Garage Tech Extreme Partners with the WISSOTA Rook...
WISSOTA Statement Regarding Hoosier Racing Tire in...
Speedway Motors Partners with WISSOTA in 2022
Garage Tech Extreme Partners with the WISSOTA Rook...

Garage Tech Extreme Partners with the WISSOTA Rook...

5/9/2022 -
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (St. Cloud, MN 5/9/2022) Rod Lindquist, Executive Director of WISSOTA Auto Racing announces a new partnership with St. Cloud, Mi
WISSOTA Statement Regarding Hoosier Racing Tire in...

WISSOTA Statement Regarding Hoosier Racing Tire in...

4/14/2022 -
(April 14, 2022 - St. Cloud, Minnesota - Rod Lindquist, Executive Director, WISSOTA Promoters Association, Inc.) On Wednesday, April 6, 2022, I met wi
Speedway Motors Partners with WISSOTA in 2022

Speedway Motors Partners with WISSOTA in 2022

3/22/2022 -
(3/22/22 - St. Cloud, MN) We are excited to share with our promoters, drivers, and fans that we have extended our partnership with Speedway Motors. Sp

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Garage Tech Extreme Partners with the WISSOTA Rookie of the Year

Garage Tech Extreme Partners with the WISSOTA Rookie of the Year...

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (St. Cloud, MN 5/9/2022) Rod Lindquist, Executive Director of WISSOTA Auto Racing announces a new partnership with St. Cloud, Minnesota-based Garage Tech Extreme (GTX) Floor Coatings. GTX owner, Trevor Stewart, stated: “GTX is excited to be a part of...more
WISSOTA Statement Regarding Hoosier Racing Tire in 2022

WISSOTA Statement Regarding Hoosier Racing Tire in 2022

(April 14, 2022 - St. Cloud, Minnesota - Rod Lindquist, Executive Director, WISSOTA Promoters Association, Inc.) On Wednesday, April 6, 2022, I met with Scott Willis and Blake Follmer from Hoosier Tire North and, via conference call, Shanon Rush from Hoosier Corporate. ...more
Speedway Motors Partners with WISSOTA in 2022

Speedway Motors Partners with WISSOTA in 2022

(3/22/22 - St. Cloud, MN) We are excited to share with our promoters, drivers, and fans that we have extended our partnership with Speedway Motors. Speedway Motors has been an excellent partner with WISSOTA Auto Racing for 12 years and we appreciate their continued support...more

