderson Holmen, WI
20 Ryan Anderson Ryan Anderson Hibbing, MN
88 Macey Anderson Macey Anderson Viking, MN
17 Cole Anderson Cole Anderson Glenwood, MN
99.3 Courtney Anderson-Kuhnau Courtney Anderson-Kuhnau Litchfield, MN
08sr Richard Andrews Sr Richard Andrews Sr Duluth, MN
08 Rick Andrews Jr Rick Andrews Jr Superior, WI
28 Patrick Andrus Patrick Andrus Austin, MN
94 Bobie Arnes Bobie Arnes Foreston, MN
92X Jeff Asche Jeff Asche Willmar, MN
92 Payton Asche Payton Asche Granite Falls, MN
19A Nick Axelsen Nick Axelsen Star Prairie, WI
5 Tristen Baer Tristen Baer Minnesota Lake, MN
26 Sean Bandy Sean Bandy Minneapolis, MN
6 Timothy Barnett Timothy Barnett Owatonna, MN
47j Justin Barsness Justin Barsness Grand Rapids, MN
40 Jake Barsness Jake Barsness Grand Rapids, MN
22 Andy Baseman Andy Baseman Minneapolis, MN
69ER Shane Basina Shane Basina Bayfield, WI
22B Ethan Beckler Ethan Beckler Granite Falls, MN
25 Brayden Begalka Brayden Begalka Arlington, SD
41 Ashley Bell Ashley Bell Lakeville, MN
30A Anita Bellew Anita Bellew Killarney, MB
29 Braiden Benjamin Braiden Benjamin Zimmerman, MN
11 Josh Benson Josh Benson Hinckley, MN
7B Zach Besmehn Zach Besmehn Baxter, MN
99B Bradley Beyer Bradley Beyer Superior, WI
17 Brayden Bingham Brayden Bingham Brookings, SD
25 Billy Binkley Billy Binkley PUPOSKY, MN
15 Caylyn Binkley Caylyn Binkley PUPOSKY, MN
1 Jon Birdsell Jon Birdsell Avon, MN
3D Daniel Bjonfald Daniel Bjonfald Bloomington, MN
0x Dylan Black Dylan Black Solway, MN
96 Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn Forest Lake, MN
3x Brandon Blanchard Brandon Blanchard Chester, IA
34CJ Caylie Blowers Caylie Blowers Waseca, MN
34 Bobby Blowers Bobby Blowers Waseca, MN
116 Andrew Booke Andrew Booke Wahpeton, ND
10b Curtis Borstad Curtis Borstad Brookings, SD
11B Rachel Boston Rachel Boston Lindstrom, MN
44 Austin Bowens Austin Bowens Superior, WI
912 Hunter Bowley Hunter Bowley Cass Lake, MN
7BR Lucas Boyce Lucas Boyce Hinckley, MN
11B Stephen Boyd Stephen Boyd Park Rapids, MN
18 Nathan Braaten Nathan Braaten Austin, MN
75eh Logan Braford Logan Braford Grand Rapids, MN
1B Michael Brennan Michael Brennan Ashland, WI
97 Jadyn Brusven Jadyn Brusven Baxter, MN
14 Cody Buchanan Cody Buchanan Bemidji, MN
46ssg Dannie Burkholder Dannie Burkholder Princeton, MN
00X Joshua Buse Joshua Buse Evansville, MN
11x Jason Bush Jason Bush Bemidji, MN
72 Cully Butterfield Cully Butterfield Trego, WI
22 Maurice Campbell Maurice Campbell Duluth, MN
4 Joslin Carothers Joslin Carothers Durand, WI
11c Katrina Casper Katrina Casper Hermantown, MN
11c Jack Casper Jack Casper Hermantown, MN
11c Steven Casper Steven Casper Hermantown, MN
18T Tanner Chadderdon Tanner Chadderdon Faribault, MN
13S Steve Christians Steve Christians Montevideo, MN
13 Lucas Christians Lucas Christians Montevideo, MN
97 Zackary Cleasby Zackary Cleasby Buffalo, MN
91 Erik Cleasby Erik Cleasby Howard Lake, MN
