Garage Tech Extreme Partners with the WISSOTA Rook...
WISSOTA Statement Regarding Hoosier Racing Tire in...
Speedway Motors Partners with WISSOTA in 2022
Garage Tech Extreme Partners with the WISSOTA Rook...

Garage Tech Extreme Partners with the WISSOTA Rook...

5/9/2022 -
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (St. Cloud, MN 5/9/2022) Rod Lindquist, Executive Director of WISSOTA Auto Racing announces a new partnership with St. Cloud, Mi
WISSOTA Statement Regarding Hoosier Racing Tire in...

WISSOTA Statement Regarding Hoosier Racing Tire in...

4/14/2022 -
(April 14, 2022 - St. Cloud, Minnesota - Rod Lindquist, Executive Director, WISSOTA Promoters Association, Inc.) On Wednesday, April 6, 2022, I met wi
Speedway Motors Partners with WISSOTA in 2022

Speedway Motors Partners with WISSOTA in 2022

3/22/2022 -
(3/22/22 - St. Cloud, MN) We are excited to share with our promoters, drivers, and fans that we have extended our partnership with Speedway Motors. Sp

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Garage Tech Extreme Partners with the WISSOTA Rookie of the Year

Garage Tech Extreme Partners with the WISSOTA Rookie of the Year...

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (St. Cloud, MN 5/9/2022) Rod Lindquist, Executive Director of WISSOTA Auto Racing announces a new partnership with St. Cloud, Minnesota-based Garage Tech Extreme (GTX) Floor Coatings. GTX owner, Trevor Stewart, stated: “GTX is excited to be a part of...more
WISSOTA Statement Regarding Hoosier Racing Tire in 2022

WISSOTA Statement Regarding Hoosier Racing Tire in 2022

(April 14, 2022 - St. Cloud, Minnesota - Rod Lindquist, Executive Director, WISSOTA Promoters Association, Inc.) On Wednesday, April 6, 2022, I met with Scott Willis and Blake Follmer from Hoosier Tire North and, via conference call, Shanon Rush from Hoosier Corporate. ...more
Speedway Motors Partners with WISSOTA in 2022

Speedway Motors Partners with WISSOTA in 2022

(3/22/22 - St. Cloud, MN) We are excited to share with our promoters, drivers, and fans that we have extended our partnership with Speedway Motors. Speedway Motors has been an excellent partner with WISSOTA Auto Racing for 12 years and we appreciate their continued support...more

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Structural Buildings Challenge Series
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WISSOTA Modifieds