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WISSOTA Midwest Mods

# Competitor Hometown
23 Ernie Acuna Ernie Acuna Gillette, WY
23D Kevin Adams Kevin Adams Cameron, WI
97 Ryan Adamzak Ryan Adamzak Marengo, WI
1 Neil Adamzak Neil Adamzak Ashland, WI
57 Patrick Adler Patrick Adler Aberdeen, SD
7 Gene Admidin Gene Admidin New England, ND
25A Jesse Aho Jesse Aho Twin Lakes, MI
19j Jared Akervik Jared Akervik Superior, WI
88 David Allen David Allen Murillo, ON
36 Brandon Allen Brandon Allen Chatfield, MN
17 Brian Allen Brian Allen Gillette, WY
007A Danny Allen Danny Allen Gillette, WY
60 Derek Altman Derek Altman Hermosa, SD
15 Steve Altman Steve Altman Mercer, WI
7p Kyle Ambroziak Kyle Ambroziak Wausau, WI
22P Steven Amundson Steven Amundson Owatonna, MN
80 Jeremy Anderson Jeremy Anderson St. Augusta, MN
34 Michael Anderson Michael Anderson Brandon, MN
78 Cole Anderson Cole Anderson Saint Augusta, MN
24 Red Anderson Red Anderson Watertown, SD
51 Avery Anderson Avery Anderson Alexandria, MN
20 Matthew Anderson Matthew Anderson Hibbing, MN
77 Ryan Anderson Ryan Anderson Newfolden, MN
9EH Jason Anderson Jason Anderson Fort Frances, ON
97 Cole Anderson Cole Anderson Le Center, MN
31 Junior Anderson Junior Anderson Superior, WI
7A Eric Anderson Eric Anderson Chisholm, MN
27 Parker Anderson Parker Anderson Phillips, WI
27 Scott Anderson Scott Anderson Phillips, WI
8 Jason Anderson Jason Anderson Canby, MN
37 Travis Anderson Travis Anderson Colfax, WI
57 Mike Anderson Mike Anderson Jim Falls, WI
20 Trevor Anderson Trevor Anderson Watertown, SD
F16 Scott Anderson Scott Anderson Spearfish, SD
3M McLean Andrews McLean Andrews Duluth, MN
24 Jason Angell Jason Angell Billings, MT
550K Kyle Anton Kyle Anton Gillette, WY
19R Tyler Anton Tyler Anton Gillette, WY
11 Kevin Armstrong Kevin Armstrong Thunder Bay, ON
11X Tanner Armstrong Tanner Armstrong Brocket, ND
0 Swede Arneson Swede Arneson Pillager, MN
28 Tony Arneson Tony Arneson Alexandria, MN
55 Travis Ascher Travis Ascher Webster, SD
97 Cory Asmussen Cory Asmussen Gary, SD
46 Justin A-Strike Justin A-Strike Elk River, MN
18A Landon Atkinson Landon Atkinson Little Falls, MN
27 Chris Audette Chris Audette St. Adolphe, MB
20 Nick Audette Nick Audette St. Adolphe, MB
19A Nick Axelsen Nick Axelsen Star Prairie, WI
04N Nick Ayotte Nick Ayotte St. Paul, MN
04jr Adam Ayotte Adam Ayotte Elk River, MN
23 Brittany Baalhorn Brittany Baalhorn Glenrock, WY
99B Brian Bachmann Brian Bachmann Pierre, SD
21B Lane Bachmeier Lane Bachmeier Devils Lake, ND
28 Josh Backman Josh Backman Alberta, MN
QQ Tony Bahr Tony Bahr Haugen, WI
29x Brandon Bahr Brandon Bahr TENSTRIKE, MN
11 Jake Bailly Jake Bailly Hayti, SD
11 Joe Bailly Joe Bailly Wright, WY
27 Matt Baker Matt Baker Saint Joseph, MN
99 Neil Balduc Neil Balduc Bessemer, MI
75r Steven Bandt Steven Bandt Atwater, MN
70 Andrew Bangsund Andrew Bangsund Alexandria, MN
14N Nick Barger Nick Barger Madison, SD
7 Jordan Barningham Jordan Barningham Bayfield, WI
7J Ryan Barningham Ryan Barningham Bayfield, WI
LAW1 Steve Barry Steve Barry Sturgis, SD
73 Mark Barta Mark Barta Rice Lake, WI
15B Jack Barta Jack Barta Richfield, MN
7p Warren Bartelt Warren Bartelt Medford, WI
69 Justin Bassa Justin Bassa Cotton, MN
0 Jaiden Bastyr Jaiden Bastyr Austin, MN
2B Ryan Bauer Ryan Bauer Chippewa Falls, WI
77B Logan Bauer Logan Bauer Erskine, MN
34 Tim Bauman Tim Bauman Gillette, WY
2B Kenny Baumann Kenny Baumann Billings, MT
TB81 Tommy Bawden Tommy Bawden Clear Lake, MN
24DD D.J. Baxter D.J. Baxter Billings, MT
22b Gary Baxter Gary Baxter Eau Claire, WI
95X Kent Baxter Kent Baxter Colfax, WI
35b David Baxter David Baxter Eau Claire, WI
28 Earl Baxter Earl Baxter Sheridan, WY
00 Kevin Bayne Kevin Bayne Casper, WY
00 Benjie Bayne Benjie Bayne Casper, WY
55 Josh Bazey Josh Bazey Frederic, WI
10B Bill Beaulieu Bill Beaulieu Bemidji, MN
LAW1 Bobby Beckman Bobby Beckman Rapid City, SD
18 Steve Bednarski Steve Bednarski Swan River, MB
2 Benjamin Beekman Benjamin Beekman Hawick, MN
14 Kenny Bell Kenny Bell Gillette, WY
14 Edward Bell Edward Bell Winnipeg, MB
803 Austin Bengtson Austin Bengtson Spicer, MN
16 Jacob Bennett Jacob Bennett Austin, MN
24 Perry Bennett Perry Bennett Gillette, WY
17B Zach Benson Zach Benson Princeton, MN
B0 Jory Berg Jory Berg Grand Forks, ND
B4 Tim Berg Tim Berg Grand Forks, ND
29s Steve Berg Steve Berg Billings, MT
17J Edward Berger Edward Berger Laurel, MT
62 Bryan Berger Bryan Berger Ortley, SD
2D Daniel Berglund Daniel Berglund Princeton, MN
33 Cooper Berlin Cooper Berlin Rice Lake, WI
05b Matthew Bernauer Matthew Bernauer Kakabeka Falls, ON
57 Darren Bernauer Darren Bernauer Kakabeka Falls, ON
U2 Cory Berquist Cory Berquist Huron, SD
80 Shiloh Berry Shiloh Berry East Helena, MT
25 Hank Berry Hank Berry Sidney, MT
27b Wyatt Bertram Wyatt Bertram Lake Park, MN
146 Dan Bertrand Dan Bertrand Neebing, ON
246 Cory Bertrand Cory Bertrand Slate River, ON
4BJR Hunter Besson Hunter Besson East St. Paul, MB
713 Byran Bettcher Byran Bettcher Sheridan, WY
4B Arin Beyer Arin Beyer Jamestown, ND
9s David Bidney David Bidney Forest Lake, MN
25 Billy Binkley Billy Binkley PUPOSKY, MN
4* Cameron Bintz Cameron Bintz Jamestown, ND
1S Scott Bintz Scott Bintz Jamestown, ND
17 Jamie Bisonette Jamie Bisonette Dallas, WI
1x Tyler Bitz Tyler Bitz Aberdeen, SD
10x Robert Bitz Robert Bitz Aberdeen, SD
42 Tanner Bitzan Tanner Bitzan Brandon, MN
24TB Taylor Bitzan Taylor Bitzan Brandon, MN
14B Ryan Bjerke Ryan Bjerke Clear Lake, SD
5c Justin Bjorklund Justin Bjorklund Glenwood, MN
29 Dan Blackburn Dan Blackburn Estevan, SK
5BA Aaron Blacklance Aaron Blacklance Thief River Falls, MN
43K Kaden Blaeser Kaden Blaeser Chippewa Falls, WI
26 Rick Blaine Rick Blaine Carroll, MB
27 Everett Blalock Everett Blalock Great Falls, MT
2B Tayten Blascyk Tayten Blascyk Kensington, MN
9B Brendan Blascyk Brendan Blascyk Hoffman, MN
10 Sam Blevins Sam Blevins Hibbing, MN
10 Mikey Blevins Mikey Blevins Hibbing, MN
10 Michael Blevins Sr Michael Blevins Sr Hibbing, MN
47 Kelly Blixt Kelly Blixt Clancy, MT
28 Cody Blixt Cody Blixt Clancy, MT
78 Tate Block Tate Block Watertown, SD
3B Austin Blom Austin Blom Saginaw, MN
26R Mark Blood Mark Blood Mora, MN
35 Tony Bloom Tony Bloom Rochester, MN
09I Austin Bloom Austin Bloom Mooresville, NC
82 Connor Blumhardt Connor Blumhardt Bath, SD
404 Tracy Blumke Tracy Blumke MENTOR, MN
15x Blake Boelens Blake Boelens Garfield, MN
4 Cole Bogart Cole Bogart Milnor, ND
4 Adam Boggs Adam Boggs Custer, SD
20 Michael Bogh Michael Bogh Huron, SD
25 Adam Bohlman Adam Bohlman Princeton, MN
2e Patrick Bolden Patrick Bolden Hibbing, MN
B29 Grant Bolt Grant Bolt Rapid City, SD
