Garage Tech Extreme Partners with the WISSOTA Rook...
WISSOTA Statement Regarding Hoosier Racing Tire in...
Speedway Motors Partners with WISSOTA in 2022
Garage Tech Extreme Partners with the WISSOTA Rook...

Garage Tech Extreme Partners with the WISSOTA Rook...

5/9/2022 -
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (St. Cloud, MN 5/9/2022) Rod Lindquist, Executive Director of WISSOTA Auto Racing announces a new partnership with St. Cloud, Mi
WISSOTA Statement Regarding Hoosier Racing Tire in...

WISSOTA Statement Regarding Hoosier Racing Tire in...

4/14/2022 -
(April 14, 2022 - St. Cloud, Minnesota - Rod Lindquist, Executive Director, WISSOTA Promoters Association, Inc.) On Wednesday, April 6, 2022, I met wi
Speedway Motors Partners with WISSOTA in 2022

Speedway Motors Partners with WISSOTA in 2022

3/22/2022 -
(3/22/22 - St. Cloud, MN) We are excited to share with our promoters, drivers, and fans that we have extended our partnership with Speedway Motors. Sp

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Garage Tech Extreme Partners with the WISSOTA Rookie of the Year

Garage Tech Extreme Partners with the WISSOTA Rookie of the Year...

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (St. Cloud, MN 5/9/2022) Rod Lindquist, Executive Director of WISSOTA Auto Racing announces a new partnership with St. Cloud, Minnesota-based Garage Tech Extreme (GTX) Floor Coatings. GTX owner, Trevor Stewart, stated: “GTX is excited to be a part of...more
WISSOTA Statement Regarding Hoosier Racing Tire in 2022

WISSOTA Statement Regarding Hoosier Racing Tire in 2022

(April 14, 2022 - St. Cloud, Minnesota - Rod Lindquist, Executive Director, WISSOTA Promoters Association, Inc.) On Wednesday, April 6, 2022, I met with Scott Willis and Blake Follmer from Hoosier Tire North and, via conference call, Shanon Rush from Hoosier Corporate. ...more
Speedway Motors Partners with WISSOTA in 2022

Speedway Motors Partners with WISSOTA in 2022

(3/22/22 - St. Cloud, MN) We are excited to share with our promoters, drivers, and fans that we have extended our partnership with Speedway Motors. Speedway Motors has been an excellent partner with WISSOTA Auto Racing for 12 years and we appreciate their continued support...more

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Structural Buildings Challenge Series
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WISSOTA Pure Stock

# Competitor Hometown
0 Brian Adams Brian Adams Montgomery, MN
19j Jared Akervik Jared Akervik Superior, WI
1X Brandon Allen Brandon Allen St. Peter, MN
41 Jordan Allen Jordan Allen New Richland, MN
00 Joshua Amans Joshua Amans Rice Lake, WI
88 Macey Anderson Macey Anderson Viking, MN
81 Jeremy Anderson Jeremy Anderson Newfolden, MN
20 Ryan Anderson Ryan Anderson Hibbing, MN
77 Ryan Anderson Ryan Anderson Newfolden, MN
56 Owen Anderson Owen Anderson La Salle, MB
5Z Zene Anderson Zene Anderson Superior, WI
82jr Sophie Anderson Sophie Anderson Chokio, MN
77 Morgan Anderson Morgan Anderson Viking, MN
3M McLean Andrews McLean Andrews Duluth, MN
21 David Androsky Jr David Androsky Jr Superior, WI
E85 Derrick Appert Derrick Appert Hazelton, ND
1J Cody Armstrong Cody Armstrong Devils Lake, ND
26 Kevin Bartelt Kevin Bartelt Chippewa Falls, WI
85 Derek Baskin Derek Baskin Menomonie, WI
1B Tim Baum Tim Baum Superior, WI
72 Kevin Baumgarner Kevin Baumgarner Deer River, MN
41 Riley Beamish Riley Beamish Winnipeg, MB
17 Zach Beaulieu Zach Beaulieu Chetek, WI
21 Brock Beilke Brock Beilke Hayward, WI
B1 Joshua Bentzen Joshua Bentzen Owatonna, MN
35B Josh Berg Josh Berg Bemidji, MN
21X Emily Berg Emily Berg Hibbing, MN
65 Bryon Berger Bryon Berger Badger, MN
33 Cooper Berlin Cooper Berlin Rice Lake, WI
17 Aaron Bernick Aaron Bernick Duluth, MN
00 Jeremy Bezan Jeremy Bezan Miami, MB
15 Caylyn Binkley Caylyn Binkley PUPOSKY, MN
25 Billy Binkley Billy Binkley PUPOSKY, MN
3B Travis Bitker Travis Bitker Bemidji, MN
62 Joshua Bitker Joshua Bitker Bemidji, MN
16 David Blackberg David Blackberg Eagle River, WI
17 Terry Blacklance Terry Blacklance Thief River Falls, MN
10 Michael Blevins Sr Michael Blevins Sr Hibbing, MN
10 Mikey Blevins Mikey Blevins Hibbing, MN
10 Sam Blevins Sam Blevins Hibbing, MN
00 Greg Blonski Greg Blonski St Andrews, MB
24 Daniel Boatman Daniel Boatman Poplar, WI
37 Roger Boisjoli Roger Boisjoli St. Norbert, MB
33 Daniel Boissy Daniel Boissy Trego, WI
71 Jacques Boissy Jacques Boissy Spooner, WI
2 Spencer Bolte Spencer Bolte Eagle River, WI
97 Easton Borsboom Easton Borsboom Winnipeg, MB
4c Chris Bouwman Chris Bouwman Garson, MB
81 Chad Bowers Chad Bowers Ridgeland, WI
23 Matt Brandemuehl Matt Brandemuehl Cameron, WI
5V Viola Brannan Viola Brannan Kasson, MN
40B Wayne Braun Jr Wayne Braun Jr Weyerhaeuser, WI
40B Wayne Braun Sr Wayne Braun Sr Rice Lake, WI
68B Austin Brekkestran Austin Brekkestran Thief River Falls, MN
21 Cadin Brekkestran Cadin Brekkestran Thief River Falls, MN
18 Zac Brennan Zac Brennan Lac du Bonnet, MB
1B Michael Brennan Michael Brennan Ashland, WI
33 Jim Briggs Jim Briggs Waseca, MN
69 Jayson Bronk Jayson Bronk West St Paul, MB
25 Ryan Brown Ryan Brown Eagle River, WI
14 Cody Buchanan Cody Buchanan Bemidji, MN
22B Devon Buchholz Devon Buchholz Mondovi, WI
23 Aaron Burgess Aaron Burgess Chetek, WI
31 Jon Burt Jon Burt Bovey, MN
32 Butch Butcher Butch Butcher Carlton, MN
32 Margo Butcher Margo Butcher Warba, MN
72 Cully Butterfield Cully Butterfield Trego, WI
10 William Cahoon William Cahoon Medford, WI
6 Tony Cappo Tony Cappo Mountain Iron, MN
5 Melissa Cappo Melissa Cappo Mountain Iron, MN
5 Austin Cappo Austin Cappo Chisholm, MN
57 Austin Carlson Austin Carlson Cohasset, MN
21 Tim Carlson Tim Carlson Superior, WI
02 Caitlyn Carlson Caitlyn Carlson South Range, WI
21 Chad Carlson Chad Carlson Superior, WI
6c Nick Carvelli Nick Carvelli Maplewood, MN
4 Jeremy Cash Jeremy Cash Duluth, MN
5 Dusty Caspers Dusty Caspers Bagley, MN
5 Greg Caspers Greg Caspers Bagley, MN
50 Markus Catlin Markus Catlin Merrill, WI
3C Jamie Chlebecek Jamie Chlebecek Lehigh Acres, FL
28 Steven Christman Steven Christman Superior, WI
28 Rob Christman Rob Christman Superior, WI
1 Tyler Chrysler Tyler Chrysler Hibbing, MN
1C Ronald Churchill Ronald Churchill Faribault, MN
17X Trent Churchill Trent Churchill Fairbault, MN
97 Chris Cicco Chris Cicco Winnipeg, MB
68 Nick Cimermancic Nick Cimermancic Hibbing, MN
845 Cody Cimfl Cody Cimfl Chetek, WI
1T Josh Clark Josh Clark Kelly Lake, MN
24 James Clausen James Clausen Barron, WI
21 Ryan Clausen Ryan Clausen Prairie farm, WI
26c Don Coatsworth Don Coatsworth Cohasset, MN
04 Gunner Colbert Gunner Colbert Mosinee, WI
24 Tabatha Conkle Tabatha Conkle Bemidji, MN
29m Andrew Conklin Andrew Conklin Ladysmith, WI
46 Michael Copp Michael Copp Oakbank, MB
46c Jeff Copp Jeff Copp Oakbank, MB
88 Josh Craighton Josh Craighton Plum City, WI
77 Michael Cross Michael Cross Faribault, MN
01 Jesse Cruz Jesse Cruz Owatonna, MN
10X Matthew Cunha Matthew Cunha Hibbing, MN
85 Jeremy Dahl Jeremy Dahl Boyceville, WI
2H Cody Dahle Cody Dahle Cameron, WI
33 Josh Danielson Josh Danielson Barnum, MN
2JR George Darling George Darling Winnipeg, MB
99 Karry Datto Karry Datto Atlantic Mine, MI
26 Kyle Davis Kyle Davis Bemidji, MN
10D Patrick Davis Patrick Davis Sioux Lookout, ON
17 Neil Dees Neil Dees Hurley, WI
1K Kevin Delaine Kevin Delaine Stony Mountain, MB
3B Sam Delaney Sam Delaney Solway, MN
12 Zach Demers Zach Demers Winnipeg, MB
27 Matt Deragon Matt Deragon Ashland, WI
9D Cael Desjardins Cael Desjardins Winnipeg, MB
86 Kevin Desserre Kevin Desserre Dryden, ON
86 Jamee Desserre Jamee Desserre Dryden, ON
7 Kent Deutsch Kent Deutsch Colfax, WI
43 Broderick Diekman Broderick Diekman Stewartville, MN
13 Aaron Dormanen Aaron Dormanen Remer, MN
D1 Dustin Doughty Dustin Doughty Hudson, WI
03 Krysta Doughty Krysta Doughty Oakdale, MN
44DD Ron Drake Ron Drake Rhinelander, WI
44DD Ronald Drake Jr Ronald Drake Jr Rhinelander, WI
44 PJ Duchene PJ Duchene Faribault, MN
68M Matthew Duchscherer Matthew Duchscherer New Rockford, ND
7 Darren Dudley Darren Dudley Ashland, WI
62 Spencer Duncan Spencer Duncan Eagle River, WI
81 Jon Duray Jon Duray Karlstad, MN
14 Lindsay Durocher Lindsay Durocher Winnipeg, MB
71r Richard Dzelak Jr. Richard Dzelak Jr. Superior, WI
3E John Eastman John Eastman Cameron, WI
23 Rob Eck Rob Eck Barron, WI
7X Andrew Eischens Andrew Eischens Taopi, MN
838 Jason Eisel Jason Eisel Rhinelander, WI
11 Chris Endle Chris Endle Mondovi, WI
56 Stephen Erickson Stephen Erickson Virginia, MN
77 Tra Ewalt Tra Ewalt Thief River Falls, MN
19c Joe Fairbanks Joe Fairbanks Hines, MN
25 Alexander Farr Alexander Farr Landmark, MB
40F John Farrington John Farrington Akeley, MN
89F Bonnie Farrington Bonnie Farrington Akeley, MN
64 Gary Feeleus Gary Feeleus La Salle, MB
12F Ryan Feeleus Ryan Feeleus Stonewall, MB
868 Fred Feger Fred Feger Pelican Lake, WI
5f Tyler Fehr Tyler Fehr Winkler, MB
21f Tommy Fehr Tommy Fehr Winkler, MB
18 Justin Feltus Justin Feltus Warba, MN
55J Austin Fencl Austin Fencl Bruce, WI
85 Nick Field Nick Field Menomonie, WI
40 Chad Finckbone Chad Finckbone Grand Rapids, MN
40C Chaston Finckbone Chaston Finckbone Grand Rapids, MN
23MF Michael Finckbone Michael Finckbone Grand Rapids, MN
09 Skylar Findley Skylar Findley CLAYTON, WI
71X Jamey Fisher Jamey Fisher Chetek, WI
71X William Fisher William Fisher Shell Lake, WI
45T Tyler Fjeld Tyler Fjeld Floodwood, MN
27 Mike Fleming Mike Fleming Winnipeg, MB
3d Dustin Follett Dustin Follett Cloquet, MN
14 Jay Folz Jay Folz Cameron, WI
52 Zachary Folz Zachary Folz Rice Lake, WI
82 Kelly Friede Kelly Friede Great Falls, MT
95F Devin Fries Devin Fries Phillips, WI
22 Todd Frydrych Todd Frydrych Fall Creek, WI
66G Devon Gable Devon Gable Mylo, ND
34 Mark Gangl Mark Gangl Bovey, MN
3g Guy Gaskill Guy Gaskill Duluth, MN
2 Tanner Gehl Tanner Gehl Solon Springs, WI
75 Scott Geiger Scott Geiger Dorchester, WI
17 Donnie Geiger Donnie Geiger Dorchester, WI
0 Paxton George Paxton George Rapid City, SD
4 Jacob German Jacob German Grand Rapids, MN
13 Jonathan Geschwill Jonathan Geschwill Akeley, MN
0 Jon Geschwill Jon Geschwill Akeley, MN
4 Kevin Getchell Kevin Getchell Alborn, MN
87 Austin Gibson Austin Gibson Springbrook, WI
11 Michael Gift Michael Gift Faribault, MN
E15 Mitch Gordon Mitch Gordon Hazelton, ND
74 Blaine Gould Blaine Gould Wausau, WI
23 Kiel Gowin Kiel Gowin Cameron, WI
16 Rob Grabon Rob Grabon Rice Lake, WI
57 Randy Graham Randy Graham Trego, WI
71 Michael Green Michael Green Greenbush, MN
17 Chris Gross Chris Gross Turtle Lake, WI
15 Landon Gross Landon Gross Bemidji, MN
101 Michael Grover Michael Grover Chetek, WI
46 Craig Gullixson Craig Gullixson Hammond, WI
51 Kory Gunderson Kory Gunderson Shevlin, MN
42 Jace Gust Jace Gust Strathcona, MN
28j Aaron Gustafson Aaron Gustafson Rochester, MN
96 Kyndra Guttormson Kyndra Guttormson Chatfield, MN
17 John Hadrava John Hadrava Laporte, MN
33 Ryan Hagen Ryan Hagen Thief River Falls, MN
0 Chad Hagen Chad Hagen Thief River Falls, MN
4rent Tyrin Hagen Tyrin Hagen Grygla, MN
80 Brandon Hakala Brandon Hakala Tomahawk, WI
27H Tyler Hallquist Tyler Hallquist Chippewa Falls, WI
27T Travis Hallquist Travis Hallquist Chippewa Falls, WI
19A Annika Hammitt Annika Hammitt Cloquet, MN
32J Jon Hammitt Jon Hammitt Cloquet, MN
8 Gary Hansen Gary Hansen Durand, WI
15x George Hansford George Hansford Frederic, WI
20 Andrew Hanson Andrew Hanson Iron River, WI
5 David Harms David Harms Bagot, MB
69 Casey Hartshorn Casey Hartshorn Duluth, MN
31 Raey Hastings IV Raey Hastings IV Austin, MN
10JR Brent Hauge Brent Hauge Loyal, WI
2H Travis Hazelton Travis Hazelton Chippewa Falls, WI
2B Nicholas Hazelton Nicholas Hazelton Chippewa Falls, WI
7 Donald Headird Donald Headird Bemidji, MN
01C Charles Hedges Jr. Charles Hedges Jr. Tripoli, WI
8ball Dustin Heier Dustin Heier Medford, WI
12 Mark Heinle Mark Heinle Bovey, MN
12b Ben Heinle Ben Heinle Bovey, MN
12 T.J. Heinle T.J. Heinle Bovey, MN
12 Todd Heinle Todd Heinle Warba, MN
42 Darryl Heintz Darryl Heintz East St. Paul, MB
211 Scott Herrick Scott Herrick Proctor, MN
21 Cody Herrick Cody Herrick Hibbing, MN
35 Ken Heser Ken Heser Medford, WI
9 Cole Hill Cole Hill Colfax, WI
71 Brooke Hodowanic Brooke Hodowanic Cornell, WI
2 Brian Hoff Brian Hoff Superior, WI
28B Stefan Hogue Stefan Hogue Rice Lake, WI
7r RJ Holly RJ Holly Marengo, WI
33 Ethan Holm Ethan Holm Crandon, WI
12 Aaron Holmberg Aaron Holmberg Rice Lake, WI
22 Robert Holmstrom Jr Robert Holmstrom Jr Cameron, WI
91 Michael Holmstrom Michael Holmstrom Rice Lake, WI
22 Robert Holmstrom Robert Holmstrom Rice Lake, WI
86 Dylan Holquist Dylan Holquist Rhinelander, WI
6H Dusten Holub Dusten Holub Chetek, WI
15h Trenten Holub Trenten Holub Rice Lake, WI
2h David Holub David Holub Rice Lake, WI
56 Ethan Hommerding Ethan Hommerding Merrill, WI
55 Bob Hommerding Bob Hommerding Merrill, WI
44 Trey Hoppe Trey Hoppe New Richland, MN
14A A.J. House A.J. House Cloquet, MN
91 Carl Hover Carl Hover Rice Lake, WI
34 Jason Hoyt Jason Hoyt Menomonie, WI
78 Robbie Hruby Robbie Hruby BAUDETTE, MN
0x Michael Huebner Michael Huebner Cumberland, WI
0xsr Michael Huebner Sr Michael Huebner Sr Cumberland, WI
84 Brandon Hummelmeier Brandon Hummelmeier Ashland, WI
81x Kody Hvitved Kody Hvitved Altura, MN
56 Joey Hydrochuk Joey Hydrochuk Winnipeg, MB
001 Jake Ison Jake Ison Eagle River, WI
8 Zachary Jackson Zachary Jackson Bemidji, MN
E30 Lance Jangula Lance Jangula Linton, ND
87m Patrick Jerry Patrick Jerry Deer River, MN
13j Nicholas Jessen Nicholas Jessen Bemidji, MN
16 MiKara Johanson MiKara Johanson Edmore, ND
19 Tracy Johnson Tracy Johnson Lake Preston, SD
72 Dakota Johnson Dakota Johnson Thief River Falls, MN
5 Josh Johnson Josh Johnson Superior, WI
17J Matt Johnson Matt Johnson Aberdeen, SD
7X Brett Johnson Brett Johnson Osceola, WI
53 Doug Jones Doug Jones Minnedosa, MB
14j Haley Jones Haley Jones Bemidji, MN
35 Edward Jones Edward Jones Elko New Market, MN
16 Cory Jorgensen Cory Jorgensen Duluth, MN
22 Justin Judnic Justin Judnic Rib lake, WI
26 Tyler Kachinske Tyler Kachinske Duluth, MN
73 Joshua Kallas Joshua Kallas Hurley, WI
99 John Kallas John Kallas Hurley, WI
XG Lucas Kallenbach Lucas Kallenbach Elk Mound, WI
96 Jared Kalynuik Jared Kalynuik Marquette, MB
D7j Chris Kangas Chris Kangas Cass Lake, MN
7 Bryan Karl Bryan Karl Akeley, MN
0 Steve Karshbaum Steve Karshbaum New Auburn, WI
4k Terry Kemp Terry Kemp Rice Lake, WI
7 Mitchell Kesan Mitchell Kesan Medford, WI
15K Tyler Keup Tyler Keup Superior, WI
4K Dawson Kimble Dawson Kimble Bemidji, MN
24 Fred King Fred King Winnipeg, MB
14 Jesse Kirkland Jesse Kirkland Springbrook, WI
13 Robert Kirkland Robert Kirkland Chetek, WI
6 Shane Kisling Shane Kisling Butternut, WI
22g Gary Kjellgren Gary Kjellgren Littlefork, MN
60 Blayne Klassen Blayne Klassen Morden, MB
18k Sterling Knaeble Sterling Knaeble Wilton, MN
92 Karles Knopps Karles Knopps Chippewa Falls, WI
27 Dustin Koga Dustin Koga Land O' Lakes, WI
11K D.J. Koga D.J. Koga Appleton, WI
08 Kyle Kotek Kyle Kotek Owatonna, MN
8e8J Jennie Krause Jennie Krause Aurora, MN
88 Joseph Krause, Sr Joseph Krause, Sr International Falls, MN
36 Tyler Kroening Tyler Kroening Bemidji, MN
26 Brady Krohnberg Brady Krohnberg Walters, MN
36 Andy Krohnberg Andy Krohnberg Walters, MN
26 Jordan Kurtti Jordan Kurtti Bruce Crossing, MI
27C Cameron Labelle Cameron Labelle Laporte, MN
17k Kaden Labute Kaden Labute Winnipeg, MB
77 Andy Ladd Andy Ladd Cumberland, WI
77 Gary Ladd Gary Ladd Cumberland, WI
87 Alan Lane Alan Lane Williams, MN
55 Ken Lane Ken Lane Selkirk, MB
37 Tom Lannet Tom Lannet Bruce Crossing, MI
63 Ken Larson Ken Larson Cumberland, WI
11L Joseph LaValley Joseph LaValley Bemidji, MN
13L Lucy LaValley Lucy LaValley Bemidji, MN
17 Christopher Leek Christopher Leek Ste. Genevieve, MB
3 Kade Leeper Kade Leeper Guthrie, MN
2 Brie Leeper Brie Leeper Guthrie, MN
44 Brett Leino Brett Leino Barnum, MN
14x Leslie Leu Leslie Leu Medford, WI
24 Eric Lillo Eric Lillo Proctor, MN
131 Jessie Limberios Jessie Limberios Poplar, WI
88 Angelos Limberios Angelos Limberios Poplar, WI
715 Ryan Lindenfelser Ryan Lindenfelser Trego, WI
2 Don Livingston Don Livingston Washburn, WI
7x Blake Lobacz Blake Lobacz Pittsville, WI
211 Aaron Lofgren Sr Aaron Lofgren Sr Hibbing, MN
75L Devin Losee Devin Losee LeRoy, MN
5z Darrin Lowney Darrin Lowney Superior, WI
17 Noah Lund Noah Lund Waseca, MN
14 Dillon Lutgen Dillon Lutgen Laporte, MN
71L Christopher Lyons Christopher Lyons Superior, WI
1 Troy Maas Troy Maas Faribault, MN
11 Danielle Maas Danielle Maas Owatonna, MN
31 Jack Maas Jack Maas Faribault, MN
24m Michael MacAdams Michael MacAdams Deer River, MN
22 Ken MacGarva Ken MacGarva Balmoral , MB
330 Michael Maclean Michael Maclean Gorham, ON
15M Justin Madsen Justin Madsen Foxboro, WI
40 Brian Mahler Brian Mahler Round Rock, TX
53 Louis Malluege Louis Malluege Merrill, WI
3d Chuck Markasich Chuck Markasich Eveleth, MN
7r Mikael Markasich Mikael Markasich Eveleth, MN
23w Wanda Marshall Wanda Marshall Kenora, ON
26m Steve Martin Steve Martin Farmington, MN
21c Cole Maydanuk Cole Maydanuk Winnipeg, MB
07 Pat McCarthy Pat McCarthy Farmington, MN
91 Logan McDonald Logan McDonald Anchorage, AK
91 Morgan McDonald Morgan McDonald Keewatin, ON
91 Logan McDonald Logan McDonald Keewatin, ON
91 Bryson McDonald Bryson McDonald Keewatin, ON
51 Rob Mcfadzean Rob Mcfadzean Winnipeg, MB
9 Les McRae Les McRae Marquette, MB
55 Scott Meeds Scott Meeds Shell Lake, WI
55 Kevin Meeds Kevin Meeds Hillsdale, WI
08 Darin Meierotto Darin Meierotto Superior, WI
84 Steve Melton Steve Melton Rhinelander, WI
61 James Melton James Melton Rhinelander, WI
0 Allen Metz Allen Metz Rice Lake, WI
87m Dave Meyer Dave Meyer Thief River Falls, MN
8M Gerry Miles Gerry Miles Sioux Lookout, ON
71 Dean Miljure Dean Miljure Winnipeg, MB
29 Brent Miller Brent Miller Cameron, WI
29M Michael Miller Michael Miller Barron, WI
715 Josh Miller Josh Miller Spooner, WI
8 Jared Miller Jared Miller Lake George, MN
25m Chris Miller Chris Miller Bovey, MN
0 Gregory Miller Gregory Miller Gilbert, MN
57 Brent Mindock Brent Mindock PRENTICE, WI
28 Alex Mira Alex Mira Winnipeg, MB
4 Todd Monahan Todd Monahan Esko, MN
15H Leo Moos Leo Moos Rice Lake, WI
13 Shawn Morris Shawn Morris Kilkenny, MN
10M Danika Morriseau Danika Morriseau Richer, MB
33 Matt Mostad Matt Mostad Bemidji, MN
00 Gage Mudgett Gage Mudgett Park Falls, WI
00 Jessie Mudgett Jessie Mudgett Park Falls, WI
7 Levi Mutch Levi Mutch Laporte, MN
2 David Nabozny David Nabozny Ashland, WI
16 Carter Nelson Carter Nelson Hermantown, MN
77J Jake Nevala Jake Nevala Ashland, WI
42L Larry Niebel Larry Niebel Ile Des Chenes, MB
68 Chad Nikstad Chad Nikstad Superior, WI
75N Dylan Nirk Dylan Nirk Blooming Prairie, MN
74 Dave Nogle Dave Nogle Hastings, MN
74 Steve Nordhagen Steve Nordhagen The Villiages, FL
15h Justin Northup Justin Northup Rice Lake, WI
17N Faith Novacek Faith Novacek Greenbush, MN
12A Alex O'Dell Alex O'Dell Chisholm, MN
45 Ken Oftedahl Ken Oftedahl Cameron, WI
12o Travis Olafson Travis Olafson Wilton, MN
00 Dean Olafson Dean Olafson Blackduck, MN
33s Steven Olson Steven Olson Soudan, MN
22m Matthew Olson Matthew Olson Ashland, WI
69x Stanley Olson Stanley Olson Thief River Falls, MN
210 Aaron Olson Aaron Olson Kelly Lake, MN
9ER Skylar Olson Skylar Olson Grand Rapids, MN
1 Ryan Olson Ryan Olson Ladysmith, WI
13 Zach Olson Zach Olson Blooming Prairie, MN
469 Aaden Olson Aaden Olson Thief River Falls, MN
19 Gunner Orcutt Gunner Orcutt Tomahawk, WI
45 Leonard Osterberg Jr Leonard Osterberg Jr Cameron, WI
33A Austin Overwater Austin Overwater Winnipeg, MB
37 Joe Pajtash Joe Pajtash Lake Nebagamon, WI
17 Jack Paulson Jack Paulson Morristown, MN
79t Taylor Pearson Taylor Pearson Prior Lake, MN
64 David Pederson David Pederson Duluth, MN
38K Dylan Pederson Dylan Pederson Austin, MN
18 David Pederson Sr. David Pederson Sr. Hermantown, MN
23 Kyle Pellaers Kyle Pellaers East St. Paul, MB
33 Tyler Peterson Tyler Peterson Geneva, MN
18J Justin Peterson Justin Peterson Hancock, MN
7d Trevor Phillips Trevor Phillips Eleva, WI
23 Charlie Pitcavage Charlie Pitcavage Eau Claire, WI
17 Steve Pohl Steve Pohl Manitowish Waters, WI
40 Andy Poll Andy Poll Two Harbors, MN
2T Derek Pollock Derek Pollock Winnipeg, MB
60 Mike Pratt Mike Pratt Bloomer, WI
90 Adam Pratt Adam Pratt Bloomer, WI
49 Dean Pronschinske Dean Pronschinske Strum, WI
28c Cole Provinzino Cole Provinzino Fargo, ND
1T Daniel Provinzino Daniel Provinzino Estero, FL
66 Joe Prusak Joe Prusak Clayton, WI
66P Joey Prusak Joey Prusak Port Orange, FL
U15 Max Prusak Max Prusak Hopkins, MN
21X Dustin Puffe Dustin Puffe Laporte, MN
57 Brandle Pupp Brandle Pupp Highbridge, WI
88 Chad Puschinsky Chad Puschinsky Bemidji, MN
88B Brandon Puschinsky Brandon Puschinsky Bemidji, MN
24 Lou Puzio Lou Puzio Chippewa Falls, WI
11 Tucker Quinn Tucker Quinn Ladysmith, WI
23R James Rahn James Rahn Poskin, WI
33r Allen Rapp Allen Rapp Saginaw, MN
33r Shaina Rapp Shaina Rapp Saginaw, MN
57 Darrin Rea Darrin Rea Kenora, ON
73 Steve Redman Steve Redman Winnipeg, MB
44 Rob Reese Rob Reese Brandon, MB
71 Gary Reigel Gary Reigel Deer River, MN
1 Alyssa Reini Alyssa Reini Hibbing, MN
5k Kaylee Remington Kaylee Remington Scandia, MN
11r Devin Reynolds Devin Reynolds Cloquet, MN
5r George Richards George Richards Mondovi, WI
1R Cole Richards Cole Richards Mondovi, WI
04k Jerame Ristau Jerame Ristau Tomahawk, WI
16 Ashley Robinette Ashley Robinette Pine City, MN
27 Ryan Roeland Ryan Roeland Winnipeg, MB
N8 Nate Rose Nate Rose Duluth, MN
43 Todd Roshell Todd Roshell Stanley, WI
66 Michael Roth Michael Roth Deerwood, MN
17 Michael Ryan Michael Ryan Hibbing, MN
4 Al Sadek Sr. Al Sadek Sr. Bemidji, MN
11 Juliann Salazar Juliann Salazar Neche, ND
33 Larry Sanders Larry Sanders Hibbing, MN
14S Jaida Sanderson Jaida Sanderson Aberdeen, SD
23 Jake Sandmann Jake Sandmann Rice Lake, WI
2 Josh Sautbine Josh Sautbine Walker, MN
16 Ryan Savoy Ryan Savoy Superior, WI
1 Frederick Scharf Frederick Scharf Eagle River, WI
1 Don Scharf Don Scharf Eagle River, WI
15K Drew Scharte Drew Scharte Superior, WI
2 Tristan Scheuermann Tristan Scheuermann Eau Claire, WI
23X Wade Schmidt Wade Schmidt Bemidji, MN
23X Caleb Schmidt Caleb Schmidt Bemidji, MN
4 Bret Schmidt Bret Schmidt Bemidji, MN
7S Mike Schnider Mike Schnider Cameron, WI
2S Bill Schott Bill Schott La Crosse, WI
88S George Schrumpf George Schrumpf Rochester, MN
XIX Mitch Scott Mitch Scott Fort Pierre, SD
23 Denis Seguin Denis Seguin Winnipeg, MB
31s Mathew Seidel Mathew Seidel Alvarado , MN
71 Dylan Shackleton Dylan Shackleton Chippewa Falls, WI
71 Randy Shackleton Randy Shackleton Jim Falls, WI
11 Brandon Shaner Brandon Shaner Owatonna, MN
11E Dylan Shelton Dylan Shelton Wrenshall, MN
17 Nick Shumansky Nick Shumansky Perham, MN
21 Mike Siewert Mike Siewert Rice Lake, WI
22 Jeremiah Simenson Jeremiah Simenson Cadott, WI
33S Jason Simonson Jason Simonson Poplar, WI
22 Mike Sirois Mike Sirois Duluth, MN
51 Robert Skrobot Robert Skrobot Manitowish Waters, WI
19 Markia Smith Markia Smith St. Joseph, MN
R44 Patrick Smith Patrick Smith Eau Claire, WI
16 Pat Smith Pat Smith Boissevain, MB
15 Greg Smith Greg Smith Keewatin, ON
12 Scott Smith Scott Smith Warba, MN
86J Jake Smith Jake Smith Cohasset, MN
3 Caitlyn Somack Caitlyn Somack West St. Paul, MB
3g Josh Sousa Josh Sousa Alden, MN
6 Michaela Sullivan Michaela Sullivan Foxboro, WI
10 Kyle Swaffer Kyle Swaffer Winnipeg, MB
2 Nate Szymoniak Nate Szymoniak Eau Claire, WI
23x Chad Tabaka Chad Tabaka Walker, MN
27 Jamie Tates Jamie Tates Winnipeg, MB
26 Andrew Thomas Andrew Thomas Niverville, MB
24 Chris Thomas Chris Thomas St. Malo, MB
70 Bob Thompson Bob Thompson Cameron, WI
25 Ben Thompson Ben Thompson Colfax, WI
41 Mitch Thompson Mitch Thompson New Richland, MN
66T James Thur James Thur Neillsville, WI
15 Jeff Tisdale Jeff Tisdale Eau Claire, WI
21 Peter Travica Peter Travica Grand Rapids, MN
231 Trevor Treviranus Trevor Treviranus Hawthorne, WI
31 Tom Treviranus Tom Treviranus Hawthorne, WI
66 Brendan Uetz Brendan Uetz Menomonie, WI
6 Isabelle Valeria Isabelle Valeria Eagle River, WI
4 Tristan Valeria Tristan Valeria Eagle River, WI
1 Ken Valeria Ken Valeria Eagle River, WI
13v Zachary Valiquette Zachary Valiquette Kenora, ON
84 Hunter VanGilder Hunter VanGilder Rice Lake, WI
47 Jason Vanwilgen Jason Vanwilgen Hollandale, MN
15 James Vendela James Vendela South Range, WI
15 Jeff Vendela Jeff Vendela South Range, WI
68V Nic Versich Nic Versich Hibbing, MN
7jv Joe Vork Joe Vork Cloquet, MN
93 C.J. Wagner C.J. Wagner Chetek, WI
88 Robert Wahlstrom Robert Wahlstrom Chetek, WI
83 Tyler Wahlstrom Tyler Wahlstrom Chetek, WI
5 Roger Walker Roger Walker Phillips, WI
21 Gene Walsh Gene Walsh Superior, WI
65 Brent Walsh Brent Walsh Roseau, MN
9w Hunter Weeks Hunter Weeks Laporte, MN
11 Justin Weinberger Justin Weinberger Butternut, WI
11 Ron Weinberger Ron Weinberger Park Falls, WI
13 Dominic Weinkauf Dominic Weinkauf BOWDLE, SD
5 Jaymie Weir Jaymie Weir St. Adolphe, MB
11 Devyn Weleski Devyn Weleski Bemidji, MN
39 Deryk Weleski Deryk Weleski Bemidji, MN
19X Corey Werbicki Corey Werbicki Warren, MB
31 Nick West Nick West Superior, WI
78 Victor Westerlund Victor Westerlund Hibbing, MN
113 Kendra Westlund Kendra Westlund Strathcona, MN
14 Alyssa White Alyssa White West Fargo, ND
10 Bryce Wick Bryce Wick Eagle River, WI
17 Michael Wick Michael Wick Faribault, MN
13 Tom Wiens Tom Wiens Grunthal, MB
10 Jon Wigchers Jon Wigchers Rice Lake, WI
5 Zack Wight Zack Wight Winnebago, MN
94 Joseph Wirhanowicz Joseph Wirhanowicz Grand Rapids, MN
D7 Donahue Wittner Donahue Wittner Cass Lake, MN
31 Michael Wood Michael Wood Winnipeg, MB
9w Anthony Woodhull Anthony Woodhull Superior, WI
Xjr Austin Workman Austin Workman Chetek, WI
53 Travis Zembo Travis Zembo Superior, WI
OOZ Bryar Zimmerman Bryar Zimmerman Birchwood, WI
37 Austin Zoltak Austin Zoltak Lake Nebagamon, WI
23mf Logan ZumMallen Logan ZumMallen Grand Rapids, MN
32 zzzMargo zzzHoward zzzMargo zzzHoward Carlton, MN

All Classes

2022 Wissota National Standings

Cole Schill

Hawley, MN



WISSOTA Late Model


Jack Rivord

Superior, WI



WISSOTA Modifieds


Dexton Koch

Becker, MN



WISSOTA Super Stock


Jake Smith

St. Joseph, MN



WISSOTA Midwest Mods


Braden Brauer

Eyota, MN



WISSOTA Street Stock


Dustin Holtquist

St. Cloud, MN





Cory Jorgensen

Duluth, MN



WISSOTA Pure Stock


Carter Matthews

Clearbrook, MN