Garage Tech Extreme Partners with the WISSOTA Rook...
WISSOTA Statement Regarding Hoosier Racing Tire in...
Speedway Motors Partners with WISSOTA in 2022
Garage Tech Extreme Partners with the WISSOTA Rook...

Garage Tech Extreme Partners with the WISSOTA Rook...

5/9/2022 -
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (St. Cloud, MN 5/9/2022) Rod Lindquist, Executive Director of WISSOTA Auto Racing announces a new partnership with St. Cloud, Mi
WISSOTA Statement Regarding Hoosier Racing Tire in...

WISSOTA Statement Regarding Hoosier Racing Tire in...

4/14/2022 -
(April 14, 2022 - St. Cloud, Minnesota - Rod Lindquist, Executive Director, WISSOTA Promoters Association, Inc.) On Wednesday, April 6, 2022, I met wi
Speedway Motors Partners with WISSOTA in 2022

Speedway Motors Partners with WISSOTA in 2022

3/22/2022 -
(3/22/22 - St. Cloud, MN) We are excited to share with our promoters, drivers, and fans that we have extended our partnership with Speedway Motors. Sp

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Garage Tech Extreme Partners with the WISSOTA Rookie of the Year

Garage Tech Extreme Partners with the WISSOTA Rookie of the Year...

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (St. Cloud, MN 5/9/2022) Rod Lindquist, Executive Director of WISSOTA Auto Racing announces a new partnership with St. Cloud, Minnesota-based Garage Tech Extreme (GTX) Floor Coatings. GTX owner, Trevor Stewart, stated: “GTX is excited to be a part of...more
WISSOTA Statement Regarding Hoosier Racing Tire in 2022

WISSOTA Statement Regarding Hoosier Racing Tire in 2022

(April 14, 2022 - St. Cloud, Minnesota - Rod Lindquist, Executive Director, WISSOTA Promoters Association, Inc.) On Wednesday, April 6, 2022, I met with Scott Willis and Blake Follmer from Hoosier Tire North and, via conference call, Shanon Rush from Hoosier Corporate. ...more
Speedway Motors Partners with WISSOTA in 2022

Speedway Motors Partners with WISSOTA in 2022

(3/22/22 - St. Cloud, MN) We are excited to share with our promoters, drivers, and fans that we have extended our partnership with Speedway Motors. Speedway Motors has been an excellent partner with WISSOTA Auto Racing for 12 years and we appreciate their continued support...more

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Structural Buildings Challenge Series
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WISSOTA Late Model