32 Mitchell Booth Mitchell Booth Colfax, WI
21n Nicholas Boots Nicholas Boots Morris, MN
CU13 Steve Boquist Steve Boquist Thunder Bay, ON
B37 Tim Borgeson Tim Borgeson New Richmond, WI
B37 Cody Borgeson Cody Borgeson New Richmond, WI
41B Scott Borkowski Scott Borkowski Mitchell, SD
81 Jake Bosch Jake Bosch Casper, WY
33C Cole Boston Cole Boston Lindstrom, MN
11B Mike Boston Mike Boston Lindstrom, MN
88s Steve Boulanger Steve Boulanger Grand Pointe, MB
81 Jared Boumeester Jared Boumeester Waseca, MN
B42 Brian Bourquin Brian Bourquin Grand Rapids, MN
30b Darren Boychuk Darren Boychuk Brandon, MB
11B Stephen Boyd Stephen Boyd Park Rapids, MN
21 Wyatt Boyum Wyatt Boyum International Falls, MN
02 Dayton Brady Dayton Brady Kakabeka Falls, ON
7 Justin Brandsrud Justin Brandsrud Henry, SD
66 Mark Brave Mark Brave Rapid City, SD
28 John Breitenfeldt John Breitenfeldt Isanti, MN
13B Jess Brekke Jess Brekke Devils Lake, ND
2b1 Diamond Bressette Diamond Bressette Spooner, WI
13 Chris Bretting Chris Bretting Washburn, WI
17 Dallas Brevik Dallas Brevik Grand Forks, ND
9B Shane Brien Shane Brien Great Falls, MT
99 Nick Brinlee Nick Brinlee Great Falls, MT
07 Jeremy Britten Jeremy Britten White River, ON
4 Joseph Brooks Joseph Brooks Great Falls, MT
14 Adam Brotherton Adam Brotherton Huron, SD
67 Glen Brown Glen Brown Rosslyn, ON
15x Scotty Brown Scotty Brown Winnipeg, MB
11 Matt Brown Matt Brown Casper, WY
21B Mark Browning Mark Browning Mina, SD
01 Zach Bruer Zach Bruer Fisher, MN
21b Jesse Bryan Jesse Bryan Boyceville, WI
7B Jason Bryant Jason Bryant
7 Jon Bublitz Jon Bublitz Watertown, SD
30 Kevin Burdick Kevin Burdick Proctor, MN
55 Dustin Burke Dustin Burke Grand Forks, ND
5 Nathan Burke Nathan Burke Minot, ND
8cb Tommy Bush Tommy Bush Great Falls, MT
33 Connor Busse Connor Busse Alexandria, MN
07 Randy Bustad Randy Bustad Blaine, MN
32 Butch Butcher Butch Butcher Carlton, MN
21 Adam Bye Adam Bye Corsica, SD
25 Preston Byre Preston Byre Greenbush, MN
2c Dave Cain Dave Cain Corcoran, MN
14 Jordan Calonego Jordan Calonego Shuniah, ON
5c Ralph Cammarasana Ralph Cammarasana Aberdeen, SD
23C Holly Campbell Holly Campbell Neebing, ON
25 Eric Campbell Eric Campbell Lonsdale, MN
5 Tom Campton Tom Campton Aberdeen, SD
377 Steven Cardwell Steven Cardwell Shepherd, MT
4 Bill Carey Bill Carey Shepherd, MT
30 Guy Carley Guy Carley Eagle River, WI
40 Jad Carlson Jad Carlson Duluth, MN
24 Jon Carlson Jon Carlson Brandon, MN
97 Miranda Carlson Miranda Carlson Afton, MN
32III Cody Carlson Cody Carlson Superior, WI
24X Todd Carlson Todd Carlson Andover, MN
73M David Carlson David Carlson Huron, SD
5X Morris Carpenter Morris Carpenter Douglas, WY
9 John Carpenter John Carpenter Hibbing, MN
5c Preston Carr Preston Carr Carrington, ND
21 Devon Carroll Devon Carroll Sioux Falls, SD
46 Jonny Carter Jonny Carter Fairmont, ND
91 Jarrett Carter Jarrett Carter Lisbon, ND
03x Bob Carver Jr. Bob Carver Jr. Maplewood, MN
77 Nick Castellino Nick Castellino Mora, MN
2 Mervin Castle III Mervin Castle III Grand Rapids, MN
2 Charlie Castle Charlie Castle Grand Rapids, MN
14 Jeremy Castro Jeremy Castro Laurel, MT
80 Ashleigh Catlow Ashleigh Catlow Clancy, MT
28J Jacob Cavazos Jacob Cavazos Watertown, SD
12 Eric Cease Eric Cease Frederick, SD
718 Aaron Cervantes Aaron Cervantes Sheridan, WY
5 Joe Chaplin Jr Joe Chaplin Jr Cameron, WI
16 Kendrick Chapman Kendrick Chapman Cheyenne, WY
621 Colin Chaschuk Colin Chaschuk Neebing, ON
65 Richard Chasteen Richard Chasteen Elk River, MN
51 David Chatyrbok David Chatyrbok Winnipeg, MB
09 Matthew Chatyrbok Matthew Chatyrbok Winnipeg, MB
64 Evan Checkalski Evan Checkalski Duluth, MN
33c Cole Chernosky Cole Chernosky Thunder Bay, ON
4S Chuck Chernotik Jr Chuck Chernotik Jr Fulton, SD
79 Charlie Christ Charlie Christ Jamestown, ND
4x Phil Christlieb Phil Christlieb Fargo, ND
7 Marc Christopherson Marc Christopherson Casper, WY
77 Marvin Christopherson Marvin Christopherson Casper, WY
74D Josh Christy Josh Christy Maricopa, AZ
11x Austin Chyba Austin Chyba Browerville, MN
4 Brayten Cisneros Brayten Cisneros Blooming Prairie, MN
32c Zach Clark Zach Clark Litchfield, MN
9 Robert Clark Robert Clark Blooming Prairie, MN
61 Jay Clark Jay Clark Rochester, MN
9 Isaac Clark Isaac Clark Rochester, MN
21 Kurtis Clark Kurtis Clark Madison, SD
38 Tony Clemetson Tony Clemetson Verndale, MN
30 Jeremy Cole Jeremy Cole Gillette, WY
49 Tim Compson Tim Compson Valley City, ND
00 Eric Condit Eric Condit Austin, MN
19 Matthew Conrad Matthew Conrad Dayton, WY
67 Rex Conrad Rex Conrad Rapid City, SD
2c Shaun Cooper Shaun Cooper Pierre, SD
22 Brandon Copp Brandon Copp Brule, WI
007 Luke Cote Luke Cote Great Falls, MT
8 Tom Coulter Tom Coulter Thunder Bay, ON
99 Jake Coulter Jake Coulter Thunder Bay, ON
36 Ryan Cousins Ryan Cousins Stanley, MB
7b Bailey Cousins Bailey Cousins Morden, MB
M22 Jason Cox Jason Cox Fort Pierre, SD
47 Don Craig Don Craig Thunder Bay, ON
07 Cory Crapser Cory Crapser Chippewa Falls, WI
22J Josh Crary Josh Crary Tomah, WI
811 Bodie Croninger Bodie Croninger Watertown, SD
811 Tony Croninger Tony Croninger Watertown, SD
48x Richard Cummings Richard Cummings Great Falls, MT
42Z William Curtiss William Curtiss Great Falls, MT
87 Dennis Custer Dennis Custer Cody, WY
20 Denny Cutsforth Denny Cutsforth Elk Mound, WI
11x Lee Dahl Lee Dahl Lakota, ND
23DD George Dalbeck George Dalbeck Wakefield, MI
18JR Ken Dallman Jr. Ken Dallman Jr. Minneapolis, MN
24D Anthony Dallman Anthony Dallman New Germany, MN
90 Cody Daly Cody Daly Huron, SD
4 Marc Damjanovich Marc Damjanovich Hibbing, MN
53 Ryan Damm Ryan Damm Watertown, SD
33 Josh Danielson Josh Danielson Barnum, MN
48 Jason Dargatz Jason Dargatz Webster, SD
8 Nick DaRonco Nick DaRonco Britt, MN
53 John Darwin John Darwin Iron River, WI
4 Andy Davey Andy Davey Hibbing, MN
10D Patrick Davis Patrick Davis Sioux Lookout, ON
85 Jamie Davis Jamie Davis Fort Frances, ON
85d Jeff Davis Jeff Davis Devlin, ON
15 Travis Davis Travis Davis Billings, MT
723 Wayne deBruin Wayne deBruin Murillo, ON
17 Neil Dees Neil Dees Hurley, WI
3D Steve Dehler Steve Dehler Pine City, MN
6 Cory Deilke Cory Deilke Augusta, WI
1 Shane Dejong Shane Dejong Boyd, MN
11 Casey Deleski Casey Deleski Alexandria, MN
20T Taylor DeMers Taylor DeMers Towner , ND
35 Ron DeMoss Ron DeMoss Lisbon, ND
15 Adam Dennhardt Adam Dennhardt Thunder Bay, ON
98D Christopher Deno Christopher Deno Kasson, MN
86 Kevin Desserre Kevin Desserre Dryden, ON
29 Kurt Deters Kurt Deters Sauk Centre, MN
27B Dave DeVente Dave DeVente Neebing, ON
87 Daniel Dickerson Daniel Dickerson Midwest, WY
21 Mike Dickey Mike Dickey Bloomington, MN
12 Matt Dickey Matt Dickey Shakopee, MN