9 Wyatt Columbus Wyatt Columbus Bemidji, MN
15c Preston Coombs Preston Coombs Boyceville, WI
54 Scott Cooper Scott Cooper Arkansaw, WI
9 Roy Cooper Roy Cooper Arkansaw, WI
19 Jerry Coopman Jerry Coopman Mankato, MN
9 Nate Coopman Nate Coopman Mankato, MN
75 Cody Cramer Cody Cramer Dayton, MN
02K Karson Crooks Karson Crooks New Hampton, IA
00X Marie Current Marie Current Wilton, MN
28 John Current John Current Bemidji, MN
41 Brad Currier Brad Currier Alborn, MN
5c Cody Curry Cody Curry Boyd, MN
99B Jason Curtis Jason Curtis Superior, WI
96 Jeremy Dahlen Jeremy Dahlen Milaca, MN
444 Kaleb Dallman Kaleb Dallman Brookston, MN
13 Glenn Dappen Glenn Dappen Montgomery, MN
48D Cody Davis Cody Davis Hines, MN
03 Caleb Decker Caleb Decker Barnum, MN
17 Neil Dees Neil Dees Hurley, WI
8 Curt Derichs Curt Derichs Otsego, MN
14 Jordan Deutsch Jordan Deutsch Eveleth, MN
81m Dominick Dieken Dominick Dieken Clara City, MN
20T Dirk Digger Dirk Digger Owatonna, MN
22 Matthew Dittman Matthew Dittman Lake Lillian, MN
82 Blake Dorweiler Blake Dorweiler Lecenter, MN
18 Alex Dostal Alex Dostal Glencoe, MN
21 Brandon Downs Brandon Downs Brownsdale, MN
7m Mateja Dreyer Mateja Dreyer Bemidji, MN
2D Jonathan Dulas Jonathan Dulas Eagle Bend, MN
20d Derek Dunbar Derek Dunbar Iron River, WI
29x Jacob Earl Jacob Earl Milaca, MN
5 Peyton Edelman Peyton Edelman Solway, MN
11E Michael Egan Michael Egan Hibbing, MN
6 Ruby Eggebraaten Ruby Eggebraaten Bemidji, MN
51e Peyton Emerson Peyton Emerson Grand Rapids, MN
12 Brent Engler Brent Engler Barrett, MN
32j Justin Erp Justin Erp Montevideo, MN
16 Roberto Esqueda Roberto Esqueda Madelia, MN
85 Sherwin Fahrenholz Sherwin Fahrenholz St. Cloud, MN
59F Lilian Farrington Lilian Farrington Akeley, MN
89F Bonnie Farrington Bonnie Farrington Akeley, MN
97 Alexus Feltman Alexus Feltman Montevideo, MN
15 Jesse Feltus Jesse Feltus Deer River, MN
23MF Michael Finckbone Michael Finckbone Grand Rapids, MN
40C Chaston Finckbone Chaston Finckbone Grand Rapids, MN
00 Ben Fischer Ben Fischer Clara City, MN
44 John Fisher John Fisher Cloquet, MN
16f Hunter Fisk Hunter Fisk Ashland, WI
13 Casey Fitzpatrick Casey Fitzpatrick Two Harbors, MN
55 Joseph Fitzsimmons Joseph Fitzsimmons East Bethel, MN
47 Devin Dustin Flannigan Devin Dustin Flannigan Brainerd, MN
64JR Scott Formo Scott Formo Glenwood, MN
83 Brady Fosso Brady Fosso Hibbing, MN
20 Joe Frahm Joe Frahm Stewartville, MN
4 Talon Freerksen Talon Freerksen Kasson, MN
3j Tanner Freese Tanner Freese Maynard, MN
3c Jamey Freese Jamey Freese Maynard, MN
59 Zachary Furbur Zachary Furbur Royalton, MN
34 Mark Gangl Mark Gangl Bovey, MN
R34 Ryder Gangl Ryder Gangl Bovey, MN
18 Taylor Garberich Taylor Garberich Maynard, MN
63 Ellie Geer Ellie Geer Paynesville, MN
5 Luke Geisler Luke Geisler Richfield, MN
21 Paul George Paul George Princeton, MN
87 Austin Gibson Austin Gibson Springbrook, WI