# Competitor Hometown
23D Kevin Adams Kevin Adams Cameron, WI
57 Patrick Adler Patrick Adler Aberdeen, SD
14A Andrew Ahlers Andrew Ahlers Baltic, SD
15A Curt Ahlers Curt Ahlers Flandreau, SD
3D Ryan Aho Ryan Aho Poplar Grove, IL
4A Dawson Allen Dawson Allen Fort Frances, ON
22 Chad Allen Chad Allen Morden, MB
6 Dale Ames Dale Ames Huron, SD
51 Avery Anderson Avery Anderson Alexandria, MN
9EH Jason Anderson Jason Anderson Fort Frances, ON
97 Cole Anderson Cole Anderson Le Center, MN
31 Junior Anderson Junior Anderson Superior, WI
27H Hunter Anderson Hunter Anderson Phillips, WI
44X Mitch Anderson Mitch Anderson Spring Valley, WI
8 Kelly Anderson Kelly Anderson Hager City, WI
8A Matt Anderson Matt Anderson Atwater, MN
27 Parker Anderson Parker Anderson Phillips, WI
8 Jason Anderson Jason Anderson Canby, MN
81 Ashley Anderson Ashley Anderson Elk Mound, WI
57 Mike Anderson Mike Anderson Jim Falls, WI
20 Trevor Anderson Trevor Anderson Watertown, SD
3 Arne Anderson Arne Anderson Watertown, SD
36 Tyler Anglin Tyler Anglin Aberdeen, SD
9K Kamryn Arment Kamryn Arment Aberdeen, SD
9 Kent Arment Kent Arment Aberdeen, SD
2a Casey Arneson Casey Arneson Fargo, ND
10 Austin Arneson Austin Arneson Fargo, ND
46 Justin A-Strike Justin A-Strike Elk River, MN
18A Landon Atkinson Landon Atkinson Little Falls, MN
3C Chet Atkinson Chet Atkinson Hugo, MN
12 Matt Aukland Matt Aukland Glyndon, MN
04jr Adam Ayotte Adam Ayotte Elk River, MN
2* Cole Babcock Cole Babcock Rothsay, MN
28 Josh Backman Josh Backman Alberta, MN
292 Kevin Bahr Kevin Bahr Bemidji, MN
29x Brandon Bahr Brandon Bahr TENSTRIKE, MN
99 Neil Balduc Neil Balduc Bessemer, MI
87M John Baltich John Baltich Hibbing, MN
10 Daniel Bargender Daniel Bargender Menomonie, WI
22b Gary Baxter Gary Baxter Eau Claire, WI
95X Kent Baxter Kent Baxter Colfax, WI
35b David Baxter David Baxter Eau Claire, WI
36 Danny Bayer Danny Bayer Elrosa, MN
22B Josh Beaulieu Josh Beaulieu Bemidji, MN
11 Jody Bellefeuille Jody Bellefeuille Duluth, MN
54 Terry Bendel Terry Bendel Madison, MN
33 Brittany Berard Brittany Berard West St. Paul, MB
9* Troy Berends Troy Berends Montevideo, MN
20 Todd Berg Todd Berg Starbuck, MN
73 Mario Berger Mario Berger Billingss, MT
33 Cooper Berlin Cooper Berlin Rice Lake, WI
99 Jett Big Eagle Jett Big Eagle Manor, SK
1S Scott Bintz Scott Bintz Jamestown, ND
10x Robert Bitz Robert Bitz Aberdeen, SD
10x Dustin Bitzan Dustin Bitzan Brandon, MN
7 Bryce Bjerken Bryce Bjerken Moorhead, MN
00 Ryan Bjerkeset Ryan Bjerkeset St. Peter, MN
5BA Aaron Blacklance Aaron Blacklance Thief River Falls, MN
43K Kaden Blaeser Kaden Blaeser Chippewa Falls, WI
31 Kevin Bliese Kevin Bliese Bath, SD
0 Dustin Bluhm Dustin Bluhm Herman, MN
15x Blake Boelens Blake Boelens Garfield, MN
22 Alan Bohlman Alan Bohlman Isanti, MN
4 Rich Bohlman Rich Bohlman Tioga, ND
25 Adam Bohlman Adam Bohlman Princeton, MN
99 Bryce Borgen Bryce Borgen Perley, MN
33C Cole Boston Cole Boston Lindstrom, MN
11B Mike Boston Mike Boston Lindstrom, MN
4c Chris Bouwman Chris Bouwman Garson, MB
02 Dayton Brady Dayton Brady Kakabeka Falls, ON
91 Phil Braun Phil Braun Danube, MN
19b Seth Brede Seth Brede Willmar, MN
13B Jess Brekke Jess Brekke Devils Lake, ND
48 Cody Brightbill Cody Brightbill Baldwin, WI
07 Jeremy Britten Jeremy Britten White River, ON
5D Jeff Broking Jeff Broking Grand Rapids, MN
45 Bob Broking Bob Broking Grand Rapids, MN
45J Johnny Broking Johnny Broking Grand Rapids, MN
92 Justin Bronk Justin Bronk West St. Paul, MB
65 Dave Brooker Dave Brooker Tulare, SD
4JR Cameron Brown Cameron Brown Rainy River, ON
14 Tyler Brown Tyler Brown Rainy River, ON
4 Cory Bruggeman Cory Bruggeman Stillwater, MN
32 Tod Brunner Tod Brunner Mondovi, WI
00 Robby Bunkelman Robby Bunkelman Abbotsford, WI
16 Joe Burch Joe Burch Mt. Pleasant, MI
32 Butch Butcher Butch Butcher Carlton, MN
33 Tyler Butler Tyler Butler Bismarck, ND
444 Tanner Byholm Tanner Byholm Glidden, WI
4 Bill Byholm Bill Byholm Glidden, WI
2c Dave Cain Dave Cain Corcoran, MN
12 Tony Caissie Tony Caissie Winnipeg, MB
38 Rick Cannata Rick Cannata Hibbing, MN
32III Cody Carlson Cody Carlson Superior, WI