95 Chance Diegel Chance Diegel Cogswell, ND
43 Broderick Diekman Broderick Diekman Stewartville, MN
39 Jamie Dietzler Jamie Dietzler Larimore, ND
88D Josh Differding Josh Differding Lisbon, ND
44 David Dishaw David Dishaw Ontonagon , MI
6 Zach Dockter Zach Dockter Norwich, ND
8 Tyler Doell Tyler Doell Carman, MB
95 Ted Doell Ted Doell Carman, MB
24 Brandon Dolman Brandon Dolman Alexandria, MN
wf0 Jericho Dorris Jericho Dorris Huron, SD
11 Alan Dorris Alan Dorris Wolsey, SD
03 Krysta Doughty Krysta Doughty Oakdale, MN
77 Brad Doyen Brad Doyen Rice Lake, WI
12 James Dragt Jr James Dragt Jr South Shore, SD
391 Matthew Drake Matthew Drake Gillette, WY
55 Wes Drake Wes Drake Fergus Falls, MN
67 Jesse Drechsel Jesse Drechsel Underwood, MN
113 Lee Dreher Lee Dreher Watertown, SD
6D9 Dani Drewek Dani Drewek Gorham, ON
18x Connor Drewry Connor Drewry Bemidji, MN
68M Matthew Duchscherer Matthew Duchscherer New Rockford, ND
68 Todd Duchscherer Todd Duchscherer New Rockford, ND
23KR Les Duellman Les Duellman Winona, MN
17X Darren Dunbar Darren Dunbar Marenisco, MI
7X Duane Dunbar Duane Dunbar Marenisco, MI
7XJR Marcus Dunbar Marcus Dunbar Marenisco, MI
9D Mason Dunn Mason Dunn Herman, MN
03 Greg DuPont Greg DuPont Oliver Paipoonge, ON
19D Dane Durbin Dane Durbin Maple Grove, MN
69 Chase Durheim Chase Durheim Ellendale, ND
92 Scott Duval Scott Duval Bloomer, WI
11 Kyle Dykhoff Kyle Dykhoff Starbuck, MN
88X Delray Dykstra Delray Dykstra Litchville, ND
97 Mark Earl Mark Earl Neebing, ON
7e Neil Eckhart Neil Eckhart Rochester, MN
22E Kevin Eder Kevin Eder Ashland, WI
8 Brad Edington Brad Edington Elk Mound, WI
15C Chris Edmonds Chris Edmonds Larimore, ND
791 Jason Edwards Jason Edwards Box Elder, SD
8 Scott Edwards Scott Edwards Gillette, WY
25 Emmalyn Edwards-Bush Emmalyn Edwards-Bush Great Falls, MT
6 Dean Eggebraaten Dean Eggebraaten Bemidji, MN
51 Toby Eilers Toby Eilers Aberdeen, SD
E16 C.R. Eisenzimer C.R. Eisenzimer Cascade, MT
73 Tim Ekdahl Tim Ekdahl Cameron, WI
316 Nick Ekstrand Nick Ekstrand Rapid City, SD
51 Craig Elliott Craig Elliott Hillsdale, WI
20 Austin Ellis Austin Ellis Rice Lake, WI
24 Cole Elton Cole Elton Dalbo, MN
70 James Embree James Embree Rapid City, SD
07 Ceenan Emerson Ceenan Emerson Mills, WY
45jr Caley Emerson Caley Emerson Grand Rapids, MN
1x Travis Engebretson Travis Engebretson Cyrus, MN
11s Darren Engesser Darren Engesser Gary, SD
34 Scott Engholm Scott Engholm Fort Ripley, MN
24 Tyler English Tyler English Princeton, MN
54 Ryan Erdahl Ryan Erdahl Jamestown, ND
18 Corbin Erickson Corbin Erickson Sioux Falls, SD
21x Clint Erickson Clint Erickson Sioux Falls, SD
78 Nate Erickson Nate Erickson New Richmond, WI
99 Doyle Erickson Doyle Erickson Bagley, MN
82E Marty Erivez Jr. Marty Erivez Jr. Gillette, WY
37 Mack Estey Mack Estey Kelly Lake, MN
37x Skeeter Estey Skeeter Estey Kelly Lake, MN
37 Kelly Estey Kelly Estey Kelly Lake, MN
AK47 Rob Evans Rob Evans Thunder Bay, ON
12 Matt Everts Matt Everts Burnsville, MN
97 Rob Eves Rob Eves Thunder Bay, ON
20s Shay Evig Shay Evig Billings, MT
77 Tra Ewalt Tra Ewalt Thief River Falls, MN
73D Daniel Fahrenkurg Daniel Fahrenkurg Great Falls, MT
29 Alan Farley Alan Farley Rapid City, SD
40F John Farrington John Farrington Akeley, MN
97 Ty Fayden Ty Fayden Great Falls, MT
139 Ryan Featherstone Ryan Featherstone Box Elder, SD
70 Kevin Feda Kevin Feda Bemidji, MN
25R Rick Fehr Rick Fehr Schoenwiese, MB
19 Steve Feist Steve Feist Great Falls, MT
18 Justin Feltus Justin Feltus Warba, MN
54 Mitch Ferguson Mitch Ferguson Billings, MT
19 Darren Fischer Darren Fischer Rapid City, SD
6 Joseph Fischer Joseph Fischer Sheridan, WY
5 Josh Fischer Josh Fischer Sheridan, WY
5 Bernie Fischer Bernie Fischer Sheridan, WY
9 Torey Fischer Torey Fischer West Fargo, ND
13 Ira Fischer Ira Fischer Sheridan, WY
19X Dylan Fitzpatrick Dylan Fitzpatrick Magnolia, MN
210 Ryan Fletcher Ryan Fletcher Battle Lake, MN
5F Mike Flickinger Mike Flickinger Kandiyohi, MN
32 Jaiden Floate Jaiden Floate Casper, WY
8B Dan Flowers Dan Flowers Annandale, MN
29F Dave Flynn Dave Flynn Superior, WI
15 Greg Foglia Greg Foglia Murillo, ON
16R James Foley James Foley Greenbush, MN
343 J.D. Ford J.D. Ford Somerset, WI
T2 Anthony Forfa Jr Anthony Forfa Jr Phillips, WI
7t Timothy Forseen Timothy Forseen Virginia, MN
7 Jeff Forseen Jeff Forseen Mt. Iron, MN
35F Davis Forst Davis Forst Badger, MN
14f Brent Foster Brent Foster Hackensack, MN
F5 Chad Fouquette Chad Fouquette St. Cloud, MN
20 Joe Frahm Joe Frahm Stewartville, MN
1R Robbie Franklin Robbie Franklin Shakopee, MN
82 Ryan Franks Ryan Franks Pierre, SD
5F Zach Frederick Zach Frederick Richardton, ND
10F Jake Frericks Jake Frericks Grove City, MN
F2 Rick Friendt Rick Friendt Oakdale, MN
F1 Chase Friendt Chase Friendt New Richmond, WI
14 Tyron Friese Tyron Friese Zumbrota, MN
E3 Ethan Friesen Ethan Friesen Landmark, MB
32F Greg Friestad Greg Friestad Valley City, ND
32F Brent Friez Brent Friez Ogilvie, MN
5 Connor Friske Connor Friske Rapid City, SD
44FX Mark Froehlich Mark Froehlich Zimmerman, MN
33x Justin Froemming Justin Froemming Elbow Lake, MN
00 Ross Fuhrman Ross Fuhrman Ashland, WI
31 Jeff Fulham Jeff Fulham Winnipeg, MB
1 Matt Fullerton Matt Fullerton Lake George, MN
15 Eric Gadach Eric Gadach New Richmond, WI
87G Anthony Gallian Anthony Gallian Superior, WI
0G Josh Ganser Josh Ganser Jamestown, ND
65 Larry Gasperini Larry Gasperini Gaastra, MI
65g Frank Gasperini Frank Gasperini Iron Mountain, MI
18 Bob Gaudet Bob Gaudet Devlin, ON
112 Brennan Gave Brennan Gave Princeton, MN
2 Tanner Gehl Tanner Gehl Solon Springs, WI
16x Kyle Genett Kyle Genett Auburndale, WI
32 Clay Gentzkow Clay Gentzkow Lamoure, ND
28 William George Jr William George Jr Rapid City, SD
0 Peyton George Peyton George Rapid City, SD
0G Brandon George Brandon George Rapid City, SD
228 Mark Gerth Mark Gerth Menomonie, WI
2 Lee Gibson Lee Gibson Bozeman, MT
26g Ryan Gierke Ryan Gierke Villard, MN
26 Bob Gierke Bob Gierke Villard, MN
26 Abby Gierke Abby Gierke Villard, MN
324 Andy Giesbrecht Andy Giesbrecht Winkler, MB
7c Curtis Giesbrecht Curtis Giesbrecht Winnipeg, MB
8 Al Giesbrecht Al Giesbrecht Winkler, MB
23 Matt Gilbertson Matt Gilbertson Montevideo, MN
G1 Cody Giles Cody Giles St. Paul, MN
20 Thomas Gill Thomas Gill Rice, MN
82 Nathan Gilmore Nathan Gilmore Gillette, WY
15 Michael Gilomen Michael Gilomen Faribault, MN
22 Keenan Glasser Keenan Glasser Estevan, SK
20 Glenn Godin Glenn Godin Murillo, ON
G12 Ryan Goergen Ryan Goergen Stacyville, IA
24 Dylan Goettl Dylan Goettl Chippewa Falls, WI
10 Dalton Goff Dalton Goff Billings, MT
U22 Jason Goldammer Jason Goldammer Huron, SD