# Competitor Hometown
23D Kevin Adams Kevin Adams Cameron, WI
T18 T.J. Adams T.J. Adams Hayward, WI
24 Timothy Ames Timothy Ames Bozeman, MT
47 Lynn Amick Lynn Amick Rapid City, SD
48 Tyler Amundson Tyler Amundson Rapid City, SD
9 Steve Anderson Steve Anderson Emerado, ND
20 Trevor Anderson Trevor Anderson Watertown, SD
H2O Jess Anderson Jess Anderson Gillette, WY
9 Blake Anderson Blake Anderson Grand Forks, ND
15 Nick Anvelink Nick Anvelink Bonduel, WI
99 Lyle Archambeau Lyle Archambeau Lake Elmo, MN
9 Kent Arment Kent Arment Aberdeen, SD
21X Dustin Arthur Dustin Arthur St. Lawrence, SD
18A Landon Atkinson Landon Atkinson Little Falls, MN
2* Levi Babcock Levi Babcock Rothsay, ND
2* Cole Babcock Cole Babcock Rothsay, MN
292 Kevin Bahr Kevin Bahr Bemidji, MN
10 Mike Balcaen Mike Balcaen Winnipeg, MB
14 George Balcaen George Balcaen Winnipeg, MB
25 Dylan Barnhardt Dylan Barnhardt Washburn, ND
2B Kenny Baumann Kenny Baumann Billings, MT
55 Austin Baumberger Austin Baumberger Gillette, WY
6X Bryce Beck Bryce Beck Minot, ND
12 Chad Becker Chad Becker Aberdeen, SD
57 Lance Beebe Lance Beebe Watertown, SD
11 Jody Bellefeuille Jody Bellefeuille Duluth, MN
87 Mike Bellefeuille Mike Bellefeuille Duluth, MN
66 Ron Berna Ron Berna Abrams, WI
25 Hank Berry Hank Berry Sidney, MT
22 Cale Berry Cale Berry Carver, MN
51 Nate Beyenhof Nate Beyenhof Rock Rapids, IA
#1 Nick Beyenhof Nick Beyenhof Rock Rapids, IA
28 Marty Beyl Marty Beyl Ranchester, WY
1S Scott Bintz Scott Bintz Jamestown, ND
9K Roger Bitz Roger Bitz Aberdeen, SD
10x Robert Bitz Robert Bitz Aberdeen, SD
14B Ryan Bjerke Ryan Bjerke Clear Lake, SD
00 Ross Bjerkeset Ross Bjerkeset St. Leo, MN
17 Terry Blacklance Terry Blacklance Thief River Falls, MN
00 Robert Bladow Robert Bladow Cogswell, ND
0 Dustin Bluhm Dustin Bluhm Herman, MN
58B Chad Bock Chad Bock Menomonie, WI
3x Lyndon Bolt Lyndon Bolt Rapid City, SD
4 Justin Boomsma Justin Boomsma Huron, SD
41B Scott Borkowski Scott Borkowski Mitchell, SD
10B Scott Borstad Scott Borstad Volga, SD
92 John Brammer John Brammer Oak Forest, IL
8 Lane Brenden Lane Brenden Mitchell, SD
22 Gary Brown Jr Gary Brown Jr Brandon, SD
54 Jim Bruggeman Jim Bruggeman White Bear Lake, MN
11 Michael Bruggeman Michael Bruggeman Gem Lake, MN
31 Travis Budisalovich Travis Budisalovich Minneapolis, MN
333 Colton Budreau Colton Budreau Zimmerman, MN
00 Robby Bunkelman Robby Bunkelman Abbotsford, WI
30 Kevin Burdick Kevin Burdick Proctor, MN
1C Cody Cantonwine Cody Cantonwine Ft Lupton, CO
95 Shawn Carlson Shawn Carlson Hudson, WI
79 Kevin Carlson Kevin Carlson Hermantown, MN
7c Jim Carlson Jim Carlson Minneapolis, MN
57 Tim Carlson Tim Carlson Cohasset, MN
73M David Carlson David Carlson Huron, SD
97 Miranda Carlson Miranda Carlson Afton, MN
65 Richard Chasteen Richard Chasteen Elk River, MN
W2 Chad Chenoweth Chad Chenoweth Rapid City, SD
77 Marvin Christopherson Marvin Christopherson Casper, WY
12 Tom Cianni Tom Cianni Chisholm, MN
26 Ty Clemens Ty Clemens Belgrade, MT
4a Allan Cleveland Allan Cleveland Breckenridge, MN
12 Joel Collins Joel Collins Princeton, MN
49 Tim Compson Tim Compson Valley City, ND
7c Robbie Cooper Robbie Cooper South Range, WI
C4 Ryan Corbett Ryan Corbett Grand Forks, ND
00 Brandon Corbett Brandon Corbett Grand Forks, ND
T1 Tom Corcoran Tom Corcoran East Grand Forks, MN