12 Cale Giesler Cale Giesler Dodge Center, MN
21 Corbin Giesler Corbin Giesler Dodge Center, MN
72 Roger Gingery Roger Gingery Milaca, MN
13A Austin Goedker Austin Goedker Sauk Rapids, MN
1x Chase Golliet Chase Golliet Fargo, ND
25 Michael Good Michael Good Litchfield, MN
89 Timothy Gores Timothy Gores Garden City, MN
9g Carson Gotelaere Carson Gotelaere Superior, WI
3E Devin Goulet Devin Goulet Fargo, ND
78 Hunter Goulet Hunter Goulet Fargo, ND
22 Shawn Grabinger Shawn Grabinger Lakeville, MN
18 Carson Gramm Carson Gramm Ipswich, SD
46G Brockton Grams Brockton Grams Braham, MN
36 Adam Gransee Adam Gransee Waseca, MN
G19 Cole Greseth Cole Greseth Harwood, ND
3 Tori Groebner Tori Groebner Gibbon, MN
43 Derek Groskreutz Derek Groskreutz Madison Lake, MN
57x Brendan Grover Brendan Grover Carrington, ND
14G Brant Gruba Brant Gruba Britt, MN
27 Abby Grussing Abby Grussing Chokio, MN
7x Oscar Gustafson Oscar Gustafson Hibbing, MN
10 Dalton Haag Dalton Haag Dawson, MN
5 Abby Hacker Abby Hacker Montevideo, MN
26 Jenna Hagemann Jenna Hagemann Fort Ripley, MN
5 Trystan Hagen Trystan Hagen Winona, MN
33 Jacob Hagen Jacob Hagen Elbow Lake, MN
32 Brady Hagen Brady Hagen Montevideo, MN
16 Nolan Hamm Nolan Hamm Winkler, MB
19A Brian Hammitt Brian Hammitt Cloquet, MN
13h Andrew Hansen Andrew Hansen Bemidji, MN
73 Ken Hapy Ken Hapy Duluth, MN
77h Daniel Harstad Daniel Harstad Fergus Falls, MN
15H Connor Hass Connor Hass Cambridge, MN
21 Tiffani Hauta-Sanders Tiffani Hauta-Sanders Hibbing, MN
639 Blake Hawker Blake Hawker Rice, MN
14 Ricky Helms Ricky Helms Hibbing, MN
10 Aidan Helwig Aidan Helwig Bemidji, MN
15H Dyllan Herr Dyllan Herr Bovey, MN
75eh Austin Herr Austin Herr Bovey, MN
27 Lawrence Herron Lawrence Herron Milaca, MN
6 Rick Hietala Rick Hietala Cloquet, MN
H2O Nic Hiles Nic Hiles Miltona, MN
25 Jimmy Hines Jimmy Hines Becker, MN
24 Kale Hofer Kale Hofer Mitchell, SD
7r RJ Holly RJ Holly Marengo, WI
15H Justin Houck Justin Houck Cloquet, MN
23 Rebecca House Rebecca House Wrenshall, MN
31B Brad House Brad House Cloquet, MN
14A A.J. House A.J. House Cloquet, MN
28 Kyle House Kyle House Wrenshall, MN
32 John Howard Jr. John Howard Jr. Mora, MN
03 Bryce Huff Bryce Huff Big Lake, MN
12h David Hulbert David Hulbert Menomonie, WI
84 Brandon Hummelmeier Brandon Hummelmeier Ashland, WI
13 Curtis Huseth Curtis Huseth Underwood, MN
42 Travis Hyatt Travis Hyatt Waseca, MN
3 Thomas Inderieden Thomas Inderieden Sauk Rapids, MN
37i Austen Indrehus Austen Indrehus Savage, MN
69 Scotty Ireland Scotty Ireland Dawson, MN
44 Dustin Isaacs Dustin Isaacs Dassel, MN
B4U Travis Iverson Travis Iverson Ogilvie, MN
02 Austin Ivy Austin Ivy Willmar, MN
89j Randy Jacoboski Randy Jacoboski Mora, MN
16 Blake Jacobson Blake Jacobson Burnsville, MN
0 DeJay Jarecki DeJay Jarecki Ashland, WI
23t Anthony Jenson Anthony Jenson Milaca, MN
10 Grace Johnson Grace Johnson Superior, WI