3G Jason Goldfine Jason Goldfine Superior, WI
56 Josh Gollnick Josh Gollnick Casper, WY
15 Marvin Gonzales Marvin Gonzales Great Falls, MT
85 Jayson Good Jayson Good Watertown, SD
6D Dylan Goplen Dylan Goplen Hannaford, ND
44x Devon Gordon Devon Gordon Winnipeg, MB
X5 Robert Gordon Robert Gordon Grande Pointe, MB
18g Randy Gordon Randy Gordon Jamestown, ND
97g Jared Gorka Jared Gorka New Richmond, WI
72 Sam Gorsuch Sam Gorsuch
16R Connor Graff Connor Graff Greenbush, MN
71 Trent Grager Trent Grager Sykeston, ND
7G Rick Grams Rick Grams North Branch, MN
46G Brockton Grams Brockton Grams Braham, MN
151 James Grant James Grant Casper, WY
71 Michael Green Michael Green Greenbush, MN
3 Nicholas Green Nicholas Green Bismarck, ND
4D Dominick Gregoire Dominick Gregoire Cottonwood, MN
4D Daryl Gregoire Daryl Gregoire Hanley Falls, MN
59R Jacob Gregoire Jacob Gregoire Cottonwood, MN
2G Nathan Grehl Nathan Grehl Hitchcock, SD
1G Nick Grehl Nick Grehl Hitchcock, SD
17 Mike Greseth Mike Greseth Harwood, ND
27m Matthew Greskiw Matthew Greskiw EAST ST PAUL, MB
91 Dennis Greskiw Dennis Greskiw Winnipeg, MB
99G Jason Grimes Jason Grimes Jamestown, ND
61 Jeremy Groenewold Jeremy Groenewold Yale, SD
4D Tanner Grohs Tanner Grohs Wessington Springs, SD
82G Chad Gronner Chad Gronner Underwood, MN
4G Dino Gronning Dino Gronning Casper, WY
2G Brock Gronwold Brock Gronwold Fergus Falls, MN
17 Rob Groom Rob Groom Murillo, ON
955 Lucas Grosinger Lucas Grosinger Chaska, MN
12 Jason Gross Jason Gross Osceola, WI
17E Zach Gudgel Zach Gudgel Langdon, ND
27G Bob Gullickson Bob Gullickson SOUTH ST PAUL, MN
29g Bobby Gullickson Bobby Gullickson Kasson, MN
99 Don Gumke Don Gumke Jamestown, ND
CU13 James Gunnell James Gunnell Thunder Bay, ON
19 Evan Gust Evan Gust Gary, MN
28 David Gustafson David Gustafson Pine Island, MN
151 Mitch Guthmiller Mitch Guthmiller Aberdeen, SD
03 Deja Guthmiller Deja Guthmiller Rapid City, SD
03 Rick Guthmiller Rick Guthmiller Oglala, SD
51 Alex Guthmiller Alex Guthmiller Milbank, SD
48 Jerome Guyot Jerome Guyot Fannystelle, MB
00 Morgan Haack Morgan Haack Hoffman, MN
42H Kelly Haack Kelly Haack Hoffman, MN
9 Craig Haas Craig Haas Thorp, WI
6s Steve Haas Steve Haas Elk Mound, WI
80 Derek Haas Derek Haas Thorp, WI
00 Justin Hacker Justin Hacker BAUDETTE, MN
271 Kelly Hagel Kelly Hagel Carrington, ND
33 Jake Hagemann Jake Hagemann Fort Ripley, MN
33 Darryl Hainka Darryl Hainka Wanamingo, MN
79H Luke Hainka Luke Hainka Wanamingo, MN
24H Justin Hainline Justin Hainline Kathryn, ND
3H Keelan Hall Keelan Hall Kenora, ON
54 Danny Hall Danny Hall Watertown, SD
4H Grant Hall Grant Hall Brandon, MB
27T Travis Hallquist Travis Hallquist Chippewa Falls, WI
3jr Shane Halopka Shane Halopka Greenwood, WI
92 Duane Halverson Duane Halverson Shell Lake, WI
111 Jason Halverson Jason Halverson Devils Lake, ND
1H Jeff Halvorson Jeff Halvorson Fergus Falls, MN
35 John Halvorson John Halvorson Warren, MN
22 Rick Hamel Rick Hamel Lakota, ND
222 Bob Hammond Bob Hammond Fort Frances, ON
26 Chelsey Hamness Chelsey Hamness Strathcona, MN
28h Dale Hamness Dale Hamness Strathcona, MN
28H Logan Hamness Logan Hamness Strathcona, MN
40k Ken Hanka Ken Hanka Princeton, MN
28H Kolby Hannah Kolby Hannah Great Falls, MT
24H Jeff Hanninen Jeff Hanninen Marengo, WI
8A Adam Hansen Adam Hansen Burnsville, MN
86 Dale Hansen Dale Hansen BROADUS, MT
31jr Jackson Hansen Jackson Hansen Hamill, SD
31 Scott Hansen Scott Hansen Garden City, SD
32 Lindsey Hansen Lindsey Hansen Watertown, SD
14 Fred Hansen Fred Hansen Great Falls, MT
90 Brad Hanson Brad Hanson Mountain Iron, MN
28 Francis Hanson Francis Hanson Almena, WI
12 Jake Hanson Jake Hanson Downing, WI
89D David Hanten David Hanten Watertown, SD
89h Charles Hanten Charles Hanten Watertown, SD
7 Robert Harder Robert Harder Huron, SD
1 Paul Harelstad Paul Harelstad Bloomer, WI
26 Paul Hari Paul Hari Neebing, ON
31 Kyle Harkin Kyle Harkin Hermosa, SD
43 Dave Harley Dave Harley Worland, WY
33 Robert Harley Robert Harley Casper, WY
3 Ken Harmon Ken Harmon Sheridan, WY
H-3 Wayne Harper Wayne Harper Sheridan, WY
14 Scott Harrington Scott Harrington Waubay, SD
13 Brock Harris Brock Harris East Helena, MT
110 Mike Harsh Mike Harsh Chippewa Falls, WI
24 Mike Hart Mike Hart Erhard, MN
18 Patrick Harvie Patrick Harvie Great Falls, MT
49 Marty Harvie Marty Harvie Great Falls, MT
39jr Kody Harvie Kody Harvie Great Falls, MT
10 Tyler Hasbrouck Tyler Hasbrouck Casper, WY
45 Ryan Hasbrouck Ryan Hasbrouck Casper, WY
83 Adam Hatzenbuhler Adam Hatzenbuhler Bar Nunn, WY
37 Darin Hauff Darin Hauff Rapid City, SD
22 Jason Haugerud Jason Haugerud Somerset, WI
32 Eric Haugland Eric Haugland Lawton, ND
10C Cole Haugland Cole Haugland Brocket, ND
55h Scott Hautala Scott Hautala Andover, MN
9h Jackson Hautala Jackson Hautala Zimmerman, MN
13h Kevin Hautala Kevin Hautala Zimmerman, MN
24 Darrel Hazelton Darrel Hazelton Chippewa Falls, WI
2J Josh Heavirland Josh Heavirland Cloquet, MN
01C Charles Hedges Jr. Charles Hedges Jr. Tripoli, WI
8B Bobby Heidecker Bobby Heidecker Gillette, WY
37 William Hein William Hein Aberdeen, SD
12b Ben Heinle Ben Heinle Bovey, MN
12 T.J. Heinle T.J. Heinle Bovey, MN
12 Mark Heinle Mark Heinle Bovey, MN
22 Matt Heinzerling Matt Heinzerling Spearfish, SD
2H Brooke Hellerman Brooke Hellerman Parkers Prairie, MN
32 Nick Helmbrecht Nick Helmbrecht Winsted, MN
33 Jason Helmbrecht Jason Helmbrecht Howard Lake, MN
35 Rickey Hemming Rickey Hemming Billings, MT
40 Tanner Henderson Tanner Henderson Thunder Bay, ON
15H Colton Hendricks Colton Hendricks Buffalo, WY
68 Joe Henninger Joe Henninger East Grand Forks, MN
3 Terry Henry Terry Henry Thunder Bay, ON
84h Brady Herdt Brady Herdt Gillette, WY
17z Jesse Hernandez Jesse Hernandez Blooming Prairie, MN
19h Kevin Herrman Kevin Herrman Rice Lake, WI
16 Brock Hess Brock Hess Sioux Falls, SD
03 Jordan Hessler Jordan Hessler Menomonie, WI
19 John Hettinga John Hettinga Emo, ON
T17 Tanner Hicks Tanner Hicks Ashland, WI
10H Craig Hiemstra Craig Hiemstra Clearwater, MN
17k Nathaniel Hietala Nathaniel Hietala Badger, MN
4 Blake Higginbotham Blake Higginbotham Bagley, MN
25 Chris Hill Chris Hill Great Falls, MT
22h Jayme Hiller Jayme Hiller Waseca, MN
17 Luke Hines Luke Hines Pillager, MN
25 Brandon Hines Brandon Hines Becker, MN
5 Michael Hiniker Michael Hiniker Rogers, AR
13 Jeff Hinkemeyer Jeff Hinkemeyer Sauk Rapids, MN
888 Case Hinkins Case Hinkins Billings, MT
17 Scott Hinricher Scott Hinricher Flandreau, SD
00 Jason Hobbs Jason Hobbs Ham Lake, MN
83x Justin Hoeft Justin Hoeft Sheridan, WY
2HH Oren Hoeper Oren Hoeper Dalton, MN
22 Michael Hofer Michael Hofer Cochrane, WI
34rjh Rob Hoffman Rob Hoffman Gillette, WY