9 John Carpenter John Carpenter Hibbing, MN
50 Brady Caul Brady Caul Fort Frances, ON
12 Eric Cease Eric Cease Frederick, SD
5 Joe Chaplin Jr Joe Chaplin Jr Cameron, WI
21j Joe Chaplinski Joe Chaplinski Middle River, MN
621 Colin Chaschuk Colin Chaschuk Neebing, ON
64H Kelly Checkalski Kelly Checkalski Poplar, WI
33c Cole Chernosky Cole Chernosky Thunder Bay, ON
45c Greg Chesley Greg Chesley Duluth, MN
845 Cody Cimfl Cody Cimfl Chetek, WI
245 James Cimfl James Cimfl Turtle Lake, WI
45C Donald Cimfl Sr. Donald Cimfl Sr. Rice Lake, WI
21 Kurtis Clark Kurtis Clark Madison, SD
12 Joel Collins Joel Collins Princeton, MN
32 Pat Cook Pat Cook Washburn, WI
22 Brandon Copp Brandon Copp Brule, WI
5 John Corell John Corell Jamestown, ND
36 Ryan Cousins Ryan Cousins Stanley, MB
51 Joel Cryderman Joel Cryderman Thunder Bay, ON
20 Denny Cutsforth Denny Cutsforth Elk Mound, WI
2 Denis Czech Denis Czech Gilman, MN
24D Duane Dale Duane Dale Hibbing, MN
18 Ken Dallman Ken Dallman New Germany, MN
4 Marc Damjanovich Marc Damjanovich Hibbing, MN
53 Ryan Damm Ryan Damm Watertown, SD
5X Scot Danzeisen Scot Danzeisen Herman, MN
4 Andy Davey Andy Davey Hibbing, MN
85 Jamie Davis Jamie Davis Fort Frances, ON
85d Jeff Davis Jeff Davis Devlin, ON
26D Chad Dawson Chad Dawson Isanti, MN
3D Steve Dehler Steve Dehler Pine City, MN
1R Rick Delaine Rick Delaine Stony Mountain, MB
21 Matt DePiero Matt DePiero Fort Frances, ON
21 Mike Dickey Mike Dickey Bloomington, MN
75QT Brian Diede Brian Diede Huron, SD
58 A.J. Diemel A.J. Diemel Elk Mound, WI
8d Joe Dietrich Joe Dietrich Fargo, ND
6 Zach Dockter Zach Dockter Norwich, ND
24 Brandon Dolman Brandon Dolman Alexandria, MN
0 Zack Drews Zack Drews Ringle, WI
28 Kelly Duffy Kelly Duffy Winner, SD
81 Jordan Duray Jordan Duray Halma, MN
48 Brent Dutenhoffer Brent Dutenhoffer Watertown, SD
92 Scott Duval Scott Duval Bloomer, WI
88X Delray Dykstra Delray Dykstra Litchville, ND
88 Chad Dyrdahl Chad Dyrdahl Bagley, MN
77 Brady Dyrdahl Brady Dyrdahl Bagley, MN
55 Bryan Dyrdahl Bryan Dyrdahl Bagley, MN
2 Josh Eberhardt Josh Eberhardt Jamestown, ND
60 Dan Ebert Dan Ebert Lake Shore, MN
22E Kevin Eder Kevin Eder Ashland, WI
4 Shane Edginton Shane Edginton East St. Paul, MB
14 Eric Edwards Eric Edwards Edgeley, ND
9E Don Eischens Don Eischens Richmond, MN
20 Austin Ellis Austin Ellis Rice Lake, WI
1x Travis Engebretson Travis Engebretson Cyrus, MN
1X Terry Engebretson Terry Engebretson Cyrus, MN
1 Ryan Engels Ryan Engels Watertown, SD
11s Darren Engesser Darren Engesser Gary, SD
34 Scott Engholm Scott Engholm Fort Ripley, MN
24 Tyler English Tyler English Princeton, MN
12 Brandon Englund Brandon Englund Isanti, MN
21x Clint Erickson Clint Erickson Sioux Falls, SD
99jr Blake Erickson Blake Erickson Bagley, MN
99 Doyle Erickson Doyle Erickson Bagley, MN
57 Duke Erickson Duke Erickson Sioux Falls, SD
95 Mark Esala Mark Esala Thief River Falls, MN
37x Skeeter Estey Skeeter Estey Kelly Lake, MN
37 Kelly Estey Kelly Estey Kelly Lake, MN
11 Sam Fankhauser Sam Fankhauser Rice Lake, WI
40F John Farrington John Farrington Akeley, MN
25R Rick Fehr Rick Fehr Schoenwiese, MB
4B Blake Ferris Blake Ferris Emo, ON
4 Greg Ferris Greg Ferris Emo, ON
30 Adam Fischer Adam Fischer Kindred, ND
40R Richard Fitzwell Richard Fitzwell Kelly, WI
90 Blake Flaten Blake Flaten Morris, MN
58 Zack Fletcher Zack Fletcher Brainerd, MN
26 Shawn Fletcher Shawn Fletcher Brainerd, MN
34jr Anthony Forfa III Anthony Forfa III Blythe, CA
76 Jordon Foss Jordon Foss Badger, MN
7 Bryton Foss Bryton Foss Greenbush, MN
75 Jamen Foss Jamen Foss Greenbush, MN
F15 Devin Fouquette Devin Fouquette St. Cloud, MN
F5 Chad Fouquette Chad Fouquette St. Cloud, MN
F2 Rick Friendt Rick Friendt Oakdale, MN
F1 Chase Friendt Chase Friendt New Richmond, WI
E3 Ethan Friesen Ethan Friesen Landmark, MB
33x Justin Froemming Justin Froemming Elbow Lake, MN
WIN1 Jon Frolik Jon Frolik Ramsey, MN
1 Matt Fullerton Matt Fullerton Lake George, MN
21 Chad Funt Chad Funt Hillman, MN
01 Joey Galloway Joey Galloway Manor, SK
14 Ryan Garson Ryan Garson Esko, MN
22P Kyle Gavel Kyle Gavel Fort Frances, ON
22 Phil Gavel Phil Gavel Fort Frances, ON