74 Reid Johnson Reid Johnson Proctor, MN
13X Jonathan Johnson Jonathan Johnson Galesburg, ND
00 Dalton Johnson Dalton Johnson Brandon, MN
8 Tyler Johnson Tyler Johnson Atwater, MN
23C Trey Johnson Trey Johnson Duluth, MN
10j Joshua Johnson Jr Joshua Johnson Jr Superior, WI
13 Mac Johnston Mac Johnston Rush City, MN
14j Haley Jones Haley Jones Bemidji, MN
21x Jeremy Jutz Jeremy Jutz Pierz, MN
26 Tyler Kachinske Tyler Kachinske Duluth, MN
15k Joe Kacon Joe Kacon St. Paul, MN
4X Kole Kampsen Kole Kampsen Brooten, MN
15b Layla Kangas Layla Kangas McGregor, MN
7L Anthony Kangas Anthony Kangas McGregor, MN
U2 Benjamin Kapella Benjamin Kapella Hibbing, MN
7 Joe Karl Joe Karl Garfield, MN
88C Chris Kassler Chris Kassler Grand Rapids, MN
16K Christopher Keeney Christopher Keeney Sauk Rapids, MN
53 Nicole Kelzer Nicole Kelzer Henderson, MN
21K Allen Keske Allen Keske Zimmerman, MN
76 Mitch Kieber Mitch Kieber Ironwood, MI
4K Dawson Kimble Dawson Kimble Bemidji, MN
22 Braxton Kintner Braxton Kintner Hibbing, MN
1 Nick Kipka Nick Kipka Foley, MN
22g Gary Kjellgren Gary Kjellgren Littlefork, MN
7K Brock Klaith Brock Klaith Marshall, MN
212 Mike Klippenstein Mike Klippenstein Proctor, MN
97x Carter Kmett Carter Kmett Rochester, MN
193 Daniel Knish Daniel Knish Kilkenny, MN
59 Andy Knutson Andy Knutson Rochester, MN
159 Bob Knutson Bob Knutson Rochester, MN
01 Greg Kohl Greg Kohl Fort Ripley, MN
01 Nathan Kohl Nathan Kohl Fort Ripley, MN
20k Zach Korpi Zach Korpi Ellendale, MN
21 Zach Kort Zach Kort Fergus Falls, MN
44k Joshua Kough Joshua Kough Isabella, MN
24 Jenna Kraft Jenna Kraft Milaca, MN
8 Nicholas Krattenmaker Nicholas Krattenmaker Otsego, MN
7H Cody Krueth Cody Krueth Becker, MN
19 Dalton Kruger Dalton Kruger Clara City, MN
55K Cory Kruger Cory Kruger Clara City, MN
17x Ethan Kruger Ethan Kruger Clara City, MN
17 Thomas Kruger Thomas Kruger Clara City, MN
99JR Peewee Kuhnau Peewee Kuhnau Litchfield, MN
933 Cordell Kylven Cordell Kylven Duluth, MN
19JR Addison LaBarge Addison LaBarge Kelly Lake, MN
88 Tyler Lambert Tyler Lambert Monticello, MN
33L Austin Lammers Austin Lammers Pelican Rapids, MN
40 Ellen Lange Ellen Lange Staples, MN
33L Cejay LaValley Cejay LaValley Bemidji, MN
9L Josey LaValley Josey LaValley Bemidji, MN
13L Lucy LaValley Lucy LaValley Bemidji, MN
35L Jason LeDoux Jason LeDoux Duluth, MN
35 Kyle LeDoux Kyle LeDoux Duluth, MN
24 Daniel Leino Daniel Leino Barnum, MN
06 Andy Leino Andy Leino Sturgeon Lake, MN
15k Kambria LePage Kambria LePage Hermantown, MN
44 Bobby LePage Bobby LePage Duluth, MN
29 Eva Lillo Eva Lillo Duluth, MN
09 Lucas Lillo Lucas Lillo Duluth, MN
13 David Lind David Lind Madison, MN
15J Jeremiah Lindberg Jeremiah Lindberg Aurora, MN
20 Seth Lindberg Seth Lindberg Ogilvie, MN
13 Jordan Linder Jordan Linder Lonsdale, MN
02 Bryce Lisowski Bryce Lisowski Medford, MN
69jr Rick Long Jr Rick Long Jr Duluth, MN