42 Jeff Hofius Jeff Hofius New Richmond, WI
81 Damon Hoftiezer Damon Hoftiezer Fort Pierre, SD
72 Brandon Hoftiezer Brandon Hoftiezer Fort Pierre, SD
965K MacKenzie Holmwood MacKenzie Holmwood Thunder Bay, ON
06 Jay Holub Jay Holub Lisbon, ND
38 Nick Hooper Nick Hooper Winnipeg, MB
86 Noel Hoppe Noel Hoppe New Richland, MN
CU13 Ted Horst Ted Horst Thunder Bay, ON
57X Chad Horst Chad Horst Rapid City, SD
20X Jesse Horst Jesse Horst Rapid City, SD
00 Steve Hougard Steve Hougard Strandquist, MN
188 Hunter Hougard Hunter Hougard Warren, MN
28 Kyle House Kyle House Wrenshall, MN
32j John Howard John Howard Mora, MN
32N Nick Howard Nick Howard
86 Patrick Howell Patrick Howell Hastings, MN
L1 Shane Howell Shane Howell Buffalo, MN
77 Jake Hoyt Jake Hoyt Arkansaw, WI
14Sky Tiffany Hudack Tiffany Hudack Ashland, WI
14S Tyler Hudack Tyler Hudack Ashland, WI
66H John Hudson John Hudson Rapid City, SD
73 Steven Hudspeth Steven Hudspeth Upton, WY
03 Bryce Huff Bryce Huff Big Lake, MN
84 Michael Hughes Michael Hughes Rapid City, SD
93 James Hughes James Hughes Rapid City, SD
33 Andrew Hulstein Andrew Hulstein Apple Valley, MN
54 David Hultstrand David Hultstrand Milton, ND
44 Austin Hunter Austin Hunter Winnipeg, MB
40J Jaylin Hurd Jaylin Hurd Billings, MT
99J John Hurd John Hurd Billings, MT
99 Dennis Hurd Dennis Hurd Billings, MT
32 Devon Huschka Devon Huschka Casper, WY
97 Michelle Hutt Michelle Hutt Brandon, MN
37 Robert Hyde Robert Hyde Ashland, WI
55k Hayden Ingle Hayden Ingle Billings, MT
11JR Andrew Inman Andrew Inman Canyon, MN
45jr Loren Inman Loren Inman Proctor, MN
99Mc James Irwin James Irwin Aberdeen, SD
27x Calvin Iverson Calvin Iverson Eleva, WI
17b Bonnie Jablonske Bonnie Jablonske Hager City, WI
14j Ron Jablonske Ron Jablonske Hager City, WI
8 Zachary Jackson Zachary Jackson Bemidji, MN
8 Tim Jackson Tim Jackson Bemidji, MN
56 Norman Jackson Norman Jackson Casper, WY
X3 Shayna Jacobs Shayna Jacobs Casper, WY
22 Ryan Jacobsen Ryan Jacobsen LeRoy, MN
22B Matt Jacobson Matt Jacobson Bessemer, MI
6J Taylor Jacobson Taylor Jacobson Roseau, MN
7J Rick Jacobson Rick Jacobson Bemidji, MN
7_10 Michael Jacobson Michael Jacobson Wilton, MN
51 Kelly Jacobson Kelly Jacobson Fargo, ND
31J Wayne Jacques Wayne Jacques Thunder Bay, ON
5 Mike Jacques Mike Jacques Thunder Bay, ON
77J Nathan Jager Nathan Jager Groton, SD
57 Nick James Nick James Granite Falls, MN
25 Mike Jans Mike Jans Clarkfield, MN
406 Brady Jawaski Brady Jawaski Kindred, ND
5 Royce Jawaski Royce Jawaski Adrian, ND
41 Jacob Jennen Jacob Jennen Fergus Falls, MN
41 Clint Jensen Clint Jensen Midland, SD
86 Justin Jensen Justin Jensen Benson, MN
1j Josh Jensen Josh Jensen Midland, SD
21B Brandon Jensen Brandon Jensen Ellsworth, WI
11B Joey Jensen Joey Jensen Forest Lake, MN
23 Erik Johnson Erik Johnson Hallock, MN
007 Alex Johnson Alex Johnson Karlstad, MN
96 Ryan Johnson Ryan Johnson Charlotte, NC
7P Kyle Johnson Kyle Johnson Black Rivers Falls, WI
48J Justin Johnson Justin Johnson BAUDETTE, MN
18J Alex Johnson Alex Johnson Bemidji, MN
31A C.J. Johnson C.J. Johnson Harrisburg, SD
8J Luke Johnson Luke Johnson Moorhead, MN
3 Luke Johnson Luke Johnson Miller, SD
21 Todd Johnson Todd Johnson Petersburg, ND
11 Lyndon Johnson Lyndon Johnson Montrose, SD
3D Dillon Johnson Dillon Johnson Upton, WY
13 Alex Johnson Alex Johnson Hallock, MN
72M Mike Johnson Mike Johnson Menahga, MN
20 Caleb Johnson Caleb Johnson Jamestown, ND
49 Bruce Johnson Bruce Johnson Iron, MN
7J Mike Johnson Mike Johnson Breckenridge, MN
80 Dustin Johnson Dustin Johnson Mitchell, SD
3 John Johnson John Johnson Great Falls, MT
3jr Lane Johnson Lane Johnson Miller, SD
3 Lorin Johnson Lorin Johnson Miller, SD
8 Chad Johnson Chad Johnson Colfax, WI
87 Chris Johnson Chris Johnson Eau Claire, WI
5 Josh Johnson Josh Johnson Superior, WI
89 Brett Johnson Brett Johnson Milaca, MN
19 Tracy Johnson Tracy Johnson Lake Preston, SD
91 Tyler Johnson Tyler Johnson Montrose, SD
1jr Tim Johnson Tim Johnson Brainerd, MN
1B Brady Jokinen Brady Jokinen Mellen, WI
1A Peter Jokinen Peter Jokinen Mellen, WI
123 Trent Jones Trent Jones Gillette, WY
14j Haley Jones Haley Jones Bemidji, MN
18 Paul Jones Paul Jones Casper, WY
7j Corey Jones Corey Jones Zimmerman, MN
69 Justin Jones Justin Jones Bemidji, MN
73 Andy Jones Andy Jones Princeton, MN
16 Cory Jorgensen Cory Jorgensen Duluth, MN
10j Scott Joslyn Scott Joslyn Gillette, WY
4R Ricky Julian Ricky Julian Athol, SD
27 Mike Jung Mike Jung Rapid City, SD
5K Tyler Kaeter Tyler Kaeter St. Cloud, MN
6K Logan Kafka Logan Kafka Wagner, SD
H2O John Kaiser John Kaiser Lake Norden, SD
11 Bryan Kakela Bryan Kakela Langdon, ND
99 John Kallas John Kallas Hurley, WI
96 Jared Kalynuik Jared Kalynuik Marquette, MB
21 Tommy Kamen Tommy Kamen Aberdeen, SD
42k Ryan Kamish Ryan Kamish Farmington, MN
5k Todd Kamish Todd Kamish Lakeville, MN
180 Scott Kaml Scott Kaml Greenbush, MN
29K Joseph Kampa Joseph Kampa Sauk Rapids, MN
99 Mark Kangas Mark Kangas Eveleth, MN
16t Tim Kanten Tim Kanten Milan, MN
9k Andrew Kapp Andrew Kapp Jamestown, ND
61K Andy Karl Andy Karl Mosinee, WI
94 Kyle Kasa Kyle Kasa Huron, SD
83k Kobie Kath Kobie Kath Owatonna, MN
83x Kadden Kath Kadden Kath Ellendale, MN
83 Kylie Kath Kylie Kath Claremont, MN
61 Andrea Keeney Andrea Keeney Ridgeland, WI
54DD Dean Kellar Dean Kellar Devlin, ON
54x A.J. Kellar A.J. Kellar Devlin, ON
14x Shawn Kelley Shawn Kelley New Richmond, WI
OK Matt Kelley Matt Kelley Columbus, MN
48 Cole Kelley Cole Kelley New Richmond, WI
63 Patrick Kelley Patrick Kelley Forest Lake, MN
15 Jeff Kelly Jeff Kelly Murillo, ON
15 Nathan Kenaston Nathan Kenaston Billings, MT
29 Devin Kenaston Devin Kenaston Billings, MT
15 Dennis Kenaston Dennis Kenaston Billiings, MT
14j James Kendrick James Kendrick Vandiver, AL
28 Butch Kennedy Butch Kennedy Banner, WY
19K Brandon Kern Brandon Kern Billings, MT
11 Tyson Kern Tyson Kern Billings, MT
14x Jeremy Kerzman Jeremy Kerzman Grey Eagle, MN
965k Warren Kettering Warren Kettering Thunder Bay, ON
89 Gary Kew Gary Kew Thunder Bay, ON
76 Mitch Kieber Mitch Kieber Ironwood, MI
55 Jordan Kienow Jordan Kienow Miller, SD
19 Jake Kierstead Jake Kierstead Sartell, MN
4 Pete Kiley Pete Kiley Lansing, MN
4 Kenny Kincaid Kenny Kincaid Shell Lake, WI
13 Brad King Brad King Erhard, MN
68k Dan Kingsley Dan Kingsley Superior, WI
15k Adam Kinkel Adam Kinkel Somers, MT
23 Carter Kinnear Carter Kinnear Emo, ON
Ban1 Casey Kintner Casey Kintner Mountain Iron, MN
22 Tyler Kintner Tyler Kintner Hibbing, MN
1 Nick Kipka Nick Kipka Foley, MN
2 Kyle Kirberger Kyle Kirberger Ramsey, MN
77JR Nick Kirchhevel Nick Kirchhevel Box Elder, SD
53 Bryson Kirk Bryson Kirk Finley, ND