17 Tyler Gefroh Tyler Gefroh Amherst, SD
71 Todd Gehl Todd Gehl Solon Springs, WI
18 Curt Gelling Curt Gelling Aberdeen, SD
0 Peyton George Peyton George Rapid City, SD
2X Brady Gerdes Brady Gerdes Villard, MN
54 Ron German Ron German Stanchfield, MN
228 Mark Gerth Mark Gerth Menomonie, WI
38 Zach Gibson Zach Gibson Chippewa Falls, WI
26g Ryan Gierke Ryan Gierke Villard, MN
26 Bob Gierke Bob Gierke Villard, MN
26 Abby Gierke Abby Gierke Villard, MN
8 Al Giesbrecht Al Giesbrecht Winkler, MB
23 Matt Gilbertson Matt Gilbertson Montevideo, MN
2G Troy Girolamo Troy Girolamo Williston, ND
7x Jesse Glenz Jesse Glenz Chippewa Falls, WI
85 Jayson Good Jayson Good Watertown, SD
6D Dylan Goplen Dylan Goplen Hannaford, ND
X5 Robert Gordon Robert Gordon Grande Pointe, MB
71 Trent Grager Trent Grager Sykeston, ND
5G Scott Greer Scott Greer Winnipeg, MB
17 Mike Greseth Mike Greseth Harwood, ND
99G Jason Grimes Jason Grimes Jamestown, ND
2G Brock Gronwold Brock Gronwold Fergus Falls, MN
36g's Garrett Gross Garrett Gross Aberdeen, SD
12 Jason Gross Jason Gross Osceola, WI
96 Erv Grossman Erv Grossman Fargo, ND
4j Lee Grosz Lee Grosz Watertown, SD
1RM Taylor Grove Taylor Grove Glyndon, MN
42GG Gunner Gust Gunner Gust Strathcona, MN
51 Alex Guthmiller Alex Guthmiller Milbank, SD
48 Jerome Guyot Jerome Guyot Fannystelle, MB
6s Steve Haas Steve Haas Elk Mound, WI
6* Brian Haben Brian Haben Appleton, MN
33 Ryan Hagen Ryan Hagen Thief River Falls, MN
3H Keelan Hall Keelan Hall Kenora, ON
4H Grant Hall Grant Hall Brandon, MB
60 Tyler Hall Tyler Hall Fertile, MN
27h Steve Hallquist Steve Hallquist Fall Creek, WI
3jr Shane Halopka Shane Halopka Greenwood, WI
23 Kerry Halopka Kerry Halopka Wheeler, WI
22 Rick Hamel Rick Hamel Lakota, ND
40k Ken Hanka Ken Hanka Princeton, MN
5H James Hanley James Hanley Cresbard, SD
96 Taton Hansen Taton Hansen Spicer, MN
31 Scott Hansen Scott Hansen Garden City, SD
25 Kerry Hansen Kerry Hansen Spencer, WI
1H Derek Hanson Derek Hanson Britton, SD
81x Hayden Hanson Hayden Hanson Brandon, MN
12 Jake Hanson Jake Hanson Downing, WI
18 Mark Hanson Mark Hanson Chippewa Falls, WI
2H Pat Hardy Pat Hardy Milaca, MN
1 Paul Harelstad Paul Harelstad Bloomer, WI
4 Jeff Hart Jeff Hart Hibbing, MN
87H Brad Hartigan Brad Hartigan Dickinson, ND
13 Jeff Hartley Jeff Hartley Watertown, SD
05 Jake Hartung Jake Hartung Elmwood, WI
18 Patrick Harvie Patrick Harvie Great Falls, MT
10C Cole Haugland Cole Haugland Brocket, ND
32 Eric Haugland Eric Haugland Lawton, ND
96 Dennis Haven Dennis Haven Brentford, SD
23 Terry Haven Terry Haven Britton, SD
24 Darrel Hazelton Darrel Hazelton Chippewa Falls, WI
1 Scott Heikkinen Scott Heikkinen Eveleth, MN
12 Mark Heinle Mark Heinle Bovey, MN
22 Matt Heinzerling Matt Heinzerling Spearfish, SD
10 Kyle Helling Kyle Helling Rice Lake, WI
44 Adam Hensel Adam Hensel Baldwin, WI
53 Jake Hessler Jake Hessler Eau Claire, WI
9 Josh Hessler Josh Hessler Boyceville, WI
03 Jordan Hessler Jordan Hessler Menomonie, WI
13 Mark Hessler Mark Hessler Menomonie, WI
3H Jake Hiatt Jake Hiatt Mason, WI
48 Kollin Hibdon Kollin Hibdon Pahrump, NV
6 E.J. Hietala E.J. Hietala Esko, MN
57H Nathan Higginbotham Nathan Higginbotham Bagley, MN
4 Blake Higginbotham Blake Higginbotham Bagley, MN
40 Charlie Hillukka Charlie Hillukka Big Lake, MN
32 Jared Hines Jared Hines Pillager, MN
17 Luke Hines Luke Hines Pillager, MN
777 Pete Hines Pete Hines Brainerd, MN
25 Brandon Hines Brandon Hines Becker, MN
888 Case Hinkins Case Hinkins Billings, MT
308 Pat Hoffman Pat Hoffman Rice Lake, WI
5H Brett Hoium Brett Hoium Villard, MN
965K MacKenzie Holmwood MacKenzie Holmwood Thunder Bay, ON
50 Dale Holtan Dale Holtan Newfolden, MN
2 Aaron Holtan Aaron Holtan Newfolden, MN
L1 Shane Howell Shane Howell Buffalo, MN
M16 Mitchell Hribar Mitchell Hribar Zimmerman, MN
46H Ken Hron Ken Hron Grand Rapids, MN
15 Steve Hucovski Steve Hucovski Corcoran, MN
00 Scott Hudack Scott Hudack Ashland, WI
00 Dustin Hudack Dustin Hudack Ashland, WI
12 Allan Hyand Allan Hyand Thunder Bay, ON
10w Ward Imrie Ward Imrie Winnipeg, MB
27x Calvin Iverson Calvin Iverson Eleva, WI