25c Rusty Corneliusen Rusty Corneliusen Dickinson, ND
57 Tom Cummings Tom Cummings Grandin, ND
20 Denny Cutsforth Denny Cutsforth Elk Mound, WI
33 Ryan Dahl Ryan Dahl West Fargo, ND
U2 Scott Daly Scott Daly Omaha, NE
44 Troy Daly Troy Daly Omaha, NE
26D Chad Dawson Chad Dawson Isanti, MN
1 Rock Degele Rock Degele Glasgow, MT
75QT Brian Diede Brian Diede Huron, SD
58 A.J. Diemel A.J. Diemel Elk Mound, WI
11 Pat Doar Pat Doar New Richmond, WI
95 Ted Doell Ted Doell Carman, MB
44D Power Donnelly Power Donnelly Brighton, CO
11M Blaine Doppler Blaine Doppler Menoken, ND
2D Dan Dowling Dan Dowling Davenport, ND
4D Logan Dowson Logan Dowson Glendive, MT
0 Zack Drews Zack Drews Ringle, WI
28 Kelly Duffy Kelly Duffy Winner, SD
77 Cory Dumpert Cory Dumpert York, NE
60 Dan Ebert Dan Ebert Lake Shore, MN
22E Kevin Eder Kevin Eder Ashland, WI
4 Shane Edginton Shane Edginton East St. Paul, MB
14 Eric Edwards Eric Edwards Edgeley, ND
711 Damin Eilers Damin Eilers Canby, MN
775 C.J. Eilers C.J. Eilers Canby, MN
70 James Embree James Embree Rapid City, SD
45jr Caley Emerson Caley Emerson Grand Rapids, MN
42 Johnny Emerson Johnny Emerson Clear Lake, WI
33c Cody Emmans Cody Emmans Ham Lake, MN
1 Ryan Engels Ryan Engels Watertown, SD
12 Brandon Englund Brandon Englund Isanti, MN
64 Lawrence Enns Lawrence Enns Winnipeg, MB
21 David Esse David Esse Cloquet, MN
37x Skeeter Estey Skeeter Estey Kelly Lake, MN
71 Rick Fawcett Rick Fawcett Grande Pointe, MB
71 Leo Feeleus Leo Feeleus Headingley, MB
64 Gary Feeleus Gary Feeleus La Salle, MB
12F Ryan Feeleus Ryan Feeleus Stonewall, MB
F19 Marshall Fegers Marshall Fegers Savage, MN
F19 Justin Fegers Justin Fegers Delano, MN
1 David Fieber David Fieber Neenah, WI
30 Adam Fischer Adam Fischer Kindred, ND
19X Dylan Fitzpatrick Dylan Fitzpatrick Magnolia, MN
73 Larry Fitzsimmons Larry Fitzsimmons East Bethel, MN
15f Jeff Flaten Jeff Flaten Hancock, MN
29F Dave Flynn Dave Flynn Superior, WI
31t Trent Follmer Trent Follmer Brainerd, MN
88F Curtis Fortowsky Curtis Fortowsky Sherwood Park, AB
12 Dwayne Fowler Dwayne Fowler Belgrade, MT
21F Gunner Frank Gunner Frank Montrose, IA
21 Todd Frank Todd Frank Montrose, IA
32 Donald Frider Donald Frider Hibbing, MN
32F Greg Friestad Greg Friestad Valley City, ND
00 Nick Fuchs Nick Fuchs Williston, ND
88 Todd Fuerstenau Todd Fuerstenau Watertown, SD
F9 Brandon Fuller Brandon Fuller Grand Forks, ND
85 Ernest Geist Ernest Geist West Fargo, ND
18 Curt Gelling Curt Gelling Aberdeen, SD
18G Chase Gelling Chase Gelling Aberdeen, SD
34 Kenny George Kenny George Rapid City, SD
22 Steven Gerber Steven Gerber Gillette, WY
23 Tim Gerber Tim Gerber Upton, WY
72 Kevin Giesbrecht Kevin Giesbrecht E. Selkirk, MB
23 Matt Gilbertson Matt Gilbertson Montevideo, MN
11 James Giossi James Giossi Hudson, WI
33G Jim Giossi Jim Giossi Star Prairie, WI
7x Jesse Glenz Jesse Glenz Chippewa Falls, WI
71 Trent Grager Trent Grager Sykeston, ND
5G Scott Greer Scott Greer Winnipeg, MB
1G Nick Grehl Nick Grehl Hitchcock, SD
9 Kyle Greiner Kyle Greiner Morris, MN
17 Mike Greseth Mike Greseth Harwood, ND
45 Jordan Grimm Jordan Grimm Mahtowa, MN
31x Dan Gullikson Dan Gullikson Roberts, WI
51 Randy Gullixson Randy Gullixson Baldwin, WI
45 Jon Haase Jon Haase Plainview, NE
85 Richard Haberstroh Richard Haberstroh Gillette, WY
79 Chad Halstrom Chad Halstrom Isanti, MN