6D Gary Kirk Gary Kirk Finley, ND
6 Shane Kisling Shane Kisling Butternut, WI
68 Shadow Kitchner Shadow Kitchner Arkansaw, WI
7D1 Mitchell Kittridge Mitchell Kittridge Rice, MN
17k David Kivi David Kivi Nolalu, ON
88 Eric Klafka Eric Klafka Wisconsin Rapids, WI
60 Blayne Klassen Blayne Klassen Morden, MB
77 Ethan Klein Ethan Klein Mapleton, ND
11K Travis Klein Travis Klein Bemidji, MN
77 Jarod Klein Jarod Klein Jamestown, ND
29 Trevor Klein Trevor Klein Lamoure, ND
88XXX Randy Klein Randy Klein Enderlin, ND
.08 Eric Klemetson Eric Klemetson Dorchester, WI
38 Dan Klim Dan Klim Dugald, MB
212 Mike Klippenstein Mike Klippenstein Proctor, MN
21jr Jeff Klopstein Jeff Klopstein Tomahawk, WI
89 Matt Klukas Matt Klukas Colfax, WI
81K Casey Knabe Casey Knabe Kensington, MN
6k Kyle Knouse Kyle Knouse Huron, SD
88k2 Jason Knutson Jason Knutson Spooner, WI
88k Donavan Knutson Donavan Knutson Spooner, WI
16x Ryan Kobliska Ryan Kobliska Raymond, MN
17k Cameron Koch Cameron Koch Wheaton, MN
78K Dexton Koch Dexton Koch Becker, MN
88 Dayne Kocher Dayne Kocher Billings, MT
13 Nick Koehler Nick Koehler Bloomer, WI
3JR Corey Koenig Corey Koenig Sauk Rapids, MN
22K Mark Kohaykewych Mark Kohaykewych Winnipeg, MB
21tk Terry Kohnert Terry Kohnert New Richland, MN
26K Sam Kolar Sam Kolar Marble, MN
1sx Rusty Kollman Rusty Kollman Carrington, ND
15 Tony Konold Tony Konold Clear Lake, SD
15K Kevin Konold Kevin Konold Clear Lake, SD
5 Brad Kopecky Brad Kopecky Miller, SD
16K Chad Kopfmann Chad Kopfmann ALPENA, SD
101 Chad Kordus Chad Kordus Sheridan, WY
97 Tanner Koster Tanner Koster Sioux Falls, SD
55 Murray Kozie Murray Kozie Headingley, MB
B10 Brody Kraft Brody Kraft Devils Lake, ND
40 Colton Kramer Colton Kramer Pine Island, MN
8 Nicholas Krattenmaker Nicholas Krattenmaker Otsego, MN
8e8J Jennie Krause Jennie Krause Aurora, MN
8E8A Alayna Krause Alayna Krause Aurora, MN
88J Joey Krause Joey Krause International Falls, MN
8e8 Jessy Krause Jessy Krause Aurora, MN
66T Trevor Krause Trevor Krause Richer, MB
207 Justin Krause Justin Krause Richer, MB
B26 Jesse Krause Jesse Krause Stacy, MN
24K Brody Krenz Brody Krenz Alexandria, MN
00 Shaun Kreyer Shaun Kreyer Hayward, WI
11H Harley Kroening Harley Kroening Bemidji, MN
47K Luke Krogh Luke Krogh Dickinson, ND
21k Paul Kroneman Paul Kroneman Brownsdale, MN
14 Cole Kroneman Cole Kroneman Austin, MN
49 Jody Kropp Jody Kropp Great Falls, MT
7H Cody Krueth Cody Krueth Becker, MN
19 Dalton Kruger Dalton Kruger Clara City, MN
87 Chris Kruk Chris Kruk Langdon, ND
69 Stoney Kruk Stoney Kruk Langdon, ND
14 Travis Krumrei Travis Krumrei Coleraine, MN
12k Jake Kruzan Jake Kruzan Mellen, WI
71k Cody Kuglin Cody Kuglin Great Falls, MT
26 Jordan Kurtti Jordan Kurtti Bruce Crossing, MI
18 Brice Kuska Brice Kuska Litchville, ND
64 George Kyrola George Kyrola Duluth, MN
Ez1 Randy Laage Randy Laage Brooten, MN
8E8 Andy LaBarge Andy LaBarge Hibbing, MN
59X James Lambert James Lambert Fort Frances, ON
85 Patrick LaMere Patrick LaMere Great Falls, MT
89 Tyler Lamm Tyler Lamm Elk Mound, WI
14L Mark Lang Mark Lang Blooming Prairie, MN
66 Kyle Langland Kyle Langland Enderlin, ND
6 Alex Langland Alex Langland Enderlin, ND
16 Taran Langland Taran Langland Enderlin, ND
76x Tyler LaPierre Tyler LaPierre Great Falls, MT
369 Doug LaPierre Doug LaPierre Great Falls, MT
54 Darrell LaPlant Darrell LaPlant Maple Lake, MN
56 Keith LaPlante Keith LaPlante Thunder Bay, ON
55L Ritchie Lapointe Ritchie Lapointe Emo, ON
61 Zach LaQua Zach LaQua Watertown, SD
74 Jim Larkin Jim Larkin Monticello, MN
14 Dakota Larsen Dakota Larsen Watertown, SD
72 Chris Larsen Chris Larsen Rapid City, SD
63l Mitchell Larson Mitchell Larson Baldwin, WI
63 Ken Larson Ken Larson Cumberland, WI
63JR Brady Larson Brady Larson Amery, WI
34jr Dan Larson Jr Dan Larson Jr Eau Claire, WI
18a Shayne Laske Shayne Laske Moorhead, MN
21 Jimmy Latvala Jimmy Latvala Solon Springs, WI
54L Jayme Lautigar Jayme Lautigar Gilbert, MN
11L Joseph LaValley Joseph LaValley Bemidji, MN
17L Jason LaValley Jason LaValley Bemidji, MN
19 Darrin Lawler Darrin Lawler Grand Rapids, MN
05 Tyler Leach Tyler Leach Sun River, MT
09 Michael Leach Michael Leach Sun River, MT
01 Paul Leach Paul Leach Sun River, MT
12 Kyle Leake Kyle Leake Emerado, ND
13 Gussie Lee Gussie Lee Billings, MT
25L Brandon Lee Brandon Lee Dawson, MN
50H Haley Lee Haley Lee Starbuck, MN
50C Cody Lee Cody Lee Starbuck, MN
17 Christopher Leek Christopher Leek Ste. Genevieve, MB
811 Kelly Leeper Kelly Leeper Sheridan, WY
10 Ryan Lehr Ryan Lehr Jamestown, ND
99 Ed Lehrke Ed Lehrke Hallock, MN
72 Nick Leiker Nick Leiker Gillette, WY
141 Tony Leiker Tony Leiker Gillette, WY
1J Troy Leiker Troy Leiker Gillette, WY
22 Jamie Lenarz Jamie Lenarz Sauk Rapids, MN
4B Brenden LePage Brenden LePage Culver, MN
4L Carey LePage Carey LePage Culver, MN
20 Mason Lesmeister Mason Lesmeister Morris, MN
11 Peter Leuschner Peter Leuschner Comstock, WI
14L Benjamin Lewis Benjamin Lewis Ham Lake, MN
28 Tristyn Lick Tristyn Lick Rosholt, SD
5 Luke Lick Luke Lick Rosholt, SD
00X Shawn Liddicoat Shawn Liddicoat Thunder Bay, ON
24 Jeff Lien Jeff Lien Mora, MN
24jr Jeffrey Lien Jr. Jeffrey Lien Jr. Mora, MN
Ok Cameron Lindberg Cameron Lindberg Watertown, SD
221 Aric Lindberg Aric Lindberg Dallas, WI
52 Jeremy Lindquist Jeremy Lindquist Ashland, WI
68 Nick Lindquist Nick Lindquist Prescott, WI
73 Jake Lindstrom Jake Lindstrom Kaministiquia, ON
27 Joe Lindstrom Joe Lindstrom Bagley, MN
3 Brandon Linquist Brandon Linquist Waite Park, MN
7D4 Dayton Liscum Dayton Liscum Great Falls, MT
49 Aaron Liscum Aaron Liscum Great Falls, MT
20 Donny Little Donny Little Elk River, MN
96 Jeremy Lizakowski Jeremy Lizakowski Veseleyville, ND
1L Donnie Lofdahl Donnie Lofdahl Duluth, MN
96 Brent Loftsgard Brent Loftsgard Grafton, ND
80 Bill Longacre Bill Longacre Helena, MT
66 Robb Loomis Robb Loomis Brookings, SD
44 Jared Loos Jared Loos Loyal, WI
2 Keaton Lorenz Keaton Lorenz Billings, MT
9 Jace Lorenz Jace Lorenz Billings, MT
2 Rod Lorenz Rod Lorenz Billings, MT
7 Vance Lorenz Vance Lorenz Billings, MT
47f Brian Lovaas Brian Lovaas Helena, MT
20K Kyle Lovcik Kyle Lovcik New Town, ND
21L Jarett Lovcik Jarett Lovcik Rugby, ND
00 Arnie Lovdokken Arnie Lovdokken Hankinson, ND
15L Tal Lucken Tal Lucken Bemidji, MN
21K Kolton Luepke Kolton Luepke Granite Falls, MN
88 Tyler Luger Tyler Luger Oxford, WI
144L Bryan Lund Bryan Lund Ashland, WI
27 William Lund William Lund Brandon, MN
16 Brenden Luschinski Brenden Luschinski Winnipeg, MB
34 Todd Lysne Todd Lysne Rugby, ND
24m Michael MacAdams Michael MacAdams Deer River, MN
M20 Travis MacArthur Travis MacArthur Neebing, ON
21 Russ MacDonald Russ MacDonald Devlin, ON
55x Chris Mack Chris Mack Jamestown, ND
6 Joel Macleod Joel Macleod Shuniah, ON
7m Wagner Macleod Wagner Macleod Kakabeka, ON
18s Murray MacLeod Murray MacLeod Thunder Bay, ON
34 Taylor Madrinich Taylor Madrinich Duluth, MN
19 David Madsen David Madsen Amery, WI
B26 Carson Madsen Carson Madsen Bayport, MN
O8 Glen Maga Glen Maga Swan River, MB
X44 Mark Maga Mark Maga Swan River, MB
M2 Chris Magistad Chris Magistad Floodwood, MN
56 Johnny Magnum Johnny Magnum Lakeville, MN
24M Zac Mahlstedt Zac Mahlstedt Ionia, IA
00 Steve Maines Steve Maines Rapid City, SD
82m Andy Maines Andy Maines Rapid City, SD
7M Dalton Mains Dalton Mains Foxboro, WI
12 Alexis Manning Alexis Manning Gillette, WY
50 Wade Manning Wade Manning Gillette, WY
53 Duane Manning Duane Manning Gillette, WY
11 Troy Marker Troy Marker Casper, WY
18 Chantelle Marlatt Chantelle Marlatt Riverton, WY
88 Dave Marlatt Dave Marlatt Riverton, WY
188 Cole Marlatt Cole Marlatt Riverton, WY
27+1 Jimmy Mars Jimmy Mars Menomonie, WI
297 James Marsaa James Marsaa New Rockford, ND
24M Jonny Marsh Jonny Marsh Rice Lake, WI
214 Jake Marsich Jake Marsich Billings, MT
27m Stuart Martin Stuart Martin Rapid City, SD
42 Mark Martini Mark Martini Avon, MN
24M Adam Martinson Adam Martinson Blaine, MN
2 Dave Mass Dave Mass East Bethel, MN
44 Eric Mass Eric Mass Rapid City, SD
26m David Mastell David Mastell Hugo, MN
21 Bret Masters Bret Masters Crosby, MN
1M Josh Mattick Josh Mattick Rose Creek, MN
43 Kyle Matuska Kyle Matuska Stacy, MN
67 Thomas May Thomas May Powell, WY
29 Andy Mayavski Andy Mayavski Waite Park, MN
15x Kenny Mayer Kenny Mayer Goodwin, SD
59 Dustin Mayhew Dustin Mayhew Casper, WY
1/2 Travis Mayhew Travis Mayhew Casper, WY
63 Darren McArthur Darren McArthur Dryden, ON
00 Chris McAuley Chris McAuley Casper, WY
1M Jon McCain Jon McCain Fergus Falls, MN
17x Dean McCalla Dean McCalla Sheridan, WY
5g Patrick McCarthy Patrick McCarthy Bloomington, MN
07 Pat McCarthy Pat McCarthy Farmington, MN
77x Dylan McCaughan Dylan McCaughan St. Francis Xavier, MB
21N Nicolas McCleary Nicolas McCleary Murdock, MN
21R Ryan McCleary Ryan McCleary Farwell, MN
41 Austin McClellan Austin McClellan Hibbing, MN
41 Tyler McClellan Tyler McClellan Laporte, MN
10T Todd McCoy Todd McCoy Gillette, WY
7m Jeff McDonald Jeff McDonald Rhinelander, WI
7t Allan McDonnell Allan McDonnell QUINN, SD
5 Tyler McFarland Tyler McFarland New Richland, MN
19 Tyler McFarland Tyler McFarland Goodwin, SD
55 Nathan McHale Nathan McHale Webster, MN
35 David McIntire David McIntire Walcott, ND
4 Kori McIntyre Kori McIntyre Devils Lake, ND
30 Michael McKay Michael McKay Sparta, WI
27 Scott McKinnon Scott McKinnon Thunder Bay, ON
7p Zach McKinnon Zach McKinnon Antigo, WI
15m Cole McLaughlin Cole McLaughlin Madison, SD
11d Tim McMann Tim McMann Duluth, MN
21 Terry McNamara Terry McNamara Rapid City, SD
55 Scott Meeds Scott Meeds Shell Lake, WI
55 John Meeds John Meeds Spooner, WI
13 Todd Meek Todd Meek Miller, SD
27 Corey Mehrwerth Corey Mehrwerth St. Stephen, MN
7 Brandon Mehrwerth Brandon Mehrwerth Foley, MN
17 Ashley Mehrwerth Ashley Mehrwerth St. Stephen, MN
32M Jeremy Meirhofer Jeremy Meirhofer Belgrade, MT
100 Bryce Melanson Bryce Melanson Thunder Bay, ON
7B Jason Melton Jason Melton Three Lakes, WI
m91 Heather Mertens Heather Mertens Gillette, WY
2M Rob Metzger Rob Metzger Crookston, MN
19D Noah Metzger Noah Metzger Crookston, MN
87m Dave Meyer Dave Meyer Thief River Falls, MN
14M Blake Meyer Blake Meyer Huron, SD
41 Jason Michaud Jason Michaud Otesgo, MN
62 Aaron Michel Aaron Michel Jamestown, ND
16m Andrew Michel Andrew Michel Jamestown, ND
22 Adam Mietzner Adam Mietzner Cresco, IA
41 Dennis Mikkelson Dennis Mikkelson Rhinelander, WI
15* Ryan Mikkelson Ryan Mikkelson Alexandria, MN
4 Mike Miller Mike Miller Grand Forks, ND
27 Marc Miller Marc Miller Nashwauk, MN
RedR Dylan Miller Dylan Miller Hibbing, MN
76 Jonathan Miller Jonathan Miller Eagle River, WI
5 Bradon Miller Bradon Miller Lakota, ND
8 Jared Miller Jared Miller Lake George, MN
29 Ty Miller Ty Miller Gillette, WY
29 Brent Miller Brent Miller Cameron, WI
05 Billy Milne Billy Milne Thunder Bay, ON
4 John Miner John Miner Laramie, WY
22 Alex Minks Alex Minks Arvilla, WI
26 Brad Minske Brad Minske Northfield, MN
79 Jeremy Misgen Jeremy Misgen New Richland, MN
27x Andy Miskowic Andy Miskowic Princeton, MN
M17 Matthew Mitchell Matthew Mitchell South Gillies, ON
53 Tianna Mithun Tianna Mithun New Richland, MN
87 William Moelter William Moelter Elk Mound, WI
0 Matthew Moes Matthew Moes Watertown, SD
22M Roger Mohns Roger Mohns Sheridan, WY
65xx Thomas Mohr Thomas Mohr Alexandria, MN
19 Jake Molitor Jake Molitor Saint Cloud, MN
64R Jordan Monson Jordan Monson Grasston, MN
0z Nick Montanez Nick Montanez Eden valley, MN
3DJR Kyle Monteith Kyle Monteith Thunder Bay, ON
3D Kevin Monteith Kevin Monteith Rosslyn, ON
2x Brady Moore Brady Moore Ulen, MN
A1 Shelby Moore Shelby Moore Rapid City, SD
88m Brendan Morand Brendan Morand Fort Frances, ON
17 Harland Morehart Harland Morehart Rochester, MN
9 Darius Moreno-Brien Darius Moreno-Brien Great Falls, MT
97m Jim Morlock Jim Morlock Pettibone, ND
10T Tom Morriseau Tom Morriseau Richer, MB
42 Cole Mueller Cole Mueller Chippewa Falls, WI
13M John Mueller John Mueller Chippewa Falls, WI
2 Ariel Mueller Ariel Mueller Princeton, MN
3x William Muhlig William Muhlig Bessemer, MI
36 Skyler Murphy Skyler Murphy Greybull, WY
32 Mason Musel Mason Musel Duluth, MN
7 Levi Mutch Levi Mutch Laporte, MN
66 Griffin Muys Griffin Muys St. Francis Xavier, MB
23 Josh Muzik Josh Muzik Brandon, MN
2165 Tommy Myer Tommy Myer Blooming Prairie, MN
19 Gage Myers Gage Myers Appleton, MN
27 Tyler Myers Tyler Myers Harrisburg, SD
1 Kip Myers Kip Myers Ethan, SD
24x Jeramy Myers Jeramy Myers Great Falls, MT
1 Camden Myers Camden Myers Ethan, SD
94R Sarah Nash Sarah Nash Billings, MT
70N Mason Nash Mason Nash Piedmont, SD
55 Mark Nash Mark Nash Piedmont, SD
94R Ryan Nash Ryan Nash Billings, MT
21 Logan Naslund Logan Naslund Champlin, MN
30 Justin Nation Justin Nation Casper, WY
15 Caden Neisius Caden Neisius Hastings, MN
15 Paul Neisius Paul Neisius Hastings, MN
15 Cole Neisius Cole Neisius Hastings, MN
75 Joe Neisius Joe Neisius Rosemount, MN
56D Doug Neitzel Doug Neitzel Watertown, SD
2dr Tom Neitzel Tom Neitzel Watertown, SD
B Mike Nelson Mike Nelson St. Croix Falls, WI
54T Terry Nelson Terry Nelson Grand Forks, ND
25 Dylan Nelson Dylan Nelson Merrifield, MN
32 Max Nelson Max Nelson Milaca, MN
8 Brian Nelson Brian Nelson International Falls, MN
74 Gary James Nelson Gary James Nelson Ponemah, MN
16 Mark Nelson Mark Nelson Hermantown, MN