Garage Tech Extreme Partners with the WISSOTA Rook...
WISSOTA Statement Regarding Hoosier Racing Tire in...
Speedway Motors Partners with WISSOTA in 2022
Garage Tech Extreme Partners with the WISSOTA Rook...

Garage Tech Extreme Partners with the WISSOTA Rook...

5/9/2022 -
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (St. Cloud, MN 5/9/2022) Rod Lindquist, Executive Director of WISSOTA Auto Racing announces a new partnership with St. Cloud, Mi
WISSOTA Statement Regarding Hoosier Racing Tire in...

WISSOTA Statement Regarding Hoosier Racing Tire in...

4/14/2022 -
(April 14, 2022 - St. Cloud, Minnesota - Rod Lindquist, Executive Director, WISSOTA Promoters Association, Inc.) On Wednesday, April 6, 2022, I met wi
Speedway Motors Partners with WISSOTA in 2022

Speedway Motors Partners with WISSOTA in 2022

3/22/2022 -
(3/22/22 - St. Cloud, MN) We are excited to share with our promoters, drivers, and fans that we have extended our partnership with Speedway Motors. Sp

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Garage Tech Extreme Partners with the WISSOTA Rookie of the Year

Garage Tech Extreme Partners with the WISSOTA Rookie of the Year...

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (St. Cloud, MN 5/9/2022) Rod Lindquist, Executive Director of WISSOTA Auto Racing announces a new partnership with St. Cloud, Minnesota-based Garage Tech Extreme (GTX) Floor Coatings. GTX owner, Trevor Stewart, stated: “GTX is excited to be a part of...more
WISSOTA Statement Regarding Hoosier Racing Tire in 2022

WISSOTA Statement Regarding Hoosier Racing Tire in 2022

(April 14, 2022 - St. Cloud, Minnesota - Rod Lindquist, Executive Director, WISSOTA Promoters Association, Inc.) On Wednesday, April 6, 2022, I met with Scott Willis and Blake Follmer from Hoosier Tire North and, via conference call, Shanon Rush from Hoosier Corporate. ...more
Speedway Motors Partners with WISSOTA in 2022

Speedway Motors Partners with WISSOTA in 2022

(3/22/22 - St. Cloud, MN) We are excited to share with our promoters, drivers, and fans that we have extended our partnership with Speedway Motors. Speedway Motors has been an excellent partner with WISSOTA Auto Racing for 12 years and we appreciate their continued support...more

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Structural Buildings Challenge Series
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WISSOTA Street Stock

# Competitor Hometown
17A Jacob Aarhus Jacob Aarhus Canby, MN
20JR Anne Aason Anne Aason Watertown, SD
33 Daniel Aberle Daniel Aberle Finley, ND
14A Blake Adams Blake Adams McIntire, IA
01 Kory Adams Kory Adams Stacyville, IA
101 Ken Adams Ken Adams Stacyville, IA
0 Brian Adams Brian Adams Montgomery, MN
26T Ty Agen Ty Agen Chippewa Falls, WI
23 Josh Aho Josh Aho Great Falls, MT
7A Ben Albertson Ben Albertson Cottonwood, MN
007A Danny Allen Danny Allen Gillette, WY
17 Brian Allen Brian Allen Gillette, WY
8K Dezteney Amos Dezteney Amos Rice Lake, WI
3 Aaron Amundson Aaron Amundson Belgrade, MT
30 Shawn Amundson Shawn Amundson Rice Lake, WI
29x Chad Andersen Chad Andersen Dent, MN
20 Trevor Anderson Trevor Anderson Watertown, SD
70 Josh Anderson Josh Anderson Jamestown, ND
59 Kyle Anderson Kyle Anderson Jamestown, ND
27 Parker Anderson Parker Anderson Phillips, WI
27H Hunter Anderson Hunter Anderson Phillips, WI
9 Blake Anderson Blake Anderson Grand Forks, ND
4J Gary Angell Gary Angell Billings, MT
43 Dan Arends Dan Arends Devils Lake, ND
1j Joe Armstrong Joe Armstrong Crary, ND
1J Cody Armstrong Cody Armstrong Devils Lake, ND
28 Tony Arneson Tony Arneson Alexandria, MN
6 Andrew Ausman Andrew Ausman Rochester, MN
155 Richard Azure Richard Azure Great Falls, MT
81 Dave Azure Dave Azure Great Falls, MT
81 David Azure David Azure Great Falls, MT
67 Josh Bach Josh Bach Barron, WI
007 Douglas Baker Douglas Baker Billings, MT
24 Blayne Baloun Blayne Baloun St. Lawrence, SD
25 Jace Baloun Jace Baloun Highmore, SD
70 Andrew Bangsund Andrew Bangsund Alexandria, MN
65 Robert Banish Jr Robert Banish Jr Milnor, ND
62g Kenny Barber Kenny Barber Starbuck, MN
7 David Barker David Barker Hoople, ND
99 Josh Barker Josh Barker Thompson, ND
7p Warren Bartelt Warren Bartelt Medford, WI
27r Brooke Bartholomew Brooke Bartholomew Dickinson, ND
85 Tyler Bartholomew Tyler Bartholomew Dickinson, ND
85 Derek Baskin Derek Baskin Menomonie, WI
10B Dylan Baskin Dylan Baskin Arkansaw, WI
34 Tim Bauman Tim Bauman Gillette, WY
3 Jennifer Bauman Jennifer Bauman Gillette, WY
28 Earl Baxter Earl Baxter Sheridan, WY
3by3 Gary Beardslee Gary Beardslee Cambridge, MN
17 Zach Beaulieu Zach Beaulieu Chetek, WI
4x Curt Beck Curt Beck Great Falls, MT
70X Kurt Becken Kurt Becken Big Lake, MN
56 Shawn Becker Shawn Becker Jamestown, ND
38 Tony Becker Tony Becker Sheridan, WY
22B Ethan Beckler Ethan Beckler Granite Falls, MN
45 Wyatt Beddes Wyatt Beddes Billings, MT
31 Tracey Beebe Tracey Beebe Hastings, MN
18B Matt Beehler Matt Beehler Fargo, ND
43x Chris Behrens Chris Behrens Montevideo, MN
16 Jacob Bennett Jacob Bennett Austin, MN
46 Jason Berg Jason Berg Bismarck, ND
44 Barrett Berg Barrett Berg Lincoln, ND
29s Steve Berg Steve Berg Billings, MT
13 Rip Berg Rip Berg Deer Lodge, MT
65 Jerome Berger Jerome Berger Badger, MN
30B Wade Bergerud Wade Bergerud Dalton, MN
28 Roger Berkness Roger Berkness Eagle Bend, MN
33 Cooper Berlin Cooper Berlin Rice Lake, WI
241 Marcus Berndt Marcus Berndt Rochester, MN
19 Kyle Bertram Kyle Bertram Dallas, SD
19 Duane Bertram Duane Bertram Dallas, SD
11 Kyle Bertsch Kyle Bertsch St. Lawrence, SD
15 Riley Biloki Riley Biloki Hazen, ND
22 Casey Binstock Casey Binstock Dickinson, ND
1S Scott Bintz Scott Bintz Jamestown, ND
00 Ross Bjerkeset Ross Bjerkeset St. Leo, MN
16 David Blackberg David Blackberg Eagle River, WI
5BA Aaron Blacklance Aaron Blacklance Thief River Falls, MN
17 Terry Blacklance Terry Blacklance Thief River Falls, MN
18 Preston Blackwell Preston Blackwell Wessington, SD
10 Michael Blevins Sr Michael Blevins Sr Hibbing, MN
13 Jason Block Jason Block Toronto, SD
6x Mark Blom Mark Blom Glenwood, MN
X4 Taylor Blom Taylor Blom Corsica, SD
31x Anthony Blom Anthony Blom Brandon, MN
44 Megan Blomgren Megan Blomgren Eagle Bend, MN
34 Mike Blowers Mike Blowers Waseca, MN
34 Bobby Blowers Bobby Blowers Waseca, MN
0 Dustin Bluhm Dustin Bluhm Herman, MN
B23 Wade Blumke Wade Blumke Pequot Lakes, MN
B23 Eric Blumke Eric Blumke MENTOR, MN
48 Chase Boen Chase Boen Drayton, ND
48 Paul Boen Paul Boen Karlstad, MN
18 Delroy Boese Delroy Boese Livingston, MT
82 Kevin Bogdanovic Kevin Bogdanovic Wausau, WI
82B Kirk Bogdanovic Kirk Bogdanovic Phillips, WI
20 Michael Bogh Michael Bogh Huron, SD
20jr Jayden Bogh Jayden Bogh Huron, SD
33 Daniel Boissy Daniel Boissy Trego, WI
177 Kyle Bolt Kyle Bolt Rosslyn, ON
38x Brandon Booke Brandon Booke New Salem, ND
2x Kendall Booke Kendall Booke Gladstone, ND
17 Steve Boone Steve Boone Winnipeg, MB
13 Curtis Boser Curtis Boser Sauk Rapids, MN
77 Austen Bowman Austen Bowman Pennock, MN
7BR Lucas Boyce Lucas Boyce Hinckley, MN
17J Jay Brakke Jay Brakke South Shore, SD
7 Justin Brandsrud Justin Brandsrud Henry, SD
34 Jeff Brauer Jeff Brauer Eyota, MN
34Jr Braden Brauer Braden Brauer Eyota, MN
KOL34 Kolton Brauer Kolton Brauer Eyota, MN
4 Matt Bray Matt Bray Spooner, WI
1A Allen Brehmer Allen Brehmer Merrifield, MN
21 Cadin Brekkestran Cadin Brekkestran Thief River Falls, MN
35 Matt Brendel Matt Brendel Bismarck, ND
14 Shane Brick Shane Brick Aberdeen, SD
9B Shane Brien Shane Brien Great Falls, MT
23 Doug Brink Doug Brink Great Falls, MT
4 Micheal Brockman Micheal Brockman Echo, MN
14 Maria Broksieck Maria Broksieck Goodwin, SD
26b Brit Bromann Brit Bromann Eagle River, WI
69 Jayson Bronk Jayson Bronk West St Paul, MB
65 Dave Brooker Dave Brooker Tulare, SD
4 Joseph Brooks Joseph Brooks Great Falls, MT
54 Allen Brooks Allen Brooks Great Falls, MT
15 Mike Brown Mike Brown Tomahawk, WI
14B Jakob Browning Jakob Browning Watertown, SD
17 Samara Brunet Samara Brunet Whitehall, MT
30 Jason Burk Jason Burk Bozeman, MT
20 Jay Burns Jay Burns Huntley, MT
20 Mitchell Burns Mitchell Burns Huntley, MT
17 Wayne (Daniel) Burns Wayne (Daniel) Burns Whitehall, MT
18B Adam Burrows Adam Burrows West Fargo, ND
8cb Tommy Bush Tommy Bush Great Falls, MT
37x Quain Busitzky Quain Busitzky Anoka, MN
87x Quentin Busitzky Quentin Busitzky Anoka, MN
33 Connor Busse Connor Busse Alexandria, MN
07 Randy Bustad Randy Bustad Blaine, MN
21X Brendan Bustad Brendan Bustad Taopi, MN
21X Timothy Bustad Timothy Bustad Austin, MN
14B Adam Butterfield Adam Butterfield South Shore, SD
30 Cooper Butterfield Cooper Butterfield South Shore, SD
14c John Cable John Cable Geddes, SD
i0 Anthony Cacace Anthony Cacace Helena, MT
710 Roman Cahill Roman Cahill Great Falls, MT
710 Stephanie Cahill Stephanie Cahill Great Falls, MT
31 Rob Campbell Rob Campbell Petersfield, MB
199 Matthew Cardwell Matthew Cardwell Belgrade, MT
47 Russell Carlson Russell Carlson Montevideo, MN
88 Casey Carstens Casey Carstens Mitchell, SD
46 Jonny Carter Jonny Carter Fairmont, ND
19H Hunter Carter Hunter Carter West Fargo, ND
19 Todd Carter Todd Carter Lisbon, ND
14 Jeremy Castro Jeremy Castro Laurel, MT
20x Collin Castro Collin Castro Laurel, MT
50 Markus Catlin Markus Catlin Merrill, WI
22 Troy Cepak Jr. Troy Cepak Jr. Billings, MT
5 Joe Chaplin Jr Joe Chaplin Jr Cameron, WI
37 Mike Chaplin Mike Chaplin Barron, WI
65 Richard Chasteen Richard Chasteen Elk River, MN
118 Tanner Chavez Tanner Chavez Sheridan, WY
99% Russ Chester Russ Chester Chetek, WI
79 Billie Christ Billie Christ Jamestown, ND
79 Charlie Christ Charlie Christ Jamestown, ND
79 Jaden Christ Jaden Christ Jamestown, ND
17 Donald Cimfl Jr Donald Cimfl Jr Weyerhaeuser, WI
45c Andy Cimfl Andy Cimfl Rice Lake, WI
245 James Cimfl James Cimfl Turtle Lake, WI
845 Cody Cimfl Cody Cimfl Chetek, WI
24 James Clausen James Clausen Barron, WI
3c Katelynn Clawson Katelynn Clawson Deer Lodge, MT
26 Ty Clemens Ty Clemens Belgrade, MT
4 Brent Clemensen Brent Clemensen ASHBY, MN
711 Kenneth Clements Kenneth Clements Madison, SD
5 Darren Cleveland Darren Cleveland Aberdeen, SD
86 Terry Collett Terry Collett Billings, MT
3 Don Cook Don Cook Barron, WI
10 Dennis Cook Dennis Cook Big Timber, MT
77 Benjamin Coopland Benjamin Coopland Grand Forks, ND
00 Brandon Corbett Brandon Corbett Grand Forks, ND
007 Luke Cote Luke Cote Great Falls, MT
17ZC Zach Cox Zach Cox Bozeman, MT
0 Kevin Crabtree Kevin Crabtree Helena, MT
69 Bryan Crandall Bryan Crandall Herman, MN
21 Cory Craver Cory Craver Belgrade, MT
00 Bobby Crews Bobby Crews Austin, MN
77J Jim Critser Jim Critser Cyrus, MN
29* Jeff Crouse Jeff Crouse Alexandria, MN
3 Arlin Cuny Arlin Cuny Manderson, SD
7 Les Cuny Les Cuny Allen, SD
28 John Current John Current Bemidji, MN
30 Kyle Dalke Kyle Dalke Billings, MT
50 Justin Damm Justin Damm Billings, MT
97 A.J. Davenport A.J. Davenport Bismarck, ND
77 Brian Davidson Brian Davidson Sheridan, WY
1 Landan Davis Landan Davis Waubay, SD
2 Dustan Davis Dustan Davis Waubay, SD
80 Nathan Davis Nathan Davis Spearfish, SD
54 Scott Davis Scott Davis Spencer, WI
77 Joe Deede Joe Deede Medina, ND
77 Zach Degner Zach Degner Merrill, WI
44 Kipp DeGroot Kipp DeGroot Platte, SD
77 Adam Dehne Adam Dehne Medina, ND
28 Doug Derendorf Doug Derendorf Fort Frances, ON
80 Darren Derendorf Darren Derendorf Fort Frances, ON
21x Nick Desplinter Nick Desplinter Lincoln, ND
86 Kevin Desserre Kevin Desserre Dryden, ON
29 Kurt Deters Kurt Deters Sauk Centre, MN
24 Dave Deters Dave Deters Sauk Centre, MN
31 Scott Detert Scott Detert Harshaw, WI
81m Dominick Dieken Dominick Dieken Clara City, MN
97 Hunter Domagala Hunter Domagala Mandan, ND
96 Tracy Domagala Tracy Domagala Bismarck, ND
15 Tanner Dosch Tanner Dosch Bismarck, ND
21d Matt Dosch Matt Dosch Lincoln, ND
D1 Dustin Doughty Dustin Doughty Hudson, WI
03 Krysta Doughty Krysta Doughty Oakdale, MN
21 Brandon Downs Brandon Downs Brownsdale, MN
818td Tim Doyle Tim Doyle Great Falls, MT
7XJR Marcus Dunbar Marcus Dunbar Marenisco, MI
43c Casey Durand Casey Durand Conrad, MT
7 Steve Dwyer Steve Dwyer La Crosse, WI
11 Kyle Dykhoff Kyle Dykhoff Starbuck, MN
3c Cory Dykhoff Cory Dykhoff Perham, MN
88X Delray Dykstra Delray Dykstra Litchville, ND
67E Chad Eastman Chad Eastman Rice Lake, WI
00 Dustin Ebensteiner Dustin Ebensteiner Devils Lake, ND
B2 Brodee Eckerdt Brodee Eckerdt Grand Forks, ND
44 Steve Eggersgluess Steve Eggersgluess Rush City, MN
53 Zack Ehmke Zack Ehmke Dexter, MN
14e Rod Ehrp Rod Ehrp Chokio, MN
14e Wyatt Ehrp Wyatt Ehrp Chokio, MN
51 Toby Eilers Toby Eilers Aberdeen, SD
7X Andrew Eischens Andrew Eischens Taopi, MN
838 Jason Eisel Jason Eisel Rhinelander, WI
11jr Jeff Ekdahl Jeff Ekdahl Oakdale, MN
37 Chris Ekren Chris Ekren Grand Forks, ND
15 Zach Elward Zach Elward Hayfield, MN
0z Nick Emon Nick Emon Rapid City, SD
2 Cody Emon Cody Emon Rapid City, SD
7 Caiden Engel Caiden Engel Bruce, WI
32 Jeremy Engelhardt Jeremy Engelhardt Bismarck, ND
61 Joe Engels Joe Engels Castlewood, SD
87SS Lance Ennenga Lance Ennenga Dent, MN
81 Chad Entzel Chad Entzel Bismarck, ND
21 Tyler Erdman Tyler Erdman Benson, MN
13 Dustin Erickson Dustin Erickson Jamestown, ND
3E Kyle Erickson Kyle Erickson Princeton, MN
77 Tra Ewalt Tra Ewalt Thief River Falls, MN
11f Brandon Fah Brandon Fah Perham, MN
73D Daniel Fahrenkurg Daniel Fahrenkurg Great Falls, MT
1 Dean Fairbanks Dean Fairbanks Rapid City, SD
171 Troy Fairbanks Troy Fairbanks Rapid City, SD
11 Sam Fankhauser Sam Fankhauser Rice Lake, WI
64 Gary Feeleus Gary Feeleus La Salle, MB
25R Rick Fehr Rick Fehr Schoenwiese, MB
51 John Feist John Feist Bismarck, ND
87x Rex Feller Rex Feller Bozeman, MT
78 Leonard Ferguson Leonard Ferguson Kyle, SD
43 Lyle Ferguson Lyle Ferguson Kyle, SD
02 Owen Ferguson Owen Ferguson Kyle, SD
18 Arlen Ferguson Arlen Ferguson Rapid City, SD
2F Gary Ferguson Gary Ferguson Kyle, SD
39 Jordan Fisher Jordan Fisher Alexandria, MN
71X Jamey Fisher Jamey Fisher Chetek, WI
71X William Fisher William Fisher Shell Lake, WI
21q Andy Fitzgerald Andy Fitzgerald Rapid City, SD
47 Devin Dustin Flannigan Devin Dustin Flannigan Brainerd, MN
50 Ryan Flaten Ryan Flaten Grand Forks, ND
5F Mike Flickinger Mike Flickinger Kandiyohi, MN
15F Zachary Flickinger Zachary Flickinger Madison, MN
14 Merlyn Flickinger Jr Merlyn Flickinger Jr Kandiyohi, MN
12 Dwayne Fowler Dwayne Fowler Belgrade, MT
98f Brandon Fraaza Brandon Fraaza Ringle, WI
454 Dustin Frank Dustin Frank Raleigh, ND
9er Troy Fransway Troy Fransway Eau Claire, WI
5 Allan Frederick Allan Frederick Beulah, ND
5F Zach Frederick Zach Frederick Richardton, ND
8J Jordan Frericks Jordan Frericks Grove City, MN
82 Kelly Friede Kelly Friede Great Falls, MT
21 Duffy Froemke Duffy Froemke Lisbon, ND
63 Jake Froemke Jake Froemke International Falls, MN
17 Colton Fryer Colton Fryer Aberdeen, SD
8F Jeffery Fryer Jeffery Fryer Lidgerwood, ND
86 Preston Fryer Preston Fryer Watertown, SD
42 Chris Fuller Chris Fuller Hamilton, MT
95F Brian Furbur Brian Furbur Royalton, MN
7g Chris Galpin Chris Galpin Butte, MT
33 Garett Gamsby Garett Gamsby Stratton, ON
0G Josh Ganser Josh Ganser Jamestown, ND
85x Michael Gapp Michael Gapp Miller, SD
18 Taylor Garberich Taylor Garberich Maynard, MN
8x Craig Gardner Craig Gardner Alexandria, MN
82 James Garretson James Garretson Billings, MT
10 John Gartner Jr John Gartner Jr Mandan, ND
0 Scott Gartner Scott Gartner Jamestown, ND
00 Grant Gary Grant Gary Billings, MT
65g Frank Gasperini Frank Gasperini Iron Mountain, MI
11G Terin Gawryluk Terin Gawryluk Dickinson, ND
09G Monte Gawryluk Monte Gawryluk Deadwood, SD
2 Josh Gebhart Josh Gebhart Mitchell, SD
44 Austin Geigle Austin Geigle Jamestown, ND
72 Adam Geist Adam Geist Moorhead, MN
16x Kyle Genett Kyle Genett Auburndale, WI
32 Clay Gentzkow Clay Gentzkow Lamoure, ND
25G Andy Georgen Andy Georgen Sheridan, WY
25G Chris Georgen Chris Georgen Sheridan, WY
2X Brady Gerdes Brady Gerdes Villard, MN
44 Ryan Ghormley Ryan Ghormley Bozeman, MT
73 Cory Giessinger Cory Giessinger Watertown, SD
5 Andrew Gilbraith Andrew Gilbraith Billings, MT
22G Jared Gill Jared Gill Java, SD
64 David Gleaton David Gleaton Billings, MT
13 Max Glueckert Max Glueckert Wahpeton, ND
13A Austin Goedker Austin Goedker Sauk Rapids, MN
16 Steve Golat Steve Golat Bruce, WI
52x Joe Gonska Joe Gonska Eureka, SD
5 Tim Gonska Tim Gonska Brainerd, MN
17G Chris Gonska Chris Gonska Eureka, SD
16J Josh Good Josh Good Ruthton, MN
30 Bob Gordon Bob Gordon Shepherd, MT
17 Matt Goth Matt Goth Huron, SD
101 Jessica Goth Jessica Goth Madison, SD
15 Kyle Grabner Kyle Grabner Great Falls, MT
16 Rob Grabon Rob Grabon Rice Lake, WI
14T Steven Grabow Steven Grabow Aberdeen, SD
4 Curt Grace Curt Grace Miller, SD
57 Randy Graham Randy Graham Trego, WI
45JR Bill Grambow Bill Grambow Boyceville, WI
77 Ashley Grass Ashley Grass Shelley, ID
3 Nicholas Green Nicholas Green Bismarck, ND
67 Ed Green Ed Green Fort Benton, MT
59R Jacob Gregoire Jacob Gregoire Cottonwood, MN
18x Riley Gregoire Riley Gregoire East Grand Forks, MN
7 Logen Gregoire Logen Gregoire Ivanhoe, MN
2 Bo Gregor Bo Gregor Lisbon, ND
52 Bryan Grenz Bryan Grenz Napoleon, ND
G19 Cole Greseth Cole Greseth Harwood, ND
44 Jeremy Grinager Jeremy Grinager Marshall, MN
99 Noah Grinstead Noah Grinstead Austin, MN
98 Douglas Groenhoff Douglas Groenhoff Canby, MN
4G Dino Gronning Dino Gronning Casper, WY
2G Brock Gronwold Brock Gronwold Fergus Falls, MN
21 Jim Gullikson Jim Gullikson Nowthen, MN
96 Jeremy Gust Jeremy Gust Strathcona, MN
34 Bill Gustafson Bill Gustafson Clearbrook, MN
28j Aaron Gustafson Aaron Gustafson Rochester, MN
7h Bob Haan Bob Haan Watertown, SD
5 Abby Hacker Abby Hacker Montevideo, MN
0 Chad Hagen Chad Hagen Thief River Falls, MN
4rent Tyrin Hagen Tyrin Hagen Grygla, MN
OO6 Paul Haider Paul Haider Watertown, SD
80P Duane Haines Duane Haines Gillette, WY
80 Brandon Hakala Brandon Hakala Tomahawk, WI
111 Jason Halverson Jason Halverson Devils Lake, ND
92 Duane Halverson Duane Halverson Shell Lake, WI
92 Tyler Halverson Tyler Halverson Spooner, WI
35 John Halvorson John Halvorson Warren, MN
53 Seth Hamilton Seth Hamilton Havre, MT
42 Brandon Hammill Brandon Hammill Miller, SD
118 Mike Hammill Mike Hammill Miller, SD
3 Austin Hamre Austin Hamre Hutchinson, MN
2N Nate Hand Nate Hand Rapid City, SD
41 William Handel William Handel Great Falls, MT
45 Joe Hando Joe Hando Sheridan, WY
71H Ron Hanestad Ron Hanestad Glenwood City, WI
87z David Hangsleben David Hangsleben Solway, MN
9wg Jonn Hanneman Jonn Hanneman Madison, SD
14 Fred Hansen Fred Hansen Great Falls, MT
71 Jonathan Hansen Jonathan Hansen Holmen, WI
12 Warren Hanson Warren Hanson Downing, WI
36 Larry Hanson Larry Hanson Ypsilanti, ND
20 Andrew Hanson Andrew Hanson Iron River, WI
9JR Brian Hanson Jr Brian Hanson Jr Jamestown, ND
37 Christopher Harley Christopher Harley Billings, MT
316 Kholin Harmon Kholin Harmon Sheridan, WY
3 Ken Harmon Ken Harmon Sheridan, WY
18 Hanna Harmon Hanna Harmon Sheridan, WY
H-3 Wayne Harper Wayne Harper Sheridan, WY
3 Stanton Harper Stanton Harper Sheridan, WY
87 Eric Harpole Eric Harpole Bismarck, ND
110 Mike Harsh Mike Harsh Chippewa Falls, WI
77h Daniel Harstad Daniel Harstad Fergus Falls, MN
24 Mike Hart Mike Hart Erhard, MN
39 Richard Hartland Richard Hartland Winner, SD
86 Dylan Hartley Dylan Hartley Brookings, SD
18 Patrick Harvie Patrick Harvie Great Falls, MT
31 Raey Hastings IV Raey Hastings IV Austin, MN
10X Nathan Hauge Nathan Hauge Loyal, WI
66 Eric Haupt Eric Haupt Trego, WI
27J Domanick Havard Domanick Havard Wessington Springs, SD
5 Jason Havel Jason Havel Rice Lake, WI
93 Jimmy Havens Jimmy Havens Park City, MT
4 Scott Hawes Scott Hawes Livingston, MT
86x Ron Hawkinson Ron Hawkinson Chokio, MN
24 Darrel Hazelton Darrel Hazelton Chippewa Falls, WI
2H Travis Hazelton Travis Hazelton Chippewa Falls, WI
2d Dalton Hazelton Dalton Hazelton New Auburn, WI
01C Charles Hedges Jr. Charles Hedges Jr. Tripoli, WI
37 Wade Heinrich Wade Heinrich Lamoure, ND
42 Darryl Heintz Darryl Heintz East St. Paul, MB
05 Geoff Hellman Geoff Hellman Mandan, ND
54 Brad Hellman Brad Hellman Mandan, ND
86 Douglas Henninger Douglas Henninger Bozeman, MT
05 Dylan Herner Dylan Herner Bismarck, ND
19h Jenna Herrman Jenna Herrman Rice Lake, WI
19h Kevin Herrman Kevin Herrman Rice Lake, WI
4 Trey Hess Trey Hess Grand Forks, ND
53 Jake Hessler Jake Hessler Eau Claire, WI
22jr Ben Hillman Ben Hillman Menomonie, WI
71 Dustin Hinrichs Dustin Hinrichs Carrington, ND
21 Kelly Hoerner Kelly Hoerner Bismarck, ND
3x Todd Hoff Todd Hoff Mott, ND
21 Russell Hoffer Russell Hoffer Winner, SD
22 Craig Hoffer Craig Hoffer Winner, SD
7 Sam Hoffman Sam Hoffman Belgrade, MT
81 Damon Hoftiezer Damon Hoftiezer Fort Pierre, SD
3x Roger Hogstad Roger Hogstad Sioux Falls, SD
61 James Hoing James Hoing Kimball, SD
47 Brent Holland Brent Holland Glenville, MN
27 Dale Holte Dale Holte Elk Mound, WI
6H Dusten Holub Dusten Holub Chetek, WI
56 Ethan Hommerding Ethan Hommerding Merrill, WI
00 Brandon Honrud Brandon Honrud Bismarck, ND
44 Trey Hoppe Trey Hoppe New Richland, MN
4x Tanner Horn Tanner Horn Wadena, MN
24x Scott Horn Scott Horn Deer Creek, MN
80 Chad Horst Chad Horst Gillette, WY
4 Chris Hotovec Chris Hotovec Dodge Center, MN
1x Clifford Houser Clifford Houser Kimball, SD
23G Lainey Howard Lainey Howard Great Falls, MT
18T Ryan Howe Ryan Howe Menomonie, WI
A1 Matt Howell Matt Howell Montevideo, MN
05 Kyle Howland Kyle Howland Zimmerman, MN
Y Ryan Hugelen Ryan Hugelen Belfield, ND
6 Kenneth Hunter Kenneth Hunter Deer Lodge, MT
69 Rodney Hunter Rodney Hunter Deer Lodge, MT
67 Markus Hunter Markus Hunter Deer Lodge, MT
21H Scott Huston Scott Huston Benson, MN
18H Dusty Hyatt Dusty Hyatt Oakes, ND
42 Cody Hyatt Cody Hyatt Waseca, MN
I7 Ethan Iiams Ethan Iiams Kandiyohi, MN
66 Ronald Imberi Ronald Imberi Three Forks, MT
151 Lyle Imberi Lyle Imberi Miles City, MT
45 Brad Ingram Brad Ingram Chetek, WI
27x Calvin Iverson Calvin Iverson Eleva, WI
86 Jeremy Ivie Jeremy Ivie Great Falls, MT
83 Mark Iyotte Jr. Mark Iyotte Jr. Rosebud, SD
12 Leslie Jackson Leslie Jackson Wilson, WI
22 Ryan Jacobsen Ryan Jacobsen LeRoy, MN
6J Taylor Jacobson Taylor Jacobson Roseau, MN
6J Richard Jacobson Richard Jacobson Roseau, MN
44 Devon Jadwin Devon Jadwin Three Forks, MT
00 Blake Jaenisch Blake Jaenisch Granite Falls, MN
1k Kevin Jager Kevin Jager Rapid City, SD
10 Klayson Jager Klayson Jager Rapid City, SD
28 Chad Jahner Chad Jahner Dickinson, ND
E30 Lance Jangula Lance Jangula Linton, ND
25 Mike Jans Mike Jans Clarkfield, MN
23 Maverick Janssen Maverick Janssen Barnesville, MN
74 Kyle Jarvey Kyle Jarvey Great Falls, MT
5 Royce Jawaski Royce Jawaski Adrian, ND
21J Brian Johanson Brian Johanson Edmore, ND
21 Jacob Johanson Jacob Johanson Edmore, ND
1jr Tim Johnson Tim Johnson Brainerd, MN
69J Chris Johnson Chris Johnson Eagan, MN
007 Derrick Johnson Derrick Johnson New Richmond, WI
25 Ryan Johnson Ryan Johnson Karlstad, MN
4 Rick Johnson Rick Johnson Bismarck, ND
3jr Lane Johnson Lane Johnson Miller, SD
88 Tristan Johnson Tristan Johnson Carrington, ND
3D Dillon Johnson Dillon Johnson Upton, WY
3 Luke Johnson Luke Johnson Miller, SD
27J Jordan Johnson Jordan Johnson Jamestown, ND
7 Marshall Johnson Marshall Johnson Rapid City, SD
87M Aaron Johnson Aaron Johnson Aberdeen, SD
27J Spencer Johnson Spencer Johnson Jamestown, ND
2 Zackory Johnson Zackory Johnson Oslo, MN
48J Justin Joiner Justin Joiner Pittsville, WI
6 J.R. Jones J.R. Jones Belle Plaine, MN
23 Hailey Jordan Hailey Jordan Dickinson, ND
65 Bree Jordan Bree Jordan Dickinson, ND
65 Richard Jordan Richard Jordan Dickinson, ND
65B BreAnna Jordan BreAnna Jordan Dickinson, ND
21x Loren Jorgenson Loren Jorgenson Waubay, SD
28 Greg Jose Greg Jose Grand Forks, ND
69 Corey Jurrens Corey Jurrens Lake Preston, SD
76 Brad Kadrmas Brad Kadrmas Bismarck, ND
35J Dan Kahler Dan Kahler Alexandria, SD
99 John Kallas John Kallas Hurley, WI
96 Jared Kalynuik Jared Kalynuik Marquette, MB
19 Cole Kannegiesser Cole Kannegiesser Hancock, MN
00 Dustin Karl Dustin Karl Osakis, MN
96 John Kasboski John Kasboski Fall Creek, WI
58 Ray Kaseman Ray Kaseman Wishek, ND
83 Kylie Kath Kylie Kath Claremont, MN
12k Keith Kauss Keith Kauss Taylor, ND
11k Jeremy Keller Jeremy Keller Bismarck, ND
15 Dennis Kenaston Dennis Kenaston Billiings, MT
29 Devin Kenaston Devin Kenaston Billings, MT
15 Nathan Kenaston Nathan Kenaston Billings, MT
28 Butch Kennedy Butch Kennedy Banner, WY
28 Cole Kennedy Cole Kennedy Banner, WY
66K Brian Kentner Brian Kentner Boissevain, MB
12k Jay Kesan Jay Kesan Weyerhaeuser, WI
7 Mitchell Kesan Mitchell Kesan Medford, WI
9k Kolby Kiehl Kolby Kiehl Barron, WI
57x Kyle King Kyle King Hastings, MN
32 Caylee Kjos Caylee Kjos Winona, MN
6 Nathan Klaassen Nathan Klaassen Morden, MB
358 Don Klaassen Don Klaassen Morden, MB
88XXX Randy Klein Randy Klein Enderlin, ND
38 Ian Kline-Ray Ian Kline-Ray Laurel, MT
39J Dan Klingfus Dan Klingfus Austin, MN
30 Seth Klostreich Seth Klostreich Grand Forks, ND
28 Colten Klueckman Colten Klueckman Wausau, WI
71t Tanar Kluender Tanar Kluender Elma, IA
5k Michael Klugman Michael Klugman Wheaton, MN
2k Tyler Klugman Tyler Klugman Wheaton, MN
29 Jonathon Kluver Jonathon Kluver Albert Lea, MN
66 Jacob Knapper Jacob Knapper Montevideo, MN
93 Mike Knopps Mike Knopps Chippewa Falls, WI
92 Karles Knopps Karles Knopps Chippewa Falls, WI
42k Mike Knudtson Mike Knudtson Osseo, WI
15 Tony Konold Tony Konold Clear Lake, SD
17 Keith Konold Keith Konold Brandt, SD
22 Shawn Koranda Shawn Koranda Bluffton, MN
22 Jack Koranda Jack Koranda Bluffton, MN
15 Danielle Korne Danielle Korne Morden, MB
17 Ryan Kostreba Ryan Kostreba Elk River, MN
14 Russell Kostreba Russell Kostreba Zimmerman, MN
X4 Jordan Kott Jordan Kott Platte, SD
77 Kevin Kraemer Kevin Kraemer Sauk Rapids, MN
X01 Travis Krause Travis Krause Buffalo City, WI
21k Jared Krenelka Jared Krenelka Billings, MT
21K Kit Krenelka Kit Krenelka Billings, MT
47K Luke Krogh Luke Krogh Dickinson, ND
11K Ken Krogh Ken Krogh Dickinson, ND
21K Kyle Krogh Kyle Krogh Dickinson, ND
46 Stacy Krohnberg Stacy Krohnberg Walters, MN
6m Ricky Krokel Ricky Krokel Aberdeen, SD
6m Jamie Krokel Jamie Krokel Aberdeen, SD
11K Davey Kruchten Davey Kruchten Burtrum, MN
17 Thomas Kruger Thomas Kruger Clara City, MN
17x Ethan Kruger Ethan Kruger Clara City, MN
69 Stoney Kruk Stoney Kruk Langdon, ND
12 Cody Kummer Cody Kummer Medford, WI
38 Tyler Kunz Tyler Kunz Burtrum, MN
22 Travis Kunz Travis Kunz Sauk Centre, MN
20 Brayden Kunze Brayden Kunze Lisbon, ND
26 Jordan Kurtti Jordan Kurtti Bruce Crossing, MI
26 Kaycie Kynett Kaycie Kynett Livingston, MT
28 Brady Lacher Brady Lacher Milbank, SD
27 Jerry Lamb Jerry Lamb Lisbon, ND
314 Tyler Lamb Tyler Lamb Clark, SD
85 Patrick LaMere Patrick LaMere Great Falls, MT
185 Braidyn LaMere Braidyn LaMere Great Falls, MT
186 Patrick J LaMere Patrick J LaMere Great Falls, MT
99 Greg Lammers Greg Lammers Owatonna, MN
87 Alan Lane Alan Lane Williams, MN
12 Kyle Laney Kyle Laney South Haven, MN
02 Nate Langeberg Nate Langeberg Tomahawk, WI
76x Tyler LaPierre Tyler LaPierre Great Falls, MT
25 Mark Lecount Mark Lecount McKenzie, ND
3 Zach Lee Zach Lee Horace, ND
3j Jared Lindner Jared Lindner Greenwood, WI
7L Jesse Lindner Jesse Lindner Watertown, SD
7 Shane Lindseth Shane Lindseth Eau Claire, WI
2L Art Linert Art Linert Badger, MN
75 Nick Linert Nick Linert Badger, MN
114 Joe Lingnofski Joe Lingnofski Rhinelander, WI
114 Joe Linofski Joe Linofski Rhinelander, WI
3L Chris Lipinski Chris Lipinski Marshall, MN
28 Justin Litzau Justin Litzau Lake Lillian, MN
40 Travis Loew Travis Loew Barron, WI
21k Michael Logelin Michael Logelin Rapid City, SD
71 Josh Long Josh Long Canby, MN
56 Riley Lorensen Riley Lorensen Willmar, MN
36 Brad Lorentz Brad Lorentz Eagle Bend, MN
2 Rod Lorenz Rod Lorenz Billings, MT
8 Troy Lorenz Troy Lorenz Billings, MT
8 Brady Lorenz Brady Lorenz Great Falls, MT
3D Dale Louwagie Dale Louwagie Cottonwood, MN
36 Robert Lowe Robert Lowe Luck, WI
21K Kolton Luepke Kolton Luepke Granite Falls, MN
51 Justin Lundeen Justin Lundeen Grand Forks, ND
29 Kayla Lystad Kayla Lystad Foreston, MN
19M Seth Maier Seth Maier New Albin, IA
9M Cody Malcom Cody Malcom Shelley, ID
17gm Alan Malsam Alan Malsam Mobridge, SD
44X Zach Manley Zach Manley Chetek, WI
26 Mark Mann Mark Mann Cascade, MT
78 Matthew Mann Matthew Mann Great Falls, MT
007 Brandon Mannikko Brandon Mannikko Hancock, MI
31 Jason Marko Jason Marko Watertown, SD
2 Joe Martin Joe Martin Willmar, MN
84 Doug Martin Doug Martin Willmar, MN
2 Dave Mass Dave Mass East Bethel, MN
M80 Andrew Maxwell Andrew Maxwell West Saint Paul, MB
21N Nicolas McCleary Nicolas McCleary Murdock, MN
55K Kinzer McCord Kinzer McCord Molt, MT
19 Tyler McFarland Tyler McFarland Goodwin, SD
29 Dan McNamee Dan McNamee Arvilla, ND
92 Megan McNamee Megan McNamee Arvilla, ND
7 James Meagher James Meagher Grand Forks, ND
55 Scott Meeds Scott Meeds Shell Lake, WI
94 Allen Megaard Allen Megaard Billings, MT
7M Eric Mehlhaff Eric Mehlhaff Eureka, SD
13 Jason Meidinger Jason Meidinger Mandan, ND
59M Behnjamin Mensen Behnjamin Mensen Ramsey, MN
27m Nathan Messmer Nathan Messmer Mott, ND
18 Scotty Messner Scotty Messner Bemidji, MN
87m Dave Meyer Dave Meyer Thief River Falls, MN
54 Jodie Michaelsohn Jodie Michaelsohn Aberdeen, SD
8 Chris Michaelsohn Chris Michaelsohn Wishek, ND
54 Jayden Michaelsohn Jayden Michaelsohn Aberdeen, SD
182 Ginnie Miesmer Ginnie Miesmer Great Falls, MT
18 Brice Miesmer Brice Miesmer Great Falls, MT
13 Chris Miesmer Chris Miesmer Black Eagle, MT
18Sr Mickey Miesmer Mickey Miesmer Great Falls, MT
3 Brett Miller Brett Miller Alexandria, MN
5 Bradon Miller Bradon Miller Lakota, ND
80 Tony Miller Tony Miller Browns Valley, MN
22 Alex Minks Alex Minks Arvilla, WI
1m Nicholas Minske Nicholas Minske East Grand Forks, MN
46 Cory Moser Cory Moser Aberdeen, SD
21 Brian Motz Brian Motz Fergus Falls, MN
4 Mike Mund Mike Mund Milnor, ND
11 Emily Mundahl Emily Mundahl Bismarck, ND
22T Troy Murner Troy Murner Rapid City, SD
1M Alex Myers Alex Myers Cameron, WI
66 Melissa Neary Melissa Neary Billings, MT
10 Thomas Neihart Thomas Neihart Grand Forks, ND
10N Thomas Neihart Sr Thomas Neihart Sr Minot, ND
15 Cole Neisius Cole Neisius Hastings, MN
15 Caden Neisius Caden Neisius Hastings, MN
6 Darian Neitzel Darian Neitzel Rogers, AR
0 Troy Nelson Troy Nelson Antigo, WI
0 Troy Nelson Troy Nelson Jamestown, ND
08 Dean Nething Dean Nething Wood Lake, MN
33A Aubrey Nething Aubrey Nething Wood Lake, MN
63 Greg Neumann Greg Neumann Niagara, ND
6 Jamie Neumiller Jamie Neumiller Rapid City, SD
32 Jason Newkirk Jason Newkirk Austin, MN
42L Larry Niebel Larry Niebel Ile Des Chenes, MB
1n Brent Nielsen Brent Nielsen Rapid City, SD
14 JJ Nieuwbeerta JJ Nieuwbeerta Alexandria, MN
68* Jeremy Nieuwbeerta Jeremy Nieuwbeerta Alexandria, MN
11 Joseph No Runner Joseph No Runner Browning, MT
74 Steve Nordhagen Steve Nordhagen The Villiages, FL
24T Tiffany Noreikis Tiffany Noreikis Warren, MN
73 Brad Norris Brad Norris Great Falls, MT
79 Jeff Nowak Jeff Nowak Wausau, WI
38 Tom O’Brien Tom O’Brien Webster, WI
82 Craig Oas Craig Oas Altoona, WI
38 Thomas O'Brien Thomas O'Brien Webster, WI
*1* Matt O'Connell Matt O'Connell Great Falls, MT
296 Devin Odegard Devin Odegard Zimmerman, MN
22x Trent Ohden Trent Ohden Raymond, MN
E30 Craig Ohlhauser Craig Ohlhauser
76p Ron Olafson Ron Olafson Grand Forks, ND
39 Josh Olheiser Josh Olheiser Dickinson, ND
75 Schaun Olheiser Schaun Olheiser Dickinson, ND
83 Doug Olmscheid Doug Olmscheid Belgrade, MN
1E Eric Olson Eric Olson Ladysmith, WI
10x Chuck Olson Chuck Olson Evansville, MN
17m Mike Olson Mike Olson Lancaster, MN
49 Tim Olson Tim Olson Andover, SD
17 Brent Olson Brent Olson Badger, MN
2KOR Cody Olson Cody Olson Canby, MN
51 Zach Onson Zach Onson Weston, WI
43 Rory Opp Rory Opp Hannaford, ND
7 Jimmy Oppelt Jr Jimmy Oppelt Jr Great Falls, MT
19 Gunner Orcutt Gunner Orcutt Tomahawk, WI
79 Joseph Ott Joseph Ott Spooner, WI
81 Travis Oxandaburu Travis Oxandaburu Huron, SD
11x Jared Palm Jared Palm Warroad, MN
22 Brandon Palm Brandon Palm Portland, ND
82 Frank Pearson Frank Pearson Great Falls, MT
XX Logan Pearson Logan Pearson Watertown, SD
29 Brian Pearson Brian Pearson Toronto, SD
27P Tucker Pederson Tucker Pederson East Grand Forks, MN
13d Kayla Pelissier Kayla Pelissier Roundup, MT
12 Kevin Pender Kevin Pender Barnesville, MN
78 Jon Perkins Jon Perkins Jamestown, ND
7 Patrick Perlichek Patrick Perlichek Bismarck, ND
40.25 Henry Peters Henry Peters Winkler, MB
29 Dennis Peters Dennis Peters Thornhill, MB
9 Durand Peterson Durand Peterson Glenwood, MN
06 Drew Peterson Drew Peterson Langdon, ND
11* Robert Petroff Robert Petroff Bozeman, MT
0G Cody Pfeiffer Cody Pfeiffer Helena, MT
8 Stephanie Pfleger Stephanie Pfleger Great Falls, MT
Z22 Cole Phillips Cole Phillips Winner, SD
76a Gary Pischke Gary Pischke Dalbo, MN
82P Mike Pistelak Mike Pistelak Great Falls, MT
50 Crist Pittenger Crist Pittenger Bismarck, ND
16 Greg Platzer Greg Platzer Robbinsdale, MN
01 Justin Pogones Justin Pogones Princeton, MN
7x Waylon Poitra Waylon Poitra Larimore, ND
00 Zach Pollock Zach Pollock Miller, SD
57 Spence Pollock Spence Pollock Orient, SD
5P Ryan Pommerer Ryan Pommerer Oriska, ND
5px Jenna Pommerer Jenna Pommerer Oriska, ND
11p Jeremiah Porter Jeremiah Porter Grand Forks, ND
10 Joe Potter Joe Potter Euclid, MN
79 Warren Pourier Jr Warren Pourier Jr Kyle, SD
38 Toby Price Toby Price Oglala, SD
04 Caden Price Caden Price Elk Mound, WI
49 Dean Pronschinske Dean Pronschinske Strum, WI
2 Fred Prudoehl Fred Prudoehl Winona, MN
3G Glenn Puckett Glenn Puckett Kyle, SD
21X Dustin Puffe Dustin Puffe Laporte, MN
55j Jaren Puhlman Jaren Puhlman Piedmont, SD
55J Robert Puhlman Robert Puhlman Piedmont, SD
88 Chad Puschinsky Chad Puschinsky Bemidji, MN
22 Nick Rahn Nick Rahn St. Paul, MN
67 Weston Ramsrud Weston Ramsrud Bagley, MN
67 Chad Ramsrud Chad Ramsrud Bagley, MN
15 Jim Randall Jim Randall Rice Lake, WI
17 Adam Rassier Adam Rassier Grand Forks, ND
6T Cody Ratcliff Cody Ratcliff Sheridan, WY
13 Joe Rath Joe Rath Idaho Falls, ID
96 Wyatt Rath-Wald Wyatt Rath-Wald Napoleon, ND
64 Jordan Rawstern Jordan Rawstern Blunt, SD
X3 Shawn Reed Shawn Reed Casper, WY
1 Gary Reents Gary Reents Villard, MN
c4 Cliff Reeves Cliff Reeves Oberon, ND
R15 Chazz Reeves Chazz Reeves Oberon, ND
10 Steven Rehm Steven Rehm Middle River, MN
03 Bryce Reimer Bryce Reimer Cavalier, ND
45 Tyler Reimer Tyler Reimer Cavalier, ND
81 Mark Rein Mark Rein Buffalo, MN
jm James Reiner James Reiner Wessington Springs, SD
69 Brandon Rekow Brandon Rekow Ellendale, ND
9 Jason Rethemeier Jason Rethemeier Larimore, ND
5r George Richards George Richards Mondovi, WI
3R Danny Richards Danny Richards Mondovi, WI
7R Tommy Richards Tommy Richards Mondovi, WI
1R Cole Richards Cole Richards Mondovi, WI
14 Kori Richter Kori Richter Rice Lake, WI
75 Robby Ridl Robby Ridl Dickinson, ND
34j Derek Rieck Derek Rieck Ortonville, MN
51 Eric Riley Eric Riley Morris, MN
17 Christopher Ritter Christopher Ritter Jamestown, ND
26 Dean Roberts Dean Roberts Sheridan, WY
99% Richard Robinson Richard Robinson Chetek, WI
22 Cory Rodin Cory Rodin Marion, ND
15 Rob Rodziczak Rob Rodziczak Rhinelander, WI
7 John Rolfe John Rolfe Ennis, MT
12 Kammron Rose Kammron Rose Dorchester, WI
44 Robert Ross Robert Ross St. Lawrence, SD
99 Andy Rossow Andy Rossow Florence, SD
50R Ben Rothstein Ben Rothstein Foreston, MN
18 Gavin Rowland Gavin Rowland Ogilvie, MN
7 James Rowley James Rowley Spanish Fork, UT
53X Brian Rutten Brian Rutten Alexandria, MN
20 Jordan Rymerson Jordan Rymerson Toronto, SD
76 Scott Salsbury Scott Salsbury Belgrade, MT
29 Pat Salway Pat Salway Billings, MT
66S Patrick Salway Patrick Salway Billings, MT
33 Logan Sanborn Logan Sanborn Faribault, MN
14S Jaida Sanderson Jaida Sanderson Aberdeen, SD
67 Ryan Satter Ryan Satter Dent, MN
64 Levi Schellberg Levi Schellberg Madison, MN
96 Justin Schempp Justin Schempp Jamestown, ND
20J Jay Schlotfeldt Jay Schlotfeldt Jamestown, ND
20 Cayden Schmeling Cayden Schmeling Watertown, SD
18 Kevin Schmidt Kevin Schmidt Becker, MN
10XB Brad Schmidt Brad Schmidt Elk River, MN
10S Josh Schmidt Josh Schmidt Becker, MN
12 Al Schmidt Al Schmidt Watertown, SD
12s Trajan Schmidt Trajan Schmidt Watertown, SD
42 Logan Schmitz Logan Schmitz Washburn, ND
21 Tyler Schrenk Tyler Schrenk Ypsilanti, ND
211 Joe Schrodt Joe Schrodt Coleharbor, ND
88S George Schrumpf George Schrumpf Rochester, MN
16s Ty Schuler Ty Schuler Montevideo, MN
16j Coltyn Schuler Coltyn Schuler Montevideo, MN
2* Dustin Schultz Dustin Schultz Marshall, MN
38s Nick Schwebach Nick Schwebach Fountain, MN
38b Brooke Schwebach Brooke Schwebach Fountain, MN
29 Derrick Scott Derrick Scott Geddes, SD
71x Travis Scott Travis Scott Glenwood, MN
71x Brendon Scott Brendon Scott Osakis, MN
31 David Scott David Scott Ewen, MI
31s Mathew Seidel Mathew Seidel Alvarado , MN
5 Bob Seidler Bob Seidler Chippewa Falls, WI
007 Jess Seim Jess Seim Glenwood City, WI
08 Jeff Sekuterski Jeff Sekuterski Ulm, MT
91 Jeremy Sengelmann Jeremy Sengelmann Dallas, SD
94 Joel Sengelmann Joel Sengelmann Pierre, SD
01 Chris Serr Chris Serr Aberdeen, SD
43 Tony Shaner Tony Shaner Owatonna, MN
11 Brandon Shaner Brandon Shaner Owatonna, MN
81 T.C. Shelhamer T.C. Shelhamer Baker, MT
37W Ferlin Sheridan Ferlin Sheridan Aberdeen, SD
712 Kevin Sheridan Kevin Sheridan Salix, IA
19c Charlie Shiek Charlie Shiek Foley, MN
17 Nick Shumansky Nick Shumansky Perham, MN
4c Travis Shumate Travis Shumate Great Falls, MT
11s Kyle Sivesind Kyle Sivesind Stewartville, MN
11S David Sivesind David Sivesind Racine, MN
5s Chris Smeby Chris Smeby Erskine, MN
13 Jamie Smith Jamie Smith Boissevain, MB
06 Kevin Smith Kevin Smith Boissevain, MB
5 Brittany Smith Brittany Smith St. Joseph, MN
19 Bob Smith Bob Smith St. Joseph, MN
22 Zane Smith Zane Smith Billings, MT
16 Pat Smith Pat Smith Boissevain, MB
32* Bodie Smith Bodie Smith Bozeman, MT
81 Nathan Smith Nathan Smith Watertown, SD
64S Darrell Snyder Darrell Snyder Belfield, ND
99 Mike Sobolik Mike Sobolik Aberdeen, SD
9 Adam Soltis Adam Soltis Ladysmith, WI
213 Tim Sorenson Tim Sorenson Williston, ND
307 Donavon Sorenson Donavon Sorenson Williston, ND
21 Tyler Speltz Tyler Speltz St. Joseph, MN
42 Nathan Speten Nathan Speten Wilton, ND
36 Ross Spitzer Ross Spitzer Blooming Prairie, MN
21 Jesse Stahl Jesse Stahl Austin, MN
166 James Stands III James Stands III Rapid City, SD
5 Keeler Stands Keeler Stands Rapid City, SD
9 Casey Stangeland Casey Stangeland Kensal, ND
74 Bruce Stanley Bruce Stanley Merrill, WI
99 Ralph Stark Ralph Stark Withee, WI
99JR William Stark William Stark Withee, WI
7s Brent Steg Brent Steg Lorette west, MB
17 Matt Steuerwald Matt Steuerwald Madison, SD
33 Cody Stockton Cody Stockton Volga, SD
368 Tony Stone Tony Stone Deer Lodge, MT
96 Lane Stoppleworth Lane Stoppleworth Buchanan, ND
49 Broc Stout Broc Stout Winner, SD
35s Kegan Stueve Kegan Stueve Greenwald, MN
76s Dan Svee Dan Svee Colfax, WI
09 Jaimie Swanson Jaimie Swanson Florence, SD
M18 Michael Swanson Michael Swanson St. Joseph, MN
20 Brian Swenson Brian Swenson Bismarck, ND
91 Shane Swenson Shane Swenson Devils Lake, ND
35X Harmon Swiger Harmon Swiger Grand Forks, MN
71 Justin Tammen Justin Tammen Clara City, MN
71X Cory Tammen Cory Tammen Wolverton, MN
0G Bill Taylor Bill Taylor Rapid City, SD
22xx5 Ritch Taylor Ritch Taylor Sarona, WI
22 James Taylor James Taylor Springbrook, WI
30 D.J. Tesch D.J. Tesch Brandt, SD
70 Jesse Teunis Jesse Teunis Lockport, MB
85 Jason Thimmesh Jason Thimmesh Garfield, MN
64 Jay Thompson Jay Thompson Revillo, SD
69t Nick Thoreson Nick Thoreson Fort Ransom, ND
6T Mike Thorpe Mike Thorpe Ellendale, ND
18 Jeromy Thorstenson Jeromy Thorstenson Aberdeen, SD
01 Tom Thrift Tom Thrift Jamestown, ND
14 Joey Tinker Joey Tinker Great Falls, MT
814 Cail Tinker Cail Tinker Great Falls, MT
58 Wade Tirrel Wade Tirrel White, SD
85 Marty Tirrel Marty Tirrel White, SD
14T Dakota Tirrel Dakota Tirrel Watertown, SD
14T Dylan Tirrel Dylan Tirrel Toronto, SD
85 Kyle Tirrel Kyle Tirrel Toronto, SD
80 Brian Tomford Brian Tomford Long Prairie, MN
111jr Keith Tourville Keith Tourville Janesville, MN
40 Nick Traynor Nick Traynor Barron, WI
T20 Michael Tuma Michael Tuma Weyerhaeuser, WI
10 Darek Turner Darek Turner Fargo, ND
34 Ryne Uhrich Ryne Uhrich Langdon, ND
31j Tanner Ulakovic Tanner Ulakovic Murillo, ON
3 Travis Ulmer Travis Ulmer Mandan, ND
83 Chris Uroszek Chris Uroszek Sheridan, WY
2KU Kodee Ussatis Kodee Ussatis Eagan, MN
2U Kasey Ussatis Kasey Ussatis Nome, ND
5 Ryan Valeria Ryan Valeria Rhinelander, WI
1 Ken Valeria Ken Valeria Eagle River, WI
5k Pearce Vander Pol Pearce Vander Pol Geddes, SD
8v Ron VanDusen Ron VanDusen Eagle River, WI
404 Bobby Vanek Bobby Vanek Cascade, MT
84 Hunter VanGilder Hunter VanGilder Rice Lake, WI
8T Doug VanMill Doug VanMill Bagley, MN
17 Chris Vargason Chris Vargason Edinburg, ND
12 Jaden Varnson Jaden Varnson Lakota, ND
40 Lynnie Verge Lynnie Verge Belgrade, MT
2 Derick Verge Derick Verge Belgrade, MT
10 Justin Vogel Justin Vogel Brooten, MN
74 Jeff Vogel Jeff Vogel Lamoure, ND
16k Kevin Vogt Kevin Vogt Rose Creek, MN
s8 Shawn Volk Shawn Volk Lincoln, ND
8X Brock Volker Brock Volker Hoffman, MN
24 Deryk Voller Deryk Voller Dickinson, ND
0N Del Voss Del Voss Cascade, MT
19 Troy Voth Troy Voth Mazeppa, MN
93 C.J. Wagner C.J. Wagner Chetek, WI
19 Ashley Wahlstrom Ashley Wahlstrom Rice Lake, WI
88 Robert Wahlstrom Robert Wahlstrom Chetek, WI
88 Simon Wahlstrom Simon Wahlstrom Mikana, WI
25RIP James Wall James Wall Winkler, MB
25 Cody Wall Cody Wall Coulee, MB
X Timothy (TJ) Waln Timothy (TJ) Waln Wadena, MN
21 Dustin Walters Dustin Walters Alexandria, MN
24 Ashley Wampler Ashley Wampler Hecla, SD
24 Dale Wampler Dale Wampler Hecla, SD
29K Kelly Wanner Kelly Wanner New Hradec, ND
03 John Weber John Weber Linton, ND
51 Ron Weber Ron Weber Helena, MT
21J Joe Weber Joe Weber Benson, MN
56W James Weddle James Weddle Sheridan, WY
12w Chris Welk Jr Chris Welk Jr Mandan, ND
17 Emory Wells Emory Wells Belgrade, MT
44 Avery Wendt Avery Wendt Brandon, MN
21 Derek Wettstein Derek Wettstein Little Falls, MN
73 Dustin White Dustin White Eagle River, WI
911 Parker White Parker White Bozeman, MT
16 Vasa White Vasa White Bozeman, MT
6 Dallas Whiting Dallas Whiting Dillon, MT
10 Bryce Wick Bryce Wick Eagle River, WI
5 Jacob Wilde Jacob Wilde Thief River Falls, MN
22w Jim Williams Jim Williams DeGraff, MN
23 Pam Williams Pam Williams Belgrade, MT
22 Avery Williams Avery Williams Montevideo, MN
14 Brady Williamson Brady Williamson Rushford, MN
16 Chad Willmott Chad Willmott White, SD
55 Tylar Wilson Tylar Wilson Fort Frances, ON
77 Christopher Winter Jr Christopher Winter Jr Hoffman, MN
88 Scott Witkowski Scott Witkowski Aberdeen, SD
2W Jordan Wlasiuk Jordan Wlasiuk Wintrop, MN
27x Doug Wojcik Doug Wojcik Ladysmith, WI
71S Mike Wold Mike Wold Madison, MN
8 Rod Wolfe Rod Wolfe Morden, MB
4 Dave Wolfe Dave Wolfe Morden, MB
96w Darren Wolframe Darren Wolframe Thunder Bay, ON
406 Branden Wood Branden Wood Great Falls, MT
873 Taven Woodie Taven Woodie Milaca, MN
980 Kaden Woodie Kaden Woodie Milaca, MN
7J Josh Worrall Josh Worrall Devils Lake, ND
55 Thomas Worth Thomas Worth Milaca, MN
14 Wesley Wulff Wesley Wulff Gann Valley, SD
44 Jon Yilek Jon Yilek Akeley, MN
04 Caleb Yost Caleb Yost Miller, SD
00 Kevin Youngquist Kevin Youngquist BARNEY, ND
57 Terry Zastoupil Terry Zastoupil Dickinson, ND
60 Dennis Zelmer Dennis Zelmer Aberdeen, SD
16z Nick Zezas Nick Zezas Sheridan, WY
24 John Zezas John Zezas Buffalo, WY
24 Dustin Zieske Dustin Zieske Lynd, MN
19 Derek Zieske Derek Zieske Renville, MN
17Z Kyle Zittleman Kyle Zittleman Mandan, ND
299 A.J. Zvorak A.J. Zvorak Blooming Prairie, MN
99h zzzTrever zzzHaas zzzTrever zzzHaas Bismarck, ND
8 zzzTroy zzzLorenz zzzTroy zzzLorenz Billings, MT
182 ZZZGinnie ZZZMiesmer ZZZGinnie ZZZMiesmer Great Falls, MT

All Classes

2022 Wissota National Standings

Cole Schill

Hawley, MN



WISSOTA Late Model


Jack Rivord

Superior, WI



WISSOTA Modifieds


Dexton Koch

Becker, MN



WISSOTA Super Stock


Jake Smith

St. Joseph, MN



WISSOTA Midwest Mods


Braden Brauer

Eyota, MN



WISSOTA Street Stock


Dustin Holtquist

St. Cloud, MN





Cory Jorgensen

Duluth, MN



WISSOTA Pure Stock


Carter Matthews

Clearbrook, MN