35 John Halvorson John Halvorson Warren, MN
50 Ted Hample Ted Hample Shepherd, MT
36 Kelly Hample Kelly Hample Billings, MT
29 Ty Hample Ty Hample Billings, MT
71JR Buddy Hanestad Buddy Hanestad Boyceville, WI
71 Rick Hanestad Rick Hanestad Boyceville, WI
BOH Ben Hanke Ben Hanke Hudson, WI
25 Kerry Hansen Kerry Hansen Spencer, WI
7 Harry Hanson Harry Hanson Eveleth, MN
16s Jeff Hapala Jeff Hapala West Fargo, ND
42h Dustin Hapka Dustin Hapka Fargo, ND
17 Jim Harris Jim Harris Estevan, SK
09 Kyle Harrison Kyle Harrison Edmonton, AB
24 Mike Hart Mike Hart Erhard, MN
13 Jeff Hartley Jeff Hartley Watertown, SD
37 Darin Hauff Darin Hauff Rapid City, SD
3h Jerry Hauge Jerry Hauge Underwood, MN
32 Eric Haugland Eric Haugland Lawton, ND
10C Cole Haugland Cole Haugland Brocket, ND
E611 Jim Hawkins Jim Hawkins Wright, WY
27h Stewart Hayward Stewart Hayward Calgary, AB
24 Darrel Hazelton Darrel Hazelton Chippewa Falls, WI
12 Mark Heinle Mark Heinle Bovey, MN
12b Ben Heinle Ben Heinle Bovey, MN
9H Robert Hellebust Robert Hellebust Minot, ND
14 Ken Helman Ken Helman Laurel, MT
97 Dan Henrikson Dan Henrikson Rapid City, SD
44 Adam Hensel Adam Hensel Baldwin, WI
13 Mark Hessler Mark Hessler Menomonie, WI
64 Tyson Hiebert Tyson Hiebert Lorette, MB
4 Blake Higginbotham Blake Higginbotham Bagley, MN
57H Nathan Higginbotham Nathan Higginbotham Bagley, MN
1X Vernon Hill Vernon Hill Great Falls, MT
8 Gregg Hill Gregg Hill Eveleth, MN
61 James Hoing James Hoing Kimball, SD
5H Brett Hoium Brett Hoium Villard, MN
11 Shane Holden Shane Holden Navin, MB
64S Shawn Holden Shawn Holden Winnipeg, MB
15 Steve Hucovski Steve Hucovski Corcoran, MN
57t justin hust justin hust Billings, MT
10w Ward Imrie Ward Imrie Winnipeg, MB
45jr Loren Inman Loren Inman Proctor, MN
9T Tim Isenberg Tim Isenberg Marshfield, WI
44 Devon Jadwin Devon Jadwin Three Forks, MT
44 Tim Jadwin Tim Jadwin Three Forks, MT
75S Mike Jager Mike Jager Gettysburg, SD
42 Matthew Jarvis Matthew Jarvis Thompson, ND
2j Blake Jegtvig Blake Jegtvig Hawley, MN
21 Shad Jensen Shad Jensen Manhattan, MT
16 Jeannette Jensen Jeannette Jensen Manhattan, MT
26 Kyle Jensen Kyle Jensen Brookings, SD
76 Dustin Johanneck Dustin Johanneck Litchfield, MN
54 Brady Johanneck Brady Johanneck Atwater, MN
6x Zach Johnson Zach Johnson Lowry, MN
4J Wayne Johnson Wayne Johnson Minot, ND
27j Chris Johnson Chris Johnson Rapid City, SD
14 Robbie Johnson Robbie Johnson Wilson, WI
00 Mitch Johnson Mitch Johnson Hickson, ND
3D Dillon Johnson Dillon Johnson Upton, WY
7P Kyle Johnson Kyle Johnson Black Rivers Falls, WI
84X Joshua Johnson Joshua Johnson Harwood, ND
26 Harry Johnson Harry Johnson Breckenridge, MN
16 Cory Jorgensen Cory Jorgensen Duluth, MN
93 Patrick Jungerberg Patrick Jungerberg Barron, WI
85 John Kaanta John Kaanta Elk Mound, WI
H2O John Kaiser John Kaiser Lake Norden, SD
XG Lucas Kallenbach Lucas Kallenbach Elk Mound, WI
51 Justin Karlen Justin Karlen Howard, SD
47 Kreig Kasin Kreig Kasin West Fargo, ND
11k Jeremy Keller Jeremy Keller Bismarck, ND
31 Michael Keller Michael Keller Menomonie, WI
63 Patrick Kelley Patrick Kelley Forest Lake, MN
14j James Kendrick James Kendrick Vandiver, AL
29k Ryan Kereluk Ryan Kereluk St. Andrews, MB
5 Brad Kerrison Brad Kerrison Leduc, AB
21K Joe Kienzle Jr Joe Kienzle Jr South Range, WI
24J Jay Kintner Jay Kintner Hibbing, MN