24Jr Jada Lore Jada Lore Embarrass , MN
56 Riley Lorensen Riley Lorensen Willmar, MN
02 Timothy Loverink Timothy Loverink Hollandale, MN
5z Darrin Lowney Darrin Lowney Superior, WI
#13 Russ Lucente Russ Lucente Hibbing, MN
28 Laura Luger Laura Luger Ashland, WI
17 Noah Lund Noah Lund Waseca, MN
29L Lenard Lustfield Lenard Lustfield Hendricks, MN
29 Kayla Lystad Kayla Lystad Foreston, MN
40M Gavin Maass Gavin Maass Mankato, MN
35 Kage Maciej Kage Maciej Ogilvie, MN
6m Dilan Madcke Dilan Madcke Edgeley, ND
16x Carter Magedanz Carter Magedanz Faribault, MN
53 Ross Magnuson Ross Magnuson Bemidji, MN
03Bil Josh Maleski Josh Maleski Randall, MN
3E Elisha Markasich Elisha Markasich Eveleth, MN
3d Chuck Markasich Chuck Markasich Eveleth, MN
4 Dayna Marken Dayna Marken Duluth, MN
23 Kristy Marken Kristy Marken Duluth, MN
23R Natalie Marks Natalie Marks Hibbing, MN
76m David Marshall David Marshall Buffalo Lake, MN
7X Peter Martin Peter Martin Willmar, MN
84 Doug Martin Doug Martin Willmar, MN
2 Joe Martin Joe Martin Willmar, MN
34 William Masurka William Masurka Mora, MN
06 Terry Matthewman Terry Matthewman Ogilvie, MN
07 Carter Matthews Carter Matthews Clearbrook, MN
119 Reilly McCabe Reilly McCabe Le Sueur, MN
89 Chris McClain Chris McClain Mora, MN
22 Kevin McDonough Kevin McDonough Mahtomedi, MN
1m Allan McDougall Allan McDougall Duluth, MN
1 Hunter McDougall Hunter McDougall Duluth, MN
28 Michael McGuire Michael McGuire Watertown, SD
25x Bonnie McLynn Bonnie McLynn Grand Rapids, MN
40R Tristen McLynn Tristen McLynn Grand Rapids, MN
07m Donald Mead Donald Mead Dayton, MN
27 Corey Mehrwerth Corey Mehrwerth St. Stephen, MN
74 Brett Mickelson Brett Mickelson Lakeville, MN
02 Skyler Miller Skyler Miller Waite Park, MN
28 Dustin Miller Dustin Miller Boyd, MN
23 Kent Miller Kent Miller Milroy, MN
8 Jared Miller Jared Miller Lake George, MN
60 Maeghan Milz Maeghan Milz Cambridge, MN
60x Andrew Milz Andrew Milz Cambridge, MN
9M Austin Moen Austin Moen Boyd, MN
26 Jakob Mohr Jakob Mohr Waite Park, MN
50M Brady Molter Brady Molter Rothsay, MN
9 Gavyn Moncher Gavyn Moncher Saxon, WI
25 Dan Moncher Dan Moncher Saxon, WI
0z Nick Montanez Nick Montanez Eden valley, MN
77 Aaron Morgan Aaron Morgan Albert Lea, MN
13 Shawn Morris Shawn Morris Kilkenny, MN
88 Kiara Moske Kiara Moske North Branch, MN
13m Reese Mostad Reese Mostad Bemidji, MN
21 Brian Motz Brian Motz Fergus Falls, MN
32j Terry Mullinix Terry Mullinix Zimmerman, MN
13R Ryan Myhre Ryan Myhre Superior, WI
99N Dakoda Nelson Dakoda Nelson Ogilvie, MN
32 Max Nelson Max Nelson Milaca, MN
MR29 Noah Nelson Noah Nelson Dawson, MN
33A Aubrey Nething Aubrey Nething Wood Lake, MN
9E Eathan Newman Eathan Newman Grand Rapids, MN
71T Brad Niehaus Brad Niehaus Hermantown, MN
71tn Tate Niehaus Tate Niehaus Alborn, MN
10 Evan Noble Evan Noble Faribault, MN
15 Bo Noble Bo Noble Faribault, MN
17N Faith Novacek Faith Novacek Greenbush, MN