8 Tim Jackson Tim Jackson Bemidji, MN
32J Nicholas Jacobson Nicholas Jacobson Bemidji, MN
7J Rick Jacobson Rick Jacobson Bemidji, MN
25 Mike Jans Mike Jans Clarkfield, MN
2j Blake Jegtvig Blake Jegtvig Hawley, MN
23 Ryan Jensen Ryan Jensen Grand Rapids, MN
21B Brandon Jensen Brandon Jensen Ellsworth, WI
11B Joey Jensen Joey Jensen Forest Lake, MN
1J Matt Jeratowski Matt Jeratowski Madison, SD
14 Brad Johnson Brad Johnson Wilson, WI
007 Jason Johnson Jason Johnson Karlstad, MN
18J Alex Johnson Alex Johnson Bemidji, MN
18 Andy Johnson Andy Johnson Woonsocket, SD
72M Mike Johnson Mike Johnson Menahga, MN
72 Adam Johnson Adam Johnson Hill City, MN
007 Gary Johnson Gary Johnson Karlstad, MN
25 Ryan Johnson Ryan Johnson Karlstad, MN
8 Chad Johnson Chad Johnson Colfax, WI
84 Michael Johnson Michael Johnson Moorhead, MN
6x Zach Johnson Zach Johnson Lowry, MN
89 Brett Johnson Brett Johnson Milaca, MN
442 Aaron Johnson Aaron Johnson Brainerd, MN
89JR J.T. Johnson J.T. Johnson Milaca, MN
1jr Tim Johnson Tim Johnson Brainerd, MN
1B Brady Jokinen Brady Jokinen Mellen, WI
14j Haley Jones Haley Jones Bemidji, MN
7j Corey Jones Corey Jones Zimmerman, MN
69 Justin Jones Justin Jones Bemidji, MN
73 Andy Jones Andy Jones Princeton, MN
18J Chad Jonson Chad Jonson International Falls, MN
18J Tyler Jonson Tyler Jonson International Falls, MN
9j Zach Jung Zach Jung Aberdeen, SD
5K Tyler Kaeter Tyler Kaeter St. Cloud, MN
11 Bryan Kakela Bryan Kakela Langdon, ND
99 John Kallas John Kallas Hurley, WI
81 Jeff Kallsen Jeff Kallsen Cumberland, WI
99 Mark Kangas Mark Kangas Eveleth, MN
61K Andy Karl Andy Karl Mosinee, WI
83 Kylie Kath Kylie Kath Claremont, MN
3 Keith Keena Keith Keena Bemidji, MN
OK Matt Kelley Matt Kelley Columbus, MN
9 Billy Kendall III Billy Kendall III Walker, MN
29k Ryan Kereluk Ryan Kereluk St. Andrews, MB
19 Jake Kierstead Jake Kierstead Sartell, MN
68k Dan Kingsley Dan Kingsley Superior, WI
22 Tyler Kintner Tyler Kintner Hibbing, MN
6 Shane Kisling Shane Kisling Butternut, WI
31 Eric Klassen Eric Klassen Reinfeld, MB
88XXX Randy Klein Randy Klein Enderlin, ND
212 Mike Klippenstein Mike Klippenstein Proctor, MN
93 Mike Knopps Mike Knopps Chippewa Falls, WI
13 Nick Koehler Nick Koehler Bloomer, WI
1K Kyle Koehntop Kyle Koehntop Morris, MN
15 Tony Konold Tony Konold Clear Lake, SD
41 Ron Korpi Ron Korpi Fort Frances, ON
76 Keith Koski Keith Koski Hibbing, MN
5 Colton Koslowski Colton Koslowski Waubay, SD
7 Dale Kraling Dale Kraling Mayville, ND
68 Seth Kramer Seth Kramer Brainerd, MN
8e8 Jessy Krause Jessy Krause Aurora, MN
B26 Jesse Krause Jesse Krause Stacy, MN
00 Shaun Kreyer Shaun Kreyer Hayward, WI
72K Brian Krog Brian Krog Fargo, ND
16k Derick Kubitz Derick Kubitz Bemidji, MN
88 Tyler Lambert Tyler Lambert Monticello, MN
88 Eric Lamm Eric Lamm Milaca, MN
72 Chris Larsen Chris Larsen Rapid City, SD
34jr Dan Larson Jr Dan Larson Jr Eau Claire, WI
43C Craig Larson Craig Larson Kennebec, SD
36K Jayden Larson Jayden Larson Mankato, MN
54L Jayme Lautigar Jayme Lautigar Gilbert, MN
99L Steve Lavasseur Steve Lavasseur River Falls, WI
81 Brad Lawrence Brad Lawrence Madison, SD
77 Scott Lawrence Scott Lawrence Superior, WI
17 Christopher Leek Christopher Leek Ste. Genevieve, MB
30 Matt Leer Matt Leer Bruce, WI
9L Ed Leonard Ed Leonard Watertown, SD
4L Carey LePage Carey LePage Culver, MN
5 Luke Lick Luke Lick Rosholt, SD
24 Jase Lien Jase Lien Mora, MN
24 Jeff Lien Jeff Lien Mora, MN
24jr Jeffrey Lien Jr. Jeffrey Lien Jr. Mora, MN
72 Tyler Limoges Tyler Limoges Redwood Falls, MN
221 Aric Lindberg Aric Lindberg Dallas, WI
3 Brandon Linquist Brandon Linquist Waite Park, MN
97 Peter Loecken Peter Loecken Paynesville, MN
1L Donnie Lofdahl Donnie Lofdahl Duluth, MN
Crazy Craig Lofdahl Craig Lofdahl Duluth, MN
44 Jared Loos Jared Loos Loyal, WI
90 Destin Lorimor Destin Lorimor Superior, WI
1L Brad Loveday Brad Loveday Fort Frances, ON
88 Tyler Luger Tyler Luger Oxford, WI
16 Brenden Luschinski Brenden Luschinski Winnipeg, MB
24m Michael MacAdams Michael MacAdams Deer River, MN
444 Adam Magas Adam Magas Selkirk, MB
55SR Ron Mahder Ron Mahder Elk Mound, WI
55 Cory Mahder Cory Mahder Elk Mound, WI
20 Dev Malmlov Dev Malmlov Moorhead, MN
27+1 Jimmy Mars Jimmy Mars Menomonie, WI
18m Joshua Martin Joshua Martin Chisholm, MN
24 Eric Martini Eric Martini Avon, MN
24M Adam Martinson Adam Martinson Blaine, MN
6M Jeff Massingill Jeff Massingill Keewatin, MN
9m Dale Mathison Dale Mathison Clearwater, MN
9 Riley Matthews Riley Matthews Murillo, ON
104 John (Bud) Mayala John (Bud) Mayala Barron, WI
204 David Mayala David Mayala Barron, WI
15x Kenny Mayer Kenny Mayer Goodwin, SD
5M Tyler McDonald Tyler McDonald Huron, SD
18m Mason McEvers Mason McEvers Rochester, MN
55 Nathan McHale Nathan McHale Webster, MN
1 Mike McKinney Mike McKinney Plainfield, IL
27 Scott McKinnon Scott McKinnon Thunder Bay, ON
11d Tim McMann Tim McMann Duluth, MN
9 Lee McRae Lee McRae Marquette, MB
150 Austin McWilliam Austin McWilliam Thunder Bay, ON
53 Chris Mensen Chris Mensen Carlos, MN
18 Scotty Messner Scotty Messner Bemidji, MN
24 Chuck Metzger Chuck Metzger Sarona, WI
14M Derek Meyer Derek Meyer Wahpeton, ND
16m Andrew Michel Andrew Michel Jamestown, ND
13X McKenzie Mikkelson McKenzie Mikkelson Alexandria, MN
15* Ryan Mikkelson Ryan Mikkelson Alexandria, MN
11x Brian Mikkonen Brian Mikkonen Iron River, WI
12 Jason Miller Jason Miller Osceola, WI
65 Jake Miller Jake Miller Somerset, WI
22 Davey Mills Davey Mills Bemidji, MN
A1 Shelby Moore Shelby Moore Rapid City, SD
X Chris Moore Chris Moore Madison, SD
65J Joshua Moulton Joshua Moulton Rush City, MN
2 Ariel Mueller Ariel Mueller Princeton, MN
97m David Murray Jr David Murray Jr Oberlin, KS
1m Curt Myers Curt Myers Cameron, WI
57 James Myre James Myre Great Falls, MT
F7 Maurice Myre Maurice Myre Great Falls, MT
28 David Neitzel David Neitzel Watertown, SD
54T Terry Nelson Terry Nelson Grand Forks, ND
8 Brian Nelson Brian Nelson International Falls, MN
74 Gary James Nelson Gary James Nelson Ponemah, MN
8 Aaron Nelson Aaron Nelson International Falls, MN
4 Jeremy Nelson Jeremy Nelson Alexandria, MN
73 Ryan Nelson Ryan Nelson Madison, MN
44 Darrell Nelson Darrell Nelson Hermantown, MN
46 Dustin Nelson Dustin Nelson Ogilvie, MN
06j Jeremy Nelson Jeremy Nelson Zimmerman, MN
6 Jamie Neumiller Jamie Neumiller Rapid City, SD
73 Daniel Nichols Daniel Nichols Moccasin, MT
11 Denver Nickeson Denver Nickeson Veblen, SD
1n Brent Nielsen Brent Nielsen Rapid City, SD
54L Rick Niemi Rick Niemi Eveleth, MN
55n Greg Nippoldt Greg Nippoldt Roberts, WI
42 Paul Niznik Paul Niznik Medford, WI
0 Mark Noble Mark Noble Blooming Prairie, MN
100 Steve Nordin Steve Nordin Morris, MB
5NX Dean Nystrom Dean Nystrom Litchfield, MN
20x John Oeltjen John Oeltjen Glenwood, MN
77 Alan Olafson Alan Olafson Blackduck, MN
US Jonathan Olmscheid Jonathan Olmscheid Dassel, MN
4N Nolan Olmstead Nolan Olmstead Badger, MN
10c Chad Olsen Chad Olsen Hendricks, MN
55 Taylor Olson Taylor Olson Colby, WI
51 Chuck Olson Chuck Olson Cannon Falls, MN
71 Scott Olson Scott Olson Watertown, SD
13 Kyle Oman Kyle Oman Chisholm, MN
20 Derrick Opdahl Derrick Opdahl Middle River, MN
21f Nick Oreskovich Nick Oreskovich Mason, WI
75 James Parker James Parker Bemidji, MN
51 Jeremiah Passow Jeremiah Passow Foreston, MN
25 Toby Patchen Toby Patchen Isanti, MN
20 Jeff Patchen Jeff Patchen Zimmerman, MN
16 Gavin Paull Gavin Paull Fort Frances, ON
69R Jason Paulson Jason Paulson Gonvick, MN
5x Dan Pederson Dan Pederson Underwood, MN
12P Brandon Pelepetz Brandon Pelepetz Emo, ON
34 Erik Peterson Erik Peterson Princeton, MN
44P Russell Peterson Russell Peterson Isanti, MN
32 Shaun Peterson Shaun Peterson Alexandria, MN
42 Chaun Peterson Chaun Peterson Mina, SD
1TPO Tyler Peterson Tyler Peterson Horace, ND
50 Crist Pittenger Crist Pittenger Bismarck, ND
316 Shawn Polonoski Shawn Polonoski Thunder Bay, ON
73p Rene Poluyko Rene Poluyko Tyndall, MB
5P Ryan Pommerer Ryan Pommerer Oriska, ND
18W Wayne Poteet Wayne Poteet Spooner, WI
25C John Price John Price Great Falls, MT
41 Joey Price Joey Price Great Falls, MT
17 Brody Pritchard Brody Pritchard Carman, MB
1 Jeff Pritchard Jeff Pritchard Carman, MB
78R Ross Prochnow Ross Prochnow Boyceville, WI
78L Larry Prochnow Larry Prochnow Menomonie, WI
78 Brent Prochnow Brent Prochnow Colfax, WI
17 Michael Procopio Michael Procopio Grand Rapids, MN
27 Tony Proell Tony Proell Sartell, MN
28 Jeff Provinzino Jeff Provinzino Hibbing, MN
05 Mark Prueser Mark Prueser Brainerd, MN
11c Chris Prussman Chris Prussman Brookings, SD
26 Brent Pulskamp Brent Pulskamp Wahpeton, ND
46R Ryan Putnam Ryan Putnam Princeton, MN
67 Weston Ramsrud Weston Ramsrud Bagley, MN
4 Kevin Randell Kevin Randell Emo, ON
65 Ron Reed Ron Reed Solway, MN
2R Jeff Reed Jeff Reed Bemidji, MN
8 Jeff Rempel Jeff Rempel St Adolphe, MB
7R Ryan Restad Ryan Restad West Fargo, ND
46 Michael Retzer Michael Retzer Mina, SD
R1 Jason Richardson Jason Richardson Rochester, WI
R1 Jay Richardson Jay Richardson Spring Valley, WI
19J Jack Rivord Jack Rivord Superior, WI
95 Rick Rivord Rick Rivord Superior, WI
2R Ricky Roche Ricky Roche International Falls, MN
19 Lucas Rodin Lucas Rodin Marion, ND
1r Kevin Rogers Kevin Rogers Unity, WI
7 Mike Rohwedder Mike Rohwedder Aberdeen, SD
7 A.J. Roschen A.J. Roschen Somerset, WI
7P Mark Rose Mark Rose Dorchester, WI
A-1 Ian Rousseau Ian Rousseau Winnipeg, MB
53X Brian Rutten Brian Rutten Alexandria, MN
7A Shane Sabraski Shane Sabraski Rice, MN
20 Rodney Sanders Rodney Sanders Happy, TX
21x Travis Saurer Travis Saurer Elizabeth, MN
53 Justin Schill Justin Schill Centuria, WI
8s Tony Schill Tony Schill Oakdale, MN
17 Lance Schill Lance Schill Langdon, ND
53 Jason Schill Jason Schill Centuria, WI
43 Lance Schilling Lance Schilling Laporte, MN
43 Luke Schilling Luke Schilling Granton, WI
00 Devon Schlumbohm Devon Schlumbohm Sioux Falls, SD
20 Cayden Schmeling Cayden Schmeling Watertown, SD
14 Nick Schmidt Nick Schmidt Baltic, SD
4 Bret Schmidt Bret Schmidt Bemidji, MN
12s Trajan Schmidt Trajan Schmidt Watertown, SD
02 Kody Scholpp Kody Scholpp Estevan, SK
2s Matt Schow Matt Schow McIntosh, MN
9 Ken Schrader Ken Schrader Fenton, MO
20 Dave Schroeder Dave Schroeder Glenwood, MN
77r Ryan Schroeder Ryan Schroeder Devils Lake, ND
511 Zach Schultz Zach Schultz Grove City, MN
29 Leo Schweiss Leo Schweiss Hibbing, MN
1st Johnny Scott Johnny Scott Las Cruces, NM
3r Dusty Seitz Dusty Seitz Madison, SD
21D Cory Sersha Cory Sersha Eveleth, MN
57 Kevin Sexton Kevin Sexton Lorette, MB
42s Don Shaw Don Shaw Ham Lake, MN
24X Tom Silver Tom Silver Glenwood, MN
01x Marcus Simonson Marcus Simonson Luck, WI
15s Wade Skindelien Wade Skindelien New London, MN
75 Cody Skytland Cody Skytland Horace, ND
3s Nathan Sletto Nathan Sletto Brandon, MN
3s Barry Smith Barry Smith Almond, WI
8 Dakota Smith Dakota Smith Chippewa Falls, WI
21 Jake Smith Jake Smith Chippewa Falls, WI
12 Matt Smith Matt Smith Morris, MN
20 Matt Sorenson Matt Sorenson Duluth, MN
02 Jordan Sours Jordan Sours Lisbon, ND
35 Grant Southworth Grant Southworth Bloomer, WI
813 Aaron Sowers Aaron Sowers Watertown, SD
22 Jeff Spacek Jeff Spacek Phillips, WI
122 Cole Spacek Cole Spacek Phillips, WI
81X Matt Sparby Matt Sparby Bemidji, MN
66 Bill Speak Bill Speak Thunder Bay, ON
2 Scott Splittstoesser Scott Splittstoesser Cottage Grove, MN
7 Danny Staff Danny Staff East St. Paul, MB
3 Tyler Stargardt Tyler Stargardt Marshfield, WI
07 Jim Stargardt Jim Stargardt Marshfield, WI
4s Steve Stavenger Steve Stavenger Gilbert, MN
24s Mike Stearns Mike Stearns Aberdeen, SD
22 Matt Steen Matt Steen Watertown, SD
444 Tina Stefanson Tina Stefanson Selkirk, MB
k1 Kyle Steffen Kyle Steffen Wyoming, MN
7s Brent Steg Brent Steg Lorette west, MB
454 Allen Stettner Allen Stettner Hastings, MN
32C Curtis Stieh Curtis Stieh Kam, ON
22jb J.B. Stortz J.B. Stortz Big Lake, MN
99s Glen Strachan Glen Strachan Emo, ON
99 Brody Strachan Brody Strachan Devlin, ON
71 Brian Strand Brian Strand Grand Forks, ND
71 Dustin Strand Dustin Strand East Grand Forks, MN
E85 Jason Strand Jason Strand Portland, ND
91 Paul Suzik Paul Suzik Ironwood, MI
09 Jaimie Swanson Jaimie Swanson Florence, SD
20 Brian Swenson Brian Swenson Bismarck, ND
67 Jeff Tardy Jeff Tardy Hibbing, MN
33 Murray Temple Murray Temple Hartney, MB
30 D.J. Tesch D.J. Tesch Brandt, SD
39 Shawn Teunis Shawn Teunis West St. Paul, MB
00 Kyle Thell Kyle Thell Foley, MN
15t Erick Thiesse Erick Thiesse Brainerd, MN
51 Talan Thoennes Talan Thoennes Nelson, MN
51 Josh Thoennes Josh Thoennes Nelson, MN
52 Jason Thoennes Jason Thoennes Garfield, MN
03 Dave Thomas Dave Thomas Aberdeen, SD
6T Corky Thomas Corky Thomas Glyndon, MN
7t Joseph Thomas Joseph Thomas Glyndon, MN
T40 Danny Thomas Danny Thomas Knapp, WI
51T Tim Thomas Tim Thomas West Fargo, ND
20RT Ricky Thornton Jr. Ricky Thornton Jr. Adel, IA
34 Jamie Thorstad Jamie Thorstad Morris, MN
56 Nathan Thums Nathan Thums Wausau, WI
57 Michael Tiani Michael Tiani Middle River, MN
98 John Tobias John Tobias Nevis, MN
4 Dan Tocheri Dan Tocheri Thunder Bay, ON
32 Jon Tollakson Jon Tollakson Montevideo, MN
32 Jordan Tollakson Jordan Tollakson Montevideo, MN
T23 John Toppozini John Toppozini Thunder Bay, ON
111jr Keith Tourville Keith Tourville Janesville, MN
19X James Trantina III James Trantina III St. Joseph, MN
23 Jacoby Traut Jacoby Traut Jamestown, ND
Z28 Jamie Trautner Jamie Trautner Hendrum, MN
Z28 Mark Trautner Mark Trautner Mahnomen, MN
66 Denny Trimble Denny Trimble Fort Frances, ON
19 Wayne Troseth Wayne Troseth Princeton, MN
7w Michael Truscott Michael Truscott Chippewa Falls, WI
5t Scott Tyrrell Scott Tyrrell Rapid City, SD
27 Chris Unrau Chris Unrau Winkler, MB
98 Al Uotinen Al Uotinen Superior, WI
7 Jason Urdahl Jason Urdahl Watertown, SD
41 Mikey Vajdl Mikey Vajdl Chisholm, MN
41 Alex Van Natta Alex Van Natta Minocqua, WI
16 Jason VandeKamp Jason VandeKamp Scandia, MN
rove Ross VanEck Ross VanEck Lincoln, NE
47 Danny Vang Danny Vang Deerwood, MN
17 Deven VanHouse Deven VanHouse Silver Bay, MN
8T Doug VanMill Doug VanMill Bagley, MN
16c Cole Varsho Cole Varsho Stratford, WI
88 Paul Veert Paul Veert Winnipeg, MB
6 Austin Veralrud Austin Veralrud Audubon, MN
2020 Tyler Vernon Tyler Vernon Mason, WI
80 Jerry Vesel Jerry Vesel Hibbing, MN
3 Ryan Viltz Ryan Viltz Chetek, WI
4 Billy Vogel Billy Vogel Fargo, ND
31 Jason Voigt Jason Voigt St. Cloud, MN
85W Joel Waba Joel Waba Watertown, SD
50 Tim Waba Tim Waba Watertown, SD
14w Clayton Wagamon Clayton Wagamon Blaine, MN
64 Shane Wahl Shane Wahl Greenbush, MN
47 Jordan Wahl Jordan Wahl Greenbush, MN
74 Dustin Wahl Dustin Wahl Greenbush, MN
25 Cody Wall Cody Wall Coulee, MB
25RIP James Wall James Wall Winkler, MB
37 Scott Ward Scott Ward Watertown, SD
J1 Jim Weeks Jim Weeks St. Paul, MN
16 Thomas Weisgram Thomas Weisgram Aberdeen, SD
711 Ricky Weiss Ricky Weiss Headingley, MB
15R Raice Westover Raice Westover Fort Frances, ON
99 Jake Wildman Jake Wildman Glenwood, MN
05 Konnor Wilinski Konnor Wilinski Seymour, WI
2 Dave Wilks Dave Wilks Headingley, MB
W Cory Williams Cory Williams Spring Valley, WI
88 Tanner Williamson Tanner Williamson Fort Frances, ON
22 Chad Williamson Chad Williamson Watertown, SD
15W Alex Williamson Alex Williamson Rushford, MN
23 Nick Willms Nick Willms Pennock, MN
4K Kent Willms Kent Willms Willmar, MN
23 Taylor Willms Taylor Willms Willmar, MN
06 Mike Wilson Mike Wilson Devlin, ON
6 Gary Wilson Gary Wilson Devlin, ON
12 Kent Winkelman Kent Winkelman Maple Grove, MN
31 Chris Winter Chris Winter Hoffman, MN
48 Chris Wolden Chris Wolden Underwood, MN
224 Cody Wolkowski Cody Wolkowski Thunder Bay, ON
55w Jeffrey Wood Jeffrey Wood Chisholm, MN
55 Jeff Wood Jeff Wood Chisholm, MN
9X Nick Wranek Nick Wranek Harrisburg, SD
99Wy Brandon Wytaske Brandon Wytaske Blaine, MN
8Y Bill Yonke Bill Yonke Thief River Falls, MN
32 Jesse Young Jesse Young Warner, SD
11z Dylan Zabel Dylan Zabel Selby, SD
1z Jason Zdroik Jason Zdroik Eagle River, WI
41 Larry Zeller Larry Zeller Maple Grove, MN
24 Dustin Zieske Dustin Zieske Lynd, MN
15 zzzScott zzzAnderson zzzScott zzzAnderson Mason City, IA

All Classes

2022 Wissota National Standings

Cole Schill

Hawley, MN



WISSOTA Late Model


Jack Rivord

Superior, WI



WISSOTA Modifieds


Dexton Koch

Becker, MN



WISSOTA Super Stock


Jake Smith

St. Joseph, MN



WISSOTA Midwest Mods


Braden Brauer

Eyota, MN



WISSOTA Street Stock


Dustin Holtquist

St. Cloud, MN





Cory Jorgensen

Duluth, MN



WISSOTA Pure Stock


Carter Matthews

Clearbrook, MN