E5K Eddie Kirchoff Eddie Kirchoff Gillette, WY
8 Ed Kirchoff Ed Kirchoff Gillette, WY
10 Shawn Kirwin Shawn Kirwin Morris, MN
13 Ryan Konkel Ryan Konkel Winona, MN
17 Keith Konold Keith Konold Brandt, SD
1 Lukas Koski Lukas Koski New Richmond, WI
30 Bart Kozar Bart Kozar Bovey, MN
21K Rick Kramer Rick Kramer Medford, MN
87 Curt Kranz Curt Kranz Watertown, SD
79 Jesse Kroger Jesse Kroger Canton, SD
80 Jeff Kroger Jeff Kroger Canton, SD
777 Aaron Krohn Aaron Krohn Slayton, MN
7k Jason Krohn Jason Krohn Slayton, MN
8 Mark Krueger Mark Krueger Sawyer, ND
71k Cody Kuglin Cody Kuglin Great Falls, MT
1 Troy Kuyoth Troy Kuyoth Stratford, WI
34 Jordan Langer Jordan Langer Menomonie, WI
72 Chris Larsen Chris Larsen Rapid City, SD
38 Jake Larsen Jake Larsen Whitewood, SD
18 Brent Larson Brent Larson Lake Elmo, MN
87 Clint Larson Clint Larson Superior, WI
19 Steve Laursen Steve Laursen Cumberland, WI
54L Jayme Lautigar Jayme Lautigar Gilbert, MN
35 George Ledin Jr George Ledin Jr Britt, MN
7 Scott Lehn Scott Lehn Albany, MN
72 Nick Leiker Nick Leiker Gillette, WY
4L Carey LePage Carey LePage Culver, MN
13 Bryan LePier Bryan LePier Bemidji, MN
98 Dana Lerum Dana Lerum Boulder, MT
44 Brandon Lewis Brandon Lewis Brighton, CO
24jr Jeffrey Lien Jr. Jeffrey Lien Jr. Mora, MN
0 John Lighthizer John Lighthizer Cut Bank, MT
UPI2 Aaron Lillo Aaron Lillo Proctor, MN
UPI Terry Lillo Terry Lillo Duluth, MN
42 Tim Lillo Tim Lillo Superior, WI
UPI9 Chris Lillo Chris Lillo Duluth, MN
24 Eric Lillo Eric Lillo Proctor, MN
55 Shelli Lind Shelli Lind Gillette, WY
29 Johnny Lindgren Johnny Lindgren Willmar, MN
44x Jarrett Loe Jarrett Loe Eau Claire, WI
66 Robb Loomis Robb Loomis Brookings, SD
2 Rod Lorenz Rod Lorenz Billings, MT
7 Vance Lorenz Vance Lorenz Billings, MT
1L Brad Loveday Brad Loveday Fort Frances, ON
44 Rob Lynch Rob Lynch Alexandria, MN
444 Adam Magas Adam Magas Selkirk, MB
55C Chad Mahder Chad Mahder Bloomer, WI
9 Ronnie Malecki Ronnie Malecki Duluth, WI
27+1 Jimmy Mars Jimmy Mars Menomonie, WI
28 Sam Mars Sam Mars Menomonie, WI
55 Mike Martin Mike Martin Steinbach, MB
24m Cody Martin Cody Martin Mitchell, SD
44 Eric Mass Eric Mass Rapid City, SD
2 Dave Mass Dave Mass East Bethel, MN
44M Steve Mass Steve Mass Rapid City, SD
6M Jeff Massingill Jeff Massingill Keewatin, MN
90 Lance Matthees Lance Matthees Winona, MN
9 Riley Matthews Riley Matthews Murillo, ON
21 Dean Mattila Dean Mattila Iron, MN
37 Rob Mayea Rob Mayea Bend, OR
59 Mike McCord Mike McCord Molt, MT
59 Rayce McCord Rayce McCord Molt, MT
55K Kinzer McCord Kinzer McCord Molt, MT
52X David McDonald David McDonald Huron, SD
5M Tyler McDonald Tyler McDonald Huron, SD
11d Tim McMann Tim McMann Duluth, MN
86 Gary McNeil Gary McNeil Stratford, SD
55 John Meeds John Meeds Spooner, WI
55 Scott Meeds Scott Meeds Shell Lake, WI
08 Darin Meierotto Darin Meierotto Superior, WI
32M Jeremy Meirhofer Jeremy Meirhofer Belgrade, MT
9m Jeff Meirhofer Jeff Meirhofer Belgrade, MT
E611 John Melgaard John Melgaard Williston, ND
22 Brady Mellendorf Brady Mellendorf Brandt, SD
m91 Heather Mertens Heather Mertens Gillette, WY
24 Chuck Metzger Chuck Metzger Sarona, WI
18x Shawn Meyer Shawn Meyer Wahpeton, ND
03 Casey Meyer Casey Meyer Wahpeton, ND
3M Greg Meyer Greg Meyer Wahpeton, ND
11m Ben Mickelson Ben Mickelson Jamestown, ND