9x Isiah Oakgrove Isiah Oakgrove Bessemer, MI
18 Kyle Oeltjen Kyle Oeltjen Spring Valley, MN
33 Ridge Oien Ridge Oien Bloomington, MN
12o Travis Olafson Travis Olafson Wilton, MN
Z15 Zach Olson Zach Olson Grand Rapids, MN
21 Jeremy Oswald Jeremy Oswald Columbus, MN
95 Trista Pankratz Trista Pankratz Brainerd, MN
17 Andrew Parendo Andrew Parendo Duluth, MN
67 Patrick Passeri Patrick Passeri Duluth, MN
11px Presley Patrin Presley Patrin Milaca, MN
73 Payson Patrin Payson Patrin Milaca, MN
79t Taylor Pearson Taylor Pearson Prior Lake, MN
64 David Pederson David Pederson Duluth, MN
4P Matt Pederson Matt Pederson Lake Park, MN
88p Zander Peterson Zander Peterson Blooming Prairie, MN
13C Chase Peterson Chase Peterson Milica, MN
69X Tad Peterson Tad Peterson Dawson, MN
64 Eric Pfundt Eric Pfundt Onamia, MN
16 Greg Platzer Greg Platzer Robbinsdale, MN
13G Joseph Plucinak Joseph Plucinak Saginaw, MN
36 Jace Podgornik Jace Podgornik Duluth, MN
53 Brandon Poissant Brandon Poissant Duluth, MN
27 Colin Pomozybida Colin Pomozybida Forrest, MB
40 Jack Post Jack Post Sauk Rapids, MN
511JR Maison Poston Maison Poston Red Wing, MN
511 Shawn Poston Shawn Poston Red Wing, MN
10 Joe Potter Joe Potter Euclid, MN
15 Robert Pottratz Robert Pottratz Tyler, MN
16 Deacon Pratt Deacon Pratt Aurora, MN
63x Grayson Pratt Grayson Pratt Dayton, MN
7 Dominic Provinzino Dominic Provinzino Grand Rapids, MN
22 Nick Rahn Nick Rahn St. Paul, MN
25r Trevor Reding Trevor Reding Chisago City, MN
81 Alex Reilly Alex Reilly Stoughton, WI
2 Aaron Reimers Aaron Reimers Belle Plaine, MN
1 Ashley Reini Ashley Reini Hibbing, MN
1 Alyssa Reini Alyssa Reini Hibbing, MN
34 Jason Reinke Jason Reinke Moorhead, MN
28 Chad Reller Chad Reller Waskish, MN
44 Brayden Rewertz Brayden Rewertz Hibbing, MN
63 Daniel Rick Daniel Rick White Bear Lake, MN
21T Theo Rieland Theo Rieland St. Cloud, MN
21R Carter Rieland Carter Rieland St. Cloud, MN
13 Jim Ripley Jim Ripley Duluth, MN
13 Christian Ripley Christian Ripley Duluth, MN
11 Paul Ripley Paul Ripley Duluth, MN
62 Garet Rivord Garet Rivord Superior, WI
95 Gavin Rivord Gavin Rivord Superior, WI
7Z Shawn Robinson Shawn Robinson Dalton, MN
43X Gabriel Roeder Gabriel Roeder Duluth, MN
tr3 Terry Romick III Terry Romick III Isanti, MN
1 Jason Ronning Jason Ronning Ashland, WI
29 Noah Rose Noah Rose Duluth, MN
N8 Nate Rose Nate Rose Duluth, MN
19R Nathan Rose Jr Nathan Rose Jr Duluth, MN
555 Bradley Rossow Bradley Rossow Florence, SD
7T Travis Roush Travis Roush New York Mills, MN
29 Josh Rowe Josh Rowe Duluth, MN
26 Kaleb Ruikka Kaleb Ruikka Fort Ripley, MN
75 Harry Ruikka Harry Ruikka Fort Ripley, MN
17J Jeremy Runyan Jeremy Runyan Madison, MN
17R Rich Rusich Rich Rusich Hibbing, MN
17z Zachary Rusich Zachary Rusich Hibbing, MN
0 Parker Ruzich Parker Ruzich Kelly Lake, MN
112 Mike Ryan Mike Ryan Rochester, MN
23R Levi Ryks Levi Ryks Blooming Prairie, MN
23s Michael Salisbury III Michael Salisbury III South Haven, MN
6x Logan Sathre Logan Sathre BAUDETTE, MN
4D Zach Schaefer Zach Schaefer Cold Springs, MN
14 Justin Schelitzche Justin Schelitzche Waconia, MN
64 Levi Schellberg Levi Schellberg Madison, MN
19 Robert Schmidt Robert Schmidt Faribault, MN
14 Kevin Schmidt Kevin Schmidt Fergus Falls, MN
32 Brennan Schmidt Brennan Schmidt Bemidji, MN
23X Caleb Schmidt Caleb Schmidt Bemidji, MN
23S Jon Schmidt Jon Schmidt Cottonwood, MN
23X Wade Schmidt Wade Schmidt Bemidji, MN
11 Seth Scholl Seth Scholl Holmen, WI
21s Brian Schott Brian Schott Redwing, MN
16 Tyler Schramm Tyler Schramm Two Harbors, MN
11 Zachery Schreder Zachery Schreder St. Cloud, MN
7Z Madison Schreiber Madison Schreiber Dalton, MN
51x Gary Schumacher Gary Schumacher Maplewood, MN
225 Matthew Seabrook Matthew Seabrook Faribault, MN
08 Derek Seaver Derek Seaver Longsdale, MN
08 Levi Selly Levi Selly St. Peter, MN
7S Marty Serbus Marty Serbus Kinney, MN
99 Nate Servaty Nate Servaty Princeton, MN
18 Bobby Sheldon Bobby Sheldon Tomahawk, WI
09 Brandon Siebert Brandon Siebert Duluth, MN
5 Nick Sillman Nick Sillman Janesville, MN
46 Louis Skaja Louis Skaja Pengilly, MN
22 Kevin Smith Kevin Smith Minneapolis, MN
81 Nathan Smith Nathan Smith Watertown, SD
m16 Matt Smith Matt Smith Milroy, MN
68 Ryan Smythurst Ryan Smythurst Red Wing, MN
377 Ella Sparks Ella Sparks Braham, MN
777 Jerik Stabler Jerik Stabler Ethan, SD
15 Alex Stang Alex Stang Becker, MN
12 Derek Stanoch Derek Stanoch St. Cloud, MN
5 Ashley Stansberry Ashley Stansberry Parker's Prairie, MN
33 Jeremiah Stensrud Jeremiah Stensrud Mora, MN
42a Kevin Stock Kevin Stock Fergus Falls, MN
27s Johnathon Stramer Johnathon Stramer Pelican Rapids, MN
63 Jessica Stransky Jessica Stransky Paynesville, MN
11 Casey Stremick Casey Stremick Harwood, ND
44 Colton Strong Colton Strong Superior, WI
8 Jason Studanski Jason Studanski Foley, MN
3 Amy Studanski Amy Studanski Foley, MN
42C Brad Sundeen Brad Sundeen Wrenshall, MN
20 Eric Sundquist Jr Eric Sundquist Jr Hibbing, MN
27 Ja'lon Sventek Ja'lon Sventek Superior, WI
2s Jacob Swalboski Jacob Swalboski Princeton, MN
32J Steven Swanson Steven Swanson Braham, MN
28s Blayne Sweet Blayne Sweet Sauk Centre, MN
52 Madison Swenson Madison Swenson Alexandria, MN
52 Maddie Swenson Maddie Swenson Alexandria, MN
41 Todd Tacheny Todd Tacheny Janesville, MN
13 Victoria Telkamp Victoria Telkamp Brookings, SD
68JR Nathan Telkamp Nathan Telkamp Brooking, SD
29 Tommie Tesch Tommie Tesch Owatonna, MN
13J Bret Thayer Bret Thayer Sartell, MN
25 Jordan Thayer Jordan Thayer Bemidji, MN
53 Branley Theel Branley Theel Princeton, MN
15 Tim Thoennes Tim Thoennes Oakdale, MN
20 Jerod Thompson Jerod Thompson Cotton, MN
24 Adam Thompson Adam Thompson Willmar, MN
6r Randy Thompson Randy Thompson Lake Park, MN
8 Adam Throener Adam Throener SWANVILLE, MN
117 Snirt Thundercloud Snirt Thundercloud Hibbing, MN
88 Matt Tighe Matt Tighe Austin, MN
17 Ryan Timm Ryan Timm Austin, MN
85 Kyle Tirrel Kyle Tirrel Toronto, SD
14T Dylan Tirrel Dylan Tirrel Toronto, SD
87T Ian Tjaden Ian Tjaden Boyd, MN
50 Jordan Toland Jordan Toland Proctor, MN
11X Kasimir Tonnar Kasimir Tonnar Barnum, MN
11x Kaz Tonnar Kaz Tonnar Barnum, MN
23 Bruce Tourville Bruce Tourville Star Prairie, WI
75eh Ayden Trembath Ayden Trembath Hastings, MN
37c Colton Trembath Colton Trembath Pease, MN
20T Troy Tuma Troy Tuma Owatonna, MN
11 Jesse Turnvall Jesse Turnvall North Branch, MN
Mrs 29 Deanna VanDerostyne Deanna VanDerostyne Canby, MN
5AR Adam VanDerostyne Adam VanDerostyne Canby, MN
24 Justin VanDewalle Justin VanDewalle Ivanhoe, MN
10 Kailey VanEps Kailey VanEps Pennock, MN
77 Megan Vernlund Megan Vernlund Bemidji, MN
77 Brooklyn Vernlund Brooklyn Vernlund Bemidji, MN
60 Dustin Virkus Dustin Virkus Clarkfield, MN
1KV Kristin Voss Kristin Voss Waseca, MN
16 Lexi Voss Lexi Voss Ogilvie, MN
18w David Wahl David Wahl Fergus Falls, MN
92 Danny Wait Jr. Danny Wait Jr. Cohasset, MN
21 Dustin Walters Dustin Walters Alexandria, MN
Tsty1 Jake Wammer Jake Wammer Ashland, WI
54g Derek Wangberg Derek Wangberg Bemidji, MN
27M Katelyn Warner Katelyn Warner Starbuck, MN
87t Cory Wasmund Cory Wasmund Boyd, MN
15 Blake Watson Blake Watson Laporte, MN
89 Michael Weiss Michael Weiss Bloomington, MN
95 Darren Weiss-Dunphy Darren Weiss-Dunphy Echo, MN
15 James Weiss-Dunphy James Weiss-Dunphy Echo, MN
45 Matthew Welch Matthew Welch Owatonna, MN
13s Sarah Wells Sarah Wells Cass Lake, MN
73 Jakob White Jakob White Proctor, MN
169 Taylor White Taylor White Rochester, MN
u18 Jase Wiarda Jase Wiarda Proctor, MN
16m Matt Wieman Matt Wieman Owatonna, MN
OK Joseph Wilber Joseph Wilber Foreston, MN
421 John Willard John Willard St. Cloud, MN
22 Avery Williams Avery Williams Montevideo, MN
23 David Williams David Williams Canby, MN
13 Katelyn Wilson Katelyn Wilson North Mankato, MN
23 Malakai Wilson Malakai Wilson Bemidji, MN
4 Josh Winsky Josh Winsky Rochester, MN
21x Philip Wittenberg Philip Wittenberg Hastings, MN
19c Colin Wittenberg Colin Wittenberg Hastings, MN
163 Mark Wolff Mark Wolff Janesville, MN
63 Bailey Wolff Bailey Wolff Janesville, MN
23 Marissa Wolff Marissa Wolff Janesville, MN
13x Kale Wolff Kale Wolff Forest Lake, MN
11 Adam Young Adam Young Hayward, WI
11 Shawn Young Shawn Young Stone Lake, WI
23mf Logan ZumMallen Logan ZumMallen Grand Rapids, MN

All Classes

2022 Wissota National Standings

Cole Schill

Hawley, MN



WISSOTA Late Model


Jack Rivord

Superior, WI



WISSOTA Modifieds


Dexton Koch

Becker, MN



WISSOTA Super Stock


Jake Smith

St. Joseph, MN



WISSOTA Midwest Mods


Braden Brauer

Eyota, MN



WISSOTA Street Stock


Dustin Holtquist

St. Cloud, MN





Cory Jorgensen

Duluth, MN



WISSOTA Pure Stock


Carter Matthews

Clearbrook, MN