15* Ryan Mikkelson Ryan Mikkelson Alexandria, MN
65 Jake Miller Jake Miller Somerset, WI
02 Clare Miller Clare Miller Enderlin, ND
1m Nicholas Minske Nicholas Minske East Grand Forks, MN
30 Bob Moody Bob Moody Williston, ND
2 Bill Mooney Bill Mooney Selkirk, MB
14 Greg Moore Greg Moore Jamestown, ND
9 Walt Morris Walt Morris Headingley, MB
66 Alysse Morris Alysse Morris Rapid City, SD
63 Brandon Moser Brandon Moser Aberdeen, SD
22 Sam Motzer Sam Motzer Chetek, WI
11m Paul Mueller Paul Mueller Bismarck, ND
1m Curt Myers Curt Myers Cameron, WI
27 Tyler Myers Tyler Myers Harrisburg, SD
14BM Quentin Myers Quentin Myers Pukwana, SD
F7 Maurice Myre Maurice Myre Great Falls, MT
Z17 Zach Naastad Zach Naastad Northwood, ND
9N Tom Naeyaert Tom Naeyaert Shawano, WI
00 Beau Nave Beau Nave Billings, MT
46 Dustin Nelson Dustin Nelson Ogilvie, MN
70 Tim Nelson Tim Nelson Madison, SD
44 Darrell Nelson Darrell Nelson Hermantown, MN
22 Corey Nelson Corey Nelson Canby, MN
32 Max Nelson Max Nelson Milaca, MN
54T Terry Nelson Terry Nelson Grand Forks, ND
1 Denis Nesbitt Denis Nesbitt Duluth, MN
75N Terry Newhouse Terry Newhouse Brandon, MB
7 Andy Nezworski Andy Nezworski Blue Grass, IA
11 Denver Nickeson Denver Nickeson Veblen, SD
48 Larry Niemi Larry Niemi Mahnomen, MN
14N Keith Niemi Keith Niemi Gilbert, MN
54L Rick Niemi Rick Niemi Eveleth, MN
55n Greg Nippoldt Greg Nippoldt Roberts, WI
42 Paul Niznik Paul Niznik Medford, WI
76 Troy Nothdurft Troy Nothdurft Sioux Falls, SD
76 Blair Nothdurft Blair Nothdurft Renner, SD
2 Mike Nutzmann Mike Nutzmann New Richmond, WI
71 Morris Oberle Morris Oberle Lead, SD
R30 Rob Odegard Rob Odegard Williston, ND
10c Chad Olsen Chad Olsen Hendricks, MN
10c Charlie Olsen Charlie Olsen Hendricks, MN
18 Chris Olson Chris Olson Hibbing, MN
71 Scott Olson Scott Olson Watertown, SD
30 Jeff Olson Jeff Olson West Fargo, ND
51 Chuck Olson Chuck Olson Cannon Falls, MN
16 Layne Opstedal Layne Opstedal Rolette, ND
97 Cody Overton Cody Overton Evans, GA
22 Nick Panitzke Nick Panitzke Lonsdale, MN
22 Steve Pankowski Steve Pankowski Minot, ND
13 Roger Paolo Roger Paolo Hibbing, MN
28 Burt Parks Burt Parks Rapid City, SD
44 Brad Parson Brad Parson Long Prairie, MN
7P Joey Pederson Joey Pederson East Grand Forks, MN
5x Dan Pederson Dan Pederson Underwood, MN
21 Brady Pengilly Brady Pengilly Langdon, ND
11t Tim Perkins Tim Perkins Bismarck, ND
00 Nathaniel Persson Nathaniel Persson Sacred Heart, MN
23 Kyle Peterlin Kyle Peterlin Hibbing, MN
1TPO Tyler Peterson Tyler Peterson Horace, ND
1 Dusty Peterson Dusty Peterson Fargo, ND
65 Lucas Peterson Lucas Peterson Grand Meadow, MN
11 Steven Pfeifer Steven Pfeifer Minot, ND
2d Don Platow Don Platow Shevlin, MN
16 Greg Platzer Greg Platzer Robbinsdale, MN
04 Tad Pospisil Tad Pospisil Norfolk, NE
3*8 Dillon Price Dillon Price Glendive, MT
1 Jeff Pritchard Jeff Pritchard Carman, MB
68 Mike Prochnow Mike Prochnow Menomonie, WI
28 Jeff Provinzino Jeff Provinzino Hibbing, MN
28c Cole Provinzino Cole Provinzino Fargo, ND
00 Jason Quarders Jason Quarders Prairie Farm, WI
03 Kyle Raddant Kyle Raddant Shawano, WI
8R Virgil Randall Virgil Randall Interior, SD
21 Tyler Reagle Tyler Reagle Valentine, NE
27 Jake Redetzke Jake Redetzke Menomonie, WI
03 Bryce Reimer Bryce Reimer Cavalier, ND
86 Steve Reini Steve Reini Hibbing, MN
69 Brandon Rekow Brandon Rekow Ellendale, ND
70 Justin Ritchie Justin Ritchie New London, WI
10 Kevin Robertson Kevin Robertson Enderlin, ND
9r Erik Robertson Erik Robertson Casselton, ND
1R Travis Robertson Travis Robertson Moorhead, MN
89r Craig Rodgers Craig Rodgers Gillette, WY
1r Kevin Rogers Kevin Rogers Unity, WI
7 Mike Rohwedder Mike Rohwedder Aberdeen, SD
92 Robby Rosselli Robby Rosselli Minot, ND
66 Michael Roth Michael Roth Deerwood, MN
57 Torey Rush Torey Rush Gillette, WY
85 Blake Saathoff Blake Saathoff Alexandria, MN
85 Layne Saathoff Layne Saathoff Bruce, SD
7A Shane Sabraski Shane Sabraski Rice, MN
39 Albert Sack Albert Sack Brighton, CO
72 Jon Samuelson Jon Samuelson Dalton, MN
11* Larry Samuelson Larry Samuelson Erhard, MN
13S Randy Sandvick Randy Sandvick Killdeer, ND
67 Ryan Satter Ryan Satter Dent, MN
21x Travis Saurer Travis Saurer Elizabeth, MN
15 Donny Schatz Donny Schatz Fargo, ND
55s Ryan Schaufler Ryan Schaufler Hutchinson, MN
12S Jason Schierkolk Jason Schierkolk Evansville, WY
53 Jason Schill Jason Schill Centuria, WI
44 Cole Schill Cole Schill Hawley, MN
17 Lance Schill Lance Schill Langdon, ND
11 Troy Schill Troy Schill Thompson, ND
44H Howie Schill Howie Schill Hawley, MN
70 Jim Schmidt Jim Schmidt Sheboygan Falls, WI
12s Trajan Schmidt Trajan Schmidt Watertown, SD
XS Marvin Schofield Marvin Schofield Medicine Bow, WY
80D Don Scholler Don Scholler International Falls, MN
7 Rick Schroeder Rick Schroeder Montevideo, MN
S16 Teresa Schuler Teresa Schuler Gillette, WY
96 Brian Schultz Brian Schultz Montevideo, MN
56 Bob Scott Bob Scott Belgrade, MT
10 Cole Searing Cole Searing Huron, SD
54 Chris Seekings Chris Seekings Minot, ND
12s Brad Seng Brad Seng Grand Forks, ND
21s John Seng John Seng Grand Forks, ND
57 Kevin Sexton Kevin Sexton Lorette, MB
42s Don Shaw Don Shaw Ham Lake, MN
77S Jordan Sheesley Jordan Sheesley Piedmont, SD
75N Brian Simon Brian Simon Souris, MB
01x Marcus Simonson Marcus Simonson Luck, WI
2s Josh Skorczewski Josh Skorczewski Aberdeen, SD
9s Jason Skovly Jason Skovly Gillette, WY
75 Cody Skytland Cody Skytland Horace, ND
5s Chris Smeby Chris Smeby Erskine, MN
86 Matthew Smith Matthew Smith Leduc, AB
112 Tyler Smith Tyler Smith Gibbon, NE
06 David Smith David Smith Parkland County, AB
71 Steffen Snare Steffen Snare Greenbush, MN
01 Jason Snyder Jason Snyder Gillette, WY
33 John Snyder John Snyder Blackhawk, SD
01B Brittini Snyder Brittini Snyder Gillette, WY
19 Dustin Sorensen Dustin Sorensen Rochester, MN
307 Donavon Sorenson Donavon Sorenson Williston, ND
M406 Brent Sorenson Brent Sorenson Sidney, MT
122 Cole Spacek Cole Spacek Phillips, WI
81X Matt Sparby Matt Sparby Bemidji, MN
81 Troy Springborn Troy Springborn Shawano, WI
80D Brandon Sprinkel Brandon Sprinkel Highmore, SD
00 Damon Stacey Damon Stacey Pierceland, SK
81 Mike Stadel Mike Stadel Rapid City, SD
47 Justin Stahl Justin Stahl Hudson, WI
24s Mike Stearns Mike Stearns Aberdeen, SD
15 Cody Storbakken Cody Storbakken Williston, ND
16 Jason Storbakken Jason Storbakken Epping, ND
62 Kyle Storbakken Kyle Storbakken Williston, ND
E85 Jason Strand Jason Strand Portland, ND
71 Dustin Strand Dustin Strand East Grand Forks, MN
71 Brian Strand Brian Strand Grand Forks, ND
11 Casey Stremick Casey Stremick Harwood, ND
24 Victoria Stutsky Victoria Stutsky St. Andrews, MB
48 Robert Stutsky Robert Stutsky St. Andrews, MB
r21 Ray Sveeggen Ray Sveeggen Beresford, SD
1-2 Bryce Sward Bryce Sward Nelson, MN
3 Brett Swedberg Brett Swedberg Shawano, WI
X Chuck Swenson Chuck Swenson Watertown, SD
10x Blake Swenson Blake Swenson Watertown, SD
58x Hope Swenson Hope Swenson Watertown, SD
71 Justin Tammen Justin Tammen Clara City, MN
71X Cory Tammen Cory Tammen Wolverton, MN
50 Gavin Tarras Gavin Tarras New Richmond, WI
112 Brian Taylor Brian Taylor Chisholm, MN
30 D.J. Tesch D.J. Tesch Brandt, SD
70 Jesse Teunis Jesse Teunis Lockport, MB
T3 Rich Thomas Rich Thomas Aberdeen, SD
03 Dave Thomas Dave Thomas Aberdeen, SD
DT3 Donald Thomas Donald Thomas Ball, LA
69t Nick Thoreson Nick Thoreson Fort Ransom, ND
91 Buddy Thorstad Buddy Thorstad Morris, MN
49 Jake Timm Jake Timm Winona, MN
98 John Tobias John Tobias Nevis, MN
18T Matt Tody Matt Tody Chippewa Falls, WI
32 Jordan Tollakson Jordan Tollakson Montevideo, MN
32 Jon Tollakson Jon Tollakson Montevideo, MN
55 Mike Tom Mike Tom Stoney Plain, AB
T23 John Toppozini John Toppozini Thunder Bay, ON
14 Brody Troftgruben Brody Troftgruben Grand Forks, ND
10 Tyson Turnbull Tyson Turnbull Estevan, SK
21 Aaron Turnbull Aaron Turnbull Estevan, SK
41 Zack Tysdal Zack Tysdal Fergus Falls, MN
16 Jason VandeKamp Jason VandeKamp Scandia, MN
47 Danny Vang Danny Vang Deerwood, MN
17 Deven VanHouse Deven VanHouse Silver Bay, MN
88 Paul Veert Paul Veert Winnipeg, MB
14 Jamie Vernaus Jamie Vernaus Anola, MB
16 Derek Vesel Derek Vesel Hibbing, MN
14 Kyle Vigen Kyle Vigen Wilmot, SD
41 Bradley Vigen Bradley Vigen Grand Forks, ND
2 Christian Vizecky Christian Vizecky Brandt, SD
4 Billy Vogel Billy Vogel Fargo, ND
1V Gale Vogt Gale Vogt Yankton, SD
W2 Brad Vogt Brad Vogt Pierce, NE
50 Tim Waba Tim Waba Watertown, SD
19 Ashley Wahlstrom Ashley Wahlstrom Rice Lake, WI
20T Trevor Walsh Trevor Walsh Watertown, SD
37 Scott Ward Scott Ward Watertown, SD
37JR Morgan Ward-Grosz Morgan Ward-Grosz Watertown, SD
1JR Tommy Waseleski Jr Tommy Waseleski Jr Pengilly, MN
3 Clarence Washburn Clarence Washburn Hector, MN
16 Thomas Weisgram Thomas Weisgram Aberdeen, SD
32 Pat Weisgram Pat Weisgram Aberdeen, SD
39 Cody Welch Cody Welch Green Bay, WI
5 Jacob Wilde Jacob Wilde Thief River Falls, MN
50 Jeff Wildung Jeff Wildung Nassau, MN
89 Kris Wilke Kris Wilke Porter, MN
22 Chad Williamson Chad Williamson Watertown, SD
17 Phil Williamson Phil Williamson Stony Plain, AB
16 Chad Willmott Chad Willmott White, SD
87 Trevor Wilson Trevor Wilson Superior, WI
92 Aaron Wilson Aaron Wilson Eau Claire, WI
17j John Winge John Winge Harrisburg, SD
31 Chris Winter Chris Winter Hoffman, MN
36 Michael Winter Michael Winter Brandt, SD
71 Zach Wohlers Zach Wohlers Cohasset, MN
50 Ben Wolden Ben Wolden Fergus Falls, MN
68 Jim Zaremski Jim Zaremski Great Falls, MT
7s Sam Zender Sam Zender Fergus Falls, MN
69 Jared Zimpel Jared Zimpel Braham, MN
5 Josh Zimpel Josh Zimpel Braham, MN

All Classes

2022 Wissota National Standings

Cole Schill

Hawley, MN



WISSOTA Late Model


Jack Rivord

Superior, WI



WISSOTA Modifieds


Dexton Koch

Becker, MN



WISSOTA Super Stock


Jake Smith

St. Joseph, MN



WISSOTA Midwest Mods


Braden Brauer

Eyota, MN



WISSOTA Street Stock


Dustin Holtquist

St. Cloud, MN





Cory Jorgensen

Duluth, MN



WISSOTA Pure Stock


Carter Matthews

Clearbrook